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If you are looking for the best boom mics for interviews, then this article is just for you. Regardless of what level of job interview you’re doing, it’s not a simple task. The quality of mic you use is equally crucial for novices along with experts for the most effective interview.

Whenever you’re bombarded with a vast amount of choices when buying microphones, you may easily end up with mixed up. Whether or not you’re simply starting the career of yours being an interviewer or maybe you’re a veteran, you have to remain up to date and equally have a good understanding of contemporary microphones

The microphone you chose should be based on your requirements. In case you’re doing a brief handheld job interview, utilizing a typical lavalier mic would be an adequate option.

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If you’re searching for a mic for podcast studios or even capturing studio with increased expert tools, then you definitely should aim for a more hi-tech and top quality microphones.

Top 5 Boom Mics for Interview: My Best Picks

1.Lavalier Microphones

A lavalier microphone is a wonderful option for speaking in public as well as for doing an interview. They allow you to shoot while not having to always wait for them. Most you’ve to accomplish is to set them up in the proper area, and when that’s completed you can concentrate on your tasks.

Frequently, you’re likely to notice that the microphones are utilized together with DSLR digital cameras as a result of the small size of theirs. If you’re searching for a dependable mic for podcasts, lavalier microphones may be well suited for the goal. They are available in wired and wireless forms. And you can pick from multiple types to ensure you choose according to your budget.


Budget Friendly – The selection you’re subjected to when buying Lavalier microphones is the brand’s distinctive marketing advantage because of just how shoppers can easily modify their budget.

Easy to Carry – They’re mini-sized and for that reason, they still work for users in a tight room, since they can easily carry them along.

Convenient to Use – Lavalier microphones have several uses. You may utilize them not just for podcasts and interviews but additionally for teaching and sports competitions.

2. Sennheiser MKE 600

The Sennheiser MKE 600 is classified as a shotgun mic. These mics are so-called due to their shotgun-like body as well as style and design. You can effortlessly install them on boom poles in addition to mic stands. Also, it allows you to use phantom energy or simply a single AA battery pack to operate it.

Regarding the specs, the range of frequency response of this mic is forty Hertz to twenty kiloHertz. Besides, it can provide you with a good battery of roughly 150 hours. It equally contains a shock mount for digital camera shoes. This particular mic may effortlessly be utilized to meet an array of requirements that are different. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing it for an interview, podcasts, or maybe productions you’re likely to obtain high-quality sounds.


Lightweight – The little size of the shotgun mic doesn’t constitute excessive weight for your rig. It makes it a lot easier to take when out and about.

Metal Housing – If you’re searching for a sturdy purchase, the metallic casing of Sennheiser MKE 600 may be just what you’re looking for. It ensures excellent long-term usage.

Shoe Shockmount – A footwear shock mount is incorporated on this mic offering you a hitch-free job interview.

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3. Rode NTG-3 Microphone

The shotgun mic, Rode NTG 3 is a favorite option in case you need a top-quality option. It’s commonly utilized for television and film. However, it’s equally a preferred choice for podcasting.

The robust and bright cd quality of this particular mic makes it to fall among the best mics in the market for interviews. Very few microphones can work effectively under harsh conditions. 

Nonetheless, because of its innovative style as well as advanced technology, it resists dampness and makes it a terrific option. The microphone comes with a minimum guarantee of ten yrs. 


Phantom Power – This mic has 48V Phantom Power, which makes it a wonderful option for lengthy use.

Safe Storage – A light-weight storage cylinder made up of aluminum provides it with the best safety. This ensures a firmly sealed maintenance when you’re on the go.

Attractive Design – The nickel plate surface together with its light and portable structure makes it very easy to work with. It’s equally appealing within studios.

4. Electro-Voice RE50B Microphone

When conducting a handheld job interview, Electro-Voice RE50B is among the great selections you’ll find in the market for this particular job. It’s utilized in tv and also for an interview because of how it’s created to resist the harshest of climate conditions. The primary key benefit of this mic is its omnidirectional polar structure.

Also, it offers you a sharp quality of sound through the elimination of the track record interference. The one downside on this mic might be it goes down at the top of the finances division. But in case you can work through that here, then simply you’d not call for an additional mic to carry out handheld selection interviews for many years to occur.


Acoustafoam Filter – The filtration system of acoustic foam that comes with this mic eliminates the sound of the wind in addition to the fantastic task it does of managing interference.

Dyna Damp Shockmount – The Dyna Damp shock-mount aids in offering a high quality of sound in congested locations.

Great for Interviews – Do you exclusively want to get a mic for an interview? Luckily, this’s just what Electro-Voice RE50B is created for.

5. Azden SMX-10 Microphone

In case you have a tight spending budget, the Azden SMX 10 is an affordable option. It’s among the least expensive choices you can get hold of within the marketplace but it still comes with top-quality sound. It’s a great option for both novice and veterans. 

This mic pack comes with a windscreen mount, and that isn’t a thing buyers expect because of the low price tag. Using a frequency effect variety of 100Hz to eighteen kHz, it can continue to do a somewhat good task of eliminating interference.

Even though this mic may be lagging behind others on this list because of quality and durability, the affordable price is the key selling point.


Budget Friendly: This mic is among the very best selections for shoppers on budget limitations.

Great Battery: It has an AAA electric battery which makes it a fantastic option or choice for prolonged usage. 

Lightweight: The little of the mic may effortlessly be toted by the rig of yours.

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The vast quantity of choices you’ve when selecting a mic may confuse you.

While what mic is “best” is very subjective and also is determined by the use, bear the following great tip in mind and also prioritize quality.

In case you’re web hosting podcasts or maybe a job interviewer and want a hand-free option, the Lavalier mic can easily provide you that comfort.

On the flip side, if you’re conducting interviews within a professional setting, shotgun microphones may be your best options.