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If you are a digital piano lover and you are confused whether to use a MIDI or audio interface, you are at the right place.  There are many options to choose from while buying an audio interface for digital pianos. You can buy an audio interface, MIDI interface, a mixer etc. but which one should you buy. Here, you will find out 5 best audio interfaces for digital pianos.

Some of these audio interfaces also include MIDI in/out so if you were looking for a MIDI interface, you don’t have to worry about that. Let’s dive right in and find out the best audio interfaces for digital pianos!

Our Winner After Careful Research

Audient iD14 is a simple and great audio interface which provides you with excellent sound quality. It is a USB audio interface with 10 inputs and 4 outputs. The number of inputs and outputs are enough for a digital piano.
It also has an 8-channel ADAT input.

It is one of the best budget audio interfaces which works too well to be true. It is easy to use as well so if you are not a tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry about setting it up and using it.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Budget friendly
  3. Great sound quality.
  4. Professional hardware.


  1. Warranty is not reliable.
  2. Non-durable.

2. Apogee Duet 2 Audio Interface

Another USB audio interface is the Apogee Duet 2 audio interface. It is great for digital piano and keyboards. You can record up to 192 kHz resolution with its AD/DA conversion.

It is small in size and can be taken anywhere easily. It only works with iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod etc. So, if you need an audio interface for digital pianos for Windows, then this device is not for you.

This interface has unbelievably great sound quality. It provides a clean and wide stereo image and you can easily produce great music with it.


1- Travel friendly.

2- Great sound quality.

3- Wide and clear stereo image.


1- Doesn’t work on Windows.

2- Breaks easily.

3. Focusrite Itrack Solo Lightning Audio Interface

Focusrite is one of the best companies for audio interfaces. You can find any kind of audio interface by them. For digital pianos, the Itrack Solo Lightning Audio Interface is one of the 5 best audio interfaces for digital pianos.

As the name suggest, it has a high speed USB which provides low latency. It is another USB audio interface and works with all devices. It is enclosed in an aluminum body which enhances its build quality.

It includes all the required plug-ins as well so you won’t have to buy any additional plug-ins for this audio interface to work.


1- Low latency.
2- Includes all the required plug-ins.
3- Great build quality.


1- Hard to register for its software.
2- Sometimes, incompatible with certain software.

4. ESI Gigaport Audio Interface

This old school looking audio interface is another great audio interface for digital pianos. It can record up to 96 kHz resolution using a DA converter. It has 8 output channels and 2 headphone outputs.

All the output channels have independent resolution for signals. ESI Gigaport Audio Interface is compatible with all Windows but not with Mac. You don’t need any extra software for this audio interface to work.

It is a very simple looking audio interface ideal for digital pianos. It is easy to use; all you have to do is plug and play it.


1- Great sound quality.
2- Simple looking.
3- Inexpensive.
4- Easy to use.


1- Doesn’t work on Mac.

5. PreSonus Quantum 4848 Audio Interface

PreSonus 4848 Audio Interface is great for digital pianos. It records up to 192 kHz resolution. This resolution is ideal for recording music.

It has a dual ADAT input and output. It is simple to use and provides low latency. It has great sound quality.

You don’t need any other complicated software for this audio interface to work. This audio interface works just like a high-end audio interface. It is cheap but has great quality.


1- Inexpensive.
2- No software required.
3- High-quality sound.
4- Low latency.


1- No cables to connect with the source.
2- Hard for a PC to recognize.

What is the Best Audio Interface?

How can you recognize the best audio interface for digital pianos?

Well, it is not a hard job and you can easily choose a good audio interface for digital pianos.

You just have to keep a few things to consider.

1. MIDI or USB

The biggest confusion that people get when buying an audio interface is whether it should be a USB one or MIDI one.

Well, if you are buying an audio interface for digital pianos, you don’t need a MIDI input and output.

So, a USB audio interface is best for digital pianos.

2. Number of Inputs and Outputs

For digital pianos alone, you don’t need a large number of inputs and outputs.

But this also depends upon your preference.

You can buy an audio interface with a lot of inputs and outputs if you want but an audio interface with up to 4 outputs and 2 inputs is enough for digital pianos.

3. Low Latency

An ideal audio interface should have a high-speed USB so that it can provide low latency.

Otherwise, latency in the audio production can make it hard to produce professional music.


You can buy one of the above-mentioned audio interfaces for your digital piano.

All of them are ideal and have the essential features required for a digital piano.

Moreover, you can also research more and choose any other audio interface.

You need to consider a few things before buying an audio interface for digital pianos such as MIDI or USB, inputs and outputs, performance and price range etc.

You can get a high-end quality audio interface at a low price if you do some research and focus only on the essential features.