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If you’re looking for an audio interface for surround sound monitoring, you’ll be particularly excited with our list of 5 best audio interfaces for surround sound.

If you have ever searched the net for a suitable audio interface for a surround sound, you’d immediately realize the hard work we have put together to come up with this list.

It is difficult to get any online source with a collection of best audio interface for surround sound So, we have decided to complete our list to make your shopping less of a hassle and a lot more fun.

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Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Audio Interface for Surround Sound

1. RME Fireface UFX 

 The RME comes with 4 microphone preamps, integrated support software, and in great build quality.

You equally get high-resolution meters with this device and output grouping capacity. 

While it comes with an integrated DSP, the feature is not essential for surround sound and the feature makes it a little pricier.

It as well features the TotalMix software which a great addition.

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2. Apogee Ensemble 

Apogee is among the first audio interface producer to integrate the surround sound monitoring technology into its devices.

The first in the series is the FireWire. 

This is probably the best audio interface for 7.1 surround

It features an integrated 5.1 speaker regulator.

The company currently produce different device collection that comes with a broad range of surround sound monitoring systems. 

Whether you are editing or recording, you’ll find a suitable audio interface with surround sound from Apogee.

You don’t have to get an exterior monitor regulator when you buy these. 

These audio interfaces are your best choice of tools if you want to edit video and when you are using the Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier as your editing software.

The same applies if you are making use of the Avid Media Composer software.  

It is equally great for working with software that music composers and producers use including the Logic Pro X, and Digital Performer.

The audio interface is equally compatible with Pro Tools HD and Nuendo.

The upside of this audio interface is that it comes with the capacity to organize outputs. 

It is great for the Digital to Analog conversion.

However, for some, the sound can be a bit thin.

You equally get 8 microphone pres with this great device.

Overall, it is great for 5.1 monitoring. 

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3. Apogee Quartet

The Apogee Quartet works as a room audio interface and portable Audio Interface because of its little size.

This is the most portable and cost-effective audio interface produced by Apogee that comes with surround sound monitoring features. 

It comes with 6 balanced TRS outputs that can be utilized for offering to surround sound support.

It can equally provide support for 3 distinct sets of stereo monitors.

Notwithstanding its portable desktop design, it provides a great digital/analog conversion quality among a related class of audio interfaces.

 It also comes with USB connectivity and this makes it easily sync with mac Operating System.

The quartet is the coolest way to get support for surround sound on a Mac.

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4. Ensemble Thunderbolt

Ensemble Thunderbolt is built primarily as an all-inclusive system.

It comes with a lot of inputs and outputs which makes it multi-purpose.

It makes us of Thunderbolt connectivity and this ensures you get the least amount of latency and greater efficiency for our computer’s Central Processing Unit. 

The output port of the device comes with ten balanced analog Outs (two TRS, eight through DB25).

These features ensure you get a maximum of 5.1 surround sound.

The unit equally comes with extra eight digital Outs through ADAT/SMUX and SPDIF connection that makes it sync easily with related digital interfaces.  

Besides, the 8 +75dB Innovative Gain Construction microphone preamps make this unit a great option for audio capturing.

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5. Symphony I/O Mk II

This unit is great for dubbing, recording, and broadcasting your audio. Symphony I/O Mk II is a product of Apogee.

It enables Audio/Digital/Audio conversion and ensures you get the best available conversion quality accessible.

You equally get the best modular Input/Output configurations with this device.

You can make the most connection with our PC using the Thunderbolt connectivity, Pro Tools HD connectivity.

You can also get an analog and digital connection with this device by utilizing four dissimilar inputs/Output modules that you can merge in various configurations. 

You get four differing surround sound monitoring alternatives with the unit.

The option you have depends on the specific configuration.

It is equally compatible with the Apogee hardware remote controller which allows the alteration of sound volume from a remote position. 

It also lets you switch speakers and assign eight different controls for functions like mono, dim, mute, and so on.

Symphony I/O Mk II is compatible with multiple analog/digital consoles. 

It is a great fit for those looking for an audio interface that syncs with HDX from Pro Tools and the HD from Native Systems.

If you want an audio interface that guarantees the highest audio quality, this is a great fit.

It is also a perfect match for the surround’s sound monitoring feature for your after-music production.

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Factors to consider when selecting an audio interface for surround sound.

 The best audio interface for surround sound must come with the following capacity or features: 

  • Such an audio interface ought to classify the outputs to increase/weaken the entire surround monitoring process through the volume controller located in the front panel.
  • It must have a great digital to analog conversion system at non-exorbitant pricing.
  • It must come with sturdy structures for durability. 
  • Such an audio interface should come with not less than two microphones pres to allow both SFX and Dial recording capacity
  • It should look attractive and stylish but, this is not very essential.

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The RME UFX   and Audio Apollo Duo are great audio interfaces for surround sound but they are not suitable for a beginner due to their high cost.

The Audio Apollo doesn’t come with a group output feature but features supporting software.

The RME UFX is also a great tool but comes with a little more feature that what you require for surround sound and this is which it is a bit pricey. 

The Apogee Ensemble is another great option especially as it provides the entire required feature at moderate pricing.

Also, you can equally get second-hand products which can further reduce the pricing. 

All the audio interfaces on our list make a great option for surround sound technology.

The best suitable one would depend on our special needs and circumstances. 

Let us know what you finally settle down with and please share your experience in the comment section.