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Most gamer enjoy game play in an amazing 3D sound environment.

If you are one of those gamer you’re probably searching for the best audio interface for gaming.

The vast market of audio interface and the multiple brands and models makes it difficult to choose the best fit.

That is why we have searched the market and come up with our top 5 picks of the best audio interface for gaming.

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This will eliminate all the hassles and make navigating the market a bit more convenient, especially if you don’t have enough time to conduct extensive research yourself.

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Audio Interface for Gaming

1. GoXLR Mini USB Audio Interface 

Goxlr mini is a comprehensive and multi-purpose audio interface.

It comes with an intuitive interface and is most suitable for live streamers and music producers.

GoXLR Mini is compatible with multiple USB Audio devices. 

This makes it easy to control the volumes of the app one after the other.

It features quiet and multi-purpose Midas preamps that are suitable for different types of vocal sounds and microphone.

The inputs and outputs of this unit are suitable for both professional vocalists and music producers with a multi-packs arrangement and newbies.

The audio interface is equally great for tracking.

It comes with a low ultra-low microphone preamp which inhibits distortions resulting in a clean and clearer sound.

It also comes with one integrated app that allows you to regulate and remember various settings interface configurations.

This app makes it easy to create tailor-made illumination configurations and audio routing.

It equally makes it easy to shift from music recording to music editing.

Also, the GoXLR audio interface comes with a cough button which is convenient for muting your voice during recording.

The benefit of it is to eliminate any noise distortion.

The computer app on the device makes it easy for you to regulate and remember earlier settings. 

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2. Behringer Audio Interface, 1-Channel

This Behringer audio interface is a small, portable, and powerful audio interface.

The integrated broadcasting software produces the sounds of 150 music gears and influence plugins.

With the software, you can easily record tracks, carry out sound mixing and editing when used together with other essential gears for professional music recording.

The Behringer audio interface also comes with an integrated zero-latency monitoring feature which means you can record clear sounding tracks without witnessing a lag in the recurring signal.

This is an essential feature for high-quality sounding tracks.

Another great feature of this audio interface is that it comes with a 2 by 2 USB interface with microphone preamps that features high-quality converters.

This can make the quality of your soundtracks better. 

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 3.Lexicon Alpha Desktop Recording Studio

The Alpha desktop recording studio comes with quality hardware and great software that assists users to convert their PC into a 24-bit recording studio.

It comes with all the features you require for high-quality recording despite its small size.

It is an all-in-one solution featuring a USB or Mixer.

The multiple inputs including, 2-bus, 2-output USB/O mixer, and the distinct headphone outputs make it easy for me to record and also mix sound.

The small size means that it can equally work when you are on the go. 

Its included 4 inputs make recording more than a single track at any given time possible.

The stereo line inputs are suitable for keyboards, drum gears from CD, or MP3 player.

The best part of the audio interface is that it has minimal distortions as a result of an integrated mic preamp that comes with equalized XLR inputs. 

The front panel has high impendence which makes it suitable for electric guitar or bass guitar.

The integrated LE4 makes the unit user-friendly and a comprehensive recording solution.

Besides, the powerful headphone amp provides crystal clear sound and sufficient power for a different type of headphones and this makes it an excellent gaming interface option.

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4. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)

The third generation of Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 comes with two XLR inputs that feature gain control, 48 Volt of power, direct monitoring, and a headphone jack which is powered with USB 2.0.

Its sample rate rises as high as 192 kiloHertz / 24bit.

This Focusrite audio interface is widely used by podcasters and guitarists who are doing single or two-person recordings.

The unit comes with a clean signal, up-to-date drivers, and rock-solid structure which make it durable. 

It comes with two inputs and two outputs and each comes with a sampling rate as high as 192 kiloHertz and a 24-bit depths.

Gaming with this audio interface provides you with a better sound quality compared to the audio quality on a regular PC.

It also gives you multi-purpose inputs for your music.

You can connect the 2i2 inputs to any type of pro-quality dynamic microphones, ribbon microphones, and condenser microphones.

It produces a large amount of power.

It features analog input monitoring technology that eliminates all possible no latency.

You equally get ASIO drivers with the unit which means near-zero latency for your DAW or video NLE if you are recording multiple tracks. 

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5.  Tascam US-2×2 USB Audio/MIDI Interface

The Tascam US-2×2 USB audio interface successfully eliminates the common issues associated with inbuilt device soundcards like latency, background noise, microphone input levels, and much more.

The best part of it all is that it comes in an affordable price tag. 

It is a good audio interface for individuals doing the home recording and when you want to transmit your old vinyl to MP3.

The sturdy aluminum case makes the unit a durable option for those looking for affordable and well-built audio inter for gaming.

It’s a bus-powered USB 2.0 audio interface with XLR and ¼-inch input mic, although you can only use one at any given time. 

You don’t any download to use it with Mac or Windows Operating System and this includes when you’re using Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Ubuntu Linux.

On top of that, you get an integrated Audacity recording software.

Every part of the interface is built to last and this includes the switches, jacks, and knobs.

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You need the best audio interface for gaming if you want to avoid the regular issues with an inbuilt soundcard that comes with PCs.

The lists we have here are easy to install, offer great value, and are durable.

If you want to enjoy your gameplay, one of these will offer the punch you need.

Besides giving you a sound boost, they eliminate regular issues with other sound cards like connectivity and sound quality. 

Essentially, you need an audio interface for gaming if you do your PC gameplay in stereo.

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And if you do your gameplay in stereo any decent audio interface that comes with the specifications higher than the specifications of your PC would normally do the job.

So, all audio interfaces in our list will provide a really good sound so long as they feature higher specifications.