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Karaoke is a great way to wind up and relax your head after week-long stressful work hours. It’s so relaxing that the majority of people like to sing with their fans, co-workers, and other guests at karaoke bars. It has long been seen as an acceptable trend for individuals looking to get some sort of satisfaction. Karaoke is a fantastic innovation. You may want to invite your friends to sing together for shared fun at home, but what is the Best Audio Interface for Karaoke?

If you’re are looking to wind up weekly with karaoke it may be a good idea to Get yourself a good karaoke audio interface.  However, the versatility of products in the market makes it a bit more difficult to select a suitable choice especially if you don’t know what to look. Not to worry!

We have done that research work for you and come up with the best 5 audio interfaces for karaoke.

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We chose options that come with excellent performance, great portability, compact sizes, and reasonable pricing. These best audio interfaces for karaoke are easy to operate and you can easily tune the sound. They are handy gear for amateur vocalist performances.

A few best audio interfaces for karaoke come with basic features with others featuring loads of features for professional uses.  You can get the basic types for your home use but if you’re a professional that regularly works with sound systems; you’d want to get the upgraded version.

This version is equally a suitable fit for non-professionals looking to get an advanced karaoke audio interface for the opportunity to have more fun. The lists we have below are a mixture of professional versions and basic versions of the audio interface for karaoke.

Our Winner After Careful Research

  • 2-in/2-out USB 2.0 Audio Interface
  • Zero-latency Direct Moniting
  • Software Bundle - Mac/PC
  • with 1 Onyx Mic Preamp
  • 24-bit/192kHz

5 Best Audio Interface for Karaoke

Mackie Onyx audio interface comes with a boutique-quality onyx mic preamp and features a top-class dynamic range of 48 Volt phantom power. It is suitable to be used with Studio condenser mics due to the embedded one-quarter TRS input. It features a Hi-Z knob which makes it easy for you to hook up things like guitar, bass, and other music gears.

With this device, you equally get a 2 by 2 high-resolution output with a 24-bit and 192 KHz recording. The direct analog inputs monitoring feature of this unit means you get a sound-mix with near zero-latency. Besides, you gain from connecting studio monitors to the robust headphone output.

It comes in a solid build and although it is bus-powered, it gives you the power to use USB Audio interfaces to get the best possible performance. It is the best option for singers or songwriters and content producers. The ¼-inch Hi-Z control makes it fast and easy for you to record.

It ensures you have zero-latency and direct monitoring, besides featuring a headphone output.

1. Mackie Audio Interface (Onyx Artist 1-2)

The Roland Go: Mixer is an incredibly compact audio interface that is very portable and suitable for use with your mobile devices. It is also user friendly and comes in an eight-channel mixer that you can easily plug into your tablet or smartphone. It allows you to record a high-quality stereo mix.

The unit features a Lightning and Micro USB cable which helps you to hook it up to Apple or Android smartphones or tablets. It supports numerous apps. It is class-compliant and this means by connecting a Micro USB to USB A cable, you can hook it up with your Mac with the use of its inbuilt central audio drivers.

It is equally compatible with PC when you use ASIO-4-All drivers. The device comes with one Hi-Z guitar input, one microphone input, and one stereo line and each of these comes with distinct Level controls. You equally get 2 extra line inputs that work through 1/8-inch jack connectivity with one of them featuring a Core Cancel switch which you can use to minimize the volumes of vocals during singing.

This way it allows you to sing during karaoke. The monitor output feature allows you to manage your recording in a live performance. It equally helps you to listen to the recording when you’re done with live performance. You can use it for recording performance on stage and for capturing song ideas

It equally works for when you want to record your group’s rehearsal for future assessment. It’s also a good audio interface for podcasters, video bloggers, or for doing Facebook Live streaming.

US122MKII is an upgrade of the TASCAM Amazon best-selling USB interface. The new version comes with improved sound specifications and a fresh appearance. With these new units, you get 2 top quality XLR mic preamps that feature phantom power suitable for use with condenser mics.

The device also comes with an equalized input line and guitar-level inputs which makes recording electric guitar or bass directly possible. It can send stereo signals to your PC as high as 96 kiloHertz with 24-bit audio quality. You can hook it up to Mac or Windows computers with the use of USB 2.0.

It is USB-powered and comes with zero-latency assessment feature which eliminates delay during recording without the need to go back and forth your PC. The MIDI input and output jacks make it easy to connect this unit to your synth or drum kit. You can link it up to monitors using the line output or headphones using front-installed stereo ¼-inch jack.

It is highly portable and comes with solid metal parts and is built to withstand rugged use on the go. With the US-122mkII, you also get Cubase LE5 complete-featured DAW which can record a maximum of forty-eight audio tracks and additional sixty-four MIDI tracks.

You can adjust the tracks to make them perfect with the use of multiple modes and gears. It also comes with an automated mixer which ensures you create your best piece.

3. Tascam US122MKII USB Audio/Midi Interface

The IO2 express is a 2-channel PC audio interface featuring an entire suite of Steinberg Cubase LE DAW software. Besides making your recording easy it comes in a compact design which makes it a portable device you can easily take on the go.

The little size means you can easily stick the unit into your backpack or laptop bag. However, it comes in a sufficient amount size to ensure your recording is successful.

The 2 two microphone inputs, MIDI and Line allow you to record different sources of music anytime and anywhere. It is USB-powered and can connect to your computer through a USB port. It is a plug and plays audio interface which makes recording easy and convenient allowing you to go wild with your creativity.

While it is great for when you are on the go it also works in a home studio setup. It is compatible with both Mac and PCs and allows you to record a maximum of 24-bit resolution input with nearly all types of digital audio workstations. It also works with any type of recording and performance software.

The Depusheng audio interface comes with 7-channel inputs and 5-channel mic or line channel inputs. With the unit, you equally get one group stereo input and a well-adjusted time XLR mic input plug which is a top-quality mic amplifier. Featuring six different inbuilt music modes, it is suitable for rock music, classical music, nature music, pop music, country music, and jazz music performances. The product’s three Segment Equalization alteration feature ensures that every single channel comes three different settings for altering equalization to get the best possible human voice during your recording. The device comes in a simplistic design and the ultra-light feature makes it portable. Besides, it comes in a well-built metal case with impact-resistant spray. It is compatible with the U disk for mobile device storage which allows you to save songs add songs and play them anytime.


There you have it, our top 5 list of best audio interface for Karaoke.

Your final choice will depend on your specific recording situation and need.

Any of the five options will do what you want.

When you make your final choice, don’t forget to share with us your experience in the comment section!