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The best audio interface for kemper come with better sound than the primary sound cards of the device.

No doubt, one of the best applications of the Kemper amp is recording.

Kemper is convenient for tapping into any type of sound of choice in a studio.  

While it can be exciting to record your music while on the go, it comes with a lot of hassles.

You require equipment with a suitable type of musical instruments to ensure you continue to produce your best music.

While high-quality vocals, mics, mixers, and amplifiers are highly essential, you need the best speakers to ensure your sounds come out clean and clear. 

The numerous studio monitors in the market make deciding for a suitable option a tasking endeavor.

This is why we have conducted the research for you and come up with 5 top recommendations of audio interface for kemper.

If you want to check these out, don’t go away, let’s go through each one of them. 

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Audio Interface for Kemper

1. Audient iD22

The Audient iD22 audio interface comes with two standard Audient mic preamps, unspoiled AD/DA conversion technology, and user-adapted monitor controller feature.

It is housed in a stylish looking metal case which equally makes it sturdy.

ID22 arguably features the best quality microphone preamplifier you’d ever get in an audio interface.

It results in outstanding sound quality.

It comes with duo input channels with each of them made up of a pad to manage the unit when hot. 

They also have a phantom power feature for condenser mics, a high pass filtration system that eliminates undesired low frequencies.

The polarity control makes it easy for you to align your inputs in phases. 

The second Channel comes with a distinct JFET DI input which is a suitable connection for instruments like synths, guitars, and more.

Besides the integrated inputs and outputs, you can expand the system as your need grows using optical input and output Connectors. 

These connectors are ADAT and SPDIF compatible.

If you’re doing drum-tracking, you have expandable input options to a maximum of 10 using integrated 8-channel microphone preamp like the Asp880 which is built into the system through ADAT. 

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2. RME Audio Interface (BABYFACEPRO)

This is a high-class audio interface designed with the best possible precision.

It comes in a compact aluminum setting which ensures portability.

It integrates freshly structured analog and digital circuits that come with outstanding performance without compromising on the sound or resulting in any form of sound distortion. 

Babyface Pro ships come with TotalMix FX software and are compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

You can equally get a version made for iOS devices. 

It is a multi-purpose audio interface which means it works for varieties of applications like when you want to mix your guitar and vocals to headphones.

The XLR plug is integrated cleverly into the case to save more space.

It features two entirely headphone outputs that offer TRS and mini-jack plugs in parallel circuit arrangements.

These come with entirely different driver levels to ensure an exact match for headphones that have high and impedance. 

This makes it produce great sound irrespective of the type of headphones you want to use.

It is a great option for those who want to engage in mobile recording with any type of mic including condenser mics.

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3. RME Fireface UCX 36 Channel 

This RME audio interface is a suitable option for professional musicals and it successfully competes with the Rolls Royce audio interface.

It comes with a very high audio quality and features that well-matches its exorbitant pricing. 

It’s capable of handling numerous numbers of inputs and outputs up to a maximum of one hundred and eighty-eight, and these include ADAT Optical, MADI, and AES/EBU.

It equally comes with dual connectivity functionality including the high-speed Thunderbolt connectivity and USB 3 connectivity, which means you don’t need a computer connection for this to work.  

When you connect a USB thumb drive on its front side, it can record an astounding 76 channels of time-stamped audio straight into the drive, canceling out all requirements for a fantastic computer.

Besides, the very-clean sound provided by this audio interface, the professional quality converters, and the numerous arrays of inputs and outputs options with this unit, you equally get TotalMix FX, RME’s state-of-the-art and instinctive software interface mixer.

The most amazing part of it is that you can operate it with an iPad through the RME TotalMix application.

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4. BEHRINGER Audio Interface (UMC404HD)

The Behringer UMC404HD is a USB Audio/MIDI Interface that comes MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers.

It lets you show off your outstanding creativity before your supporters.

It’s super-fast USB 2.0-powered feature makes it easy for you to create an outstanding masterpiece in a matter of minutes.

It comes with multiple connections that make connecting your gears like microphones, guitars, keyboards, and MIDI possible. 

You can record your best sound directly into your PC-based Digital Audio Workstation using its four integrated high-quality MIDAS-structured microphone preamps with extra purity.

You equally have a +48V condense mics’ phantom power passing through a 24-Bit/192 kilo Hertz converters which ensure you produce extremely pure and great-sounding music. 

It is suitable for both singer-songwriters and music producers who work while on the move.

It is also suitable for those looking for a well-built interface for playing backing tracks during live performance.

When used for your gig, you can trust the unit to perform. 

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5. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 USB Audio Interface

The Komplete Audio 6 USB interface is a high-end audio interface that comes with the complete set of tools you require for recording, playing, and performing music.

It features four analog inputs and four analog outputs, digital input and output. 

The unit also features the MIDI interface and comes with low-latency performance.

Two microphone inputs are connected with world-class pre-amps whereas Cirrus Logic converters provide immaculate, transparent sound.  

The audio interface is a great way to upgrade your studio if you are looking for a professional level recording that won’t weigh too much on your budget.

With Komplete Audio 6, you can practice every aspect of your sound during audio recordings and while making use of digital instruments. 

It features key configuration alternatives and outstanding audio quality which makes it a winner among the related class of audio interface with a similar price tag.

You can use it for either live performance, recording albums, and when acting as a club’s DJ.

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Conclusion: Why you need an audio interface for Kemper

When you transfer sound from the Kemper to an audio interface through the analog system, you have to convert the signal from Kemper’s digital format to analog format.

You will equally convert the analog format to a digital format to transfer it to your receiving interface. 

SPDIF is completely digital overlap.

Here is a related article I wrote on the best speakers for kemper

Therefore, any sound you receive in your audio interface in a SPDIF is a flawless digital replication of the exact audio transferred to it from your Kemper. 

It doesn’t require any conversion.

Although the sound variation between SPD3IF format and analog format may appear insignificant or absent, you’d be happier to know that SPDIF is a complete replication of the original audio.

With SPDIF, it is easier to capture a DI track and reamping DI tracks. 

Transferring through SPDIF also results in lower latency.

The transfer of sound from kemper into the mixer and from there to studio monitors will equally result in zero latency.

The SPDIF will offer you the most neutral audio recording interface.