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If you want to use a PC or Mac for music production, an audio interface is one of the essential tools you’ll require.

The best audio interfaces for bass guitar allow you to obtain top-quality audio in and out of your PC.

It equally makes it easy for you to link up with a few vital studio gears as you record. 

An audio interface will allow you to connect your mic, bass guitars, synths and many more music gears.

It can also be connected to MIDI equipment.

However, shopping for the right audio interface is not as easy as it may seem because of the numerous brands and models available in the market. 

So, to make navigating the market easy, we have scoured through the market and selected five best options to work you’re your bass guitar.

Ready to know what they are?

Don’t go away as we go through them one by one:

Our Winner After Careful Research

1. IK Multimedia Irig Pro I/O

The IK Multimedia iRig Pro is an audio interface designed to be used with iOS devices.

It can be used by vocalists and guitarists for recording through the integrated XLR/TRS mixture of the input port.

The audio interface works with a PC and Mac besides the iOS devices- iPad and iPhone.

It makes use of a 96 Kilo Hertz sample rate which caters to all input signal frequency.

For analog to digital conversion, it makes use of 24 bits which makes it a fanciful mini-sized audio interface with moderately affordable pricing. 

The iRig HD2 Pro equally comes with extra XLR/Midi feature with a 48v phantom power which is optional to use.

It can be utilized with condenser microphones.

It equally comes with a MIDI input port which can readily link up a MIDI keyboard that allows playing of virtual instruments using integrated SampleTank.

It comes with an integrated Amplitube for your device and Digital Audio Workstation, a guitar and bass tone studio that you can utilize while performing live or for recording purposes.

An audio interface is a great option for artists who are looking for high-quality recording specifications and the ability to record Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, and Vocals. 

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2. Apogee jam 96k premium-grade guitar audio interface

The Apogee Jam 96k is an audio interface designed for music artists who want an audio interface that supplies top-quality integrated circuits and reliable functionality.

It’s equally a good option for an artist who just wants a good quality interface for recording bass or guitar.

It’s a compact and user-friendly interface that only features a single TRS input and USB output.

By the side of the Jam is a gain regulatory knob that makes the whole recording task especially easy and reorganized.

The integrated PureDigital Technology results in great sound quality.

The 96k sample rate and the 24 Bit Analog to Digital Conversion also enhances the sound.

With MFI certification, you can use the audio interface with all apple devices including iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

It is equally compatible with a few popular Digital Audio Workstations like the Garageband, Logic, and MainStage.

It is well suited for electric guitar and bass guitar and doesn’t make a good interface for vocal recording. 

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3. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) 2 in 2 out Audio Interface

The 2nd generation of Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface comes with enhanced software and is more updated than the earlier version.

It features a top-quality USB audio interface and comes with double mic preamps with natural sound and two instrument inputs. 

The integrated 1/4-inch level jack outputs work for linking up to professional studio monitors.

It comes with conversion and sample rates of 192 kiloHertz and 24 bit which results in near-zero latency for instant utilization of plug-ins and eliminates the need for utilization of DSP.

The audio interface works with Windows 7 and a higher version of windows, it equally works with Mac OS X 10.10 and the most recent versions.

Focusrite Preamp comes with a solid build but in a compact size. 

It features a rubber stand that makes it more stable on the desk and eliminates the issues of accidental sliding on the desk when you want to alter settings or transport the microphone.

Besides its glossy frameworks, it offers a smaller latency compared to the previous versions.

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4. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo (APLTWDII)

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo Audio Interface is a 2-inch 6-output audio interface for PCs which can be desktop Mac or Windows PCs.

It makes use of Thunderbolt and features DSP-powered plugins.

You’ll get top-quality audio output with this audio interface ensuring you get professional studio sound with your PCs, thanks to the inflexible analog strategy, well-built and top-quality components. 

It equally comes with a popular high-quality 24-bit and 192 kiloHertz audio conversion.

This ensures you can do your recording with near-zero latency.

The incorporated emulations from EQs, tape engines, guitar stomp boxes ensure you get the highest quality tracks.

It equally ensures instant UAD double core processing for your tracks with the vintage compressor. 

Overall, Apollo Twin MkII is a hybrid of music software and hardware that enhances your production quality.

It can efficiently turn any home or project studio to an exceptional professional-quality studio.

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5. Steinberg UR22MKII USB Audio Interface

The Steinberg UR22MKII is a top-quality two-Channel USB audio interface powered with USB 2.0.

It comes with two inputs and two outputs and provides support for audio that ranges to 24-Bit and 192 kiloHertz.

With 2-Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps integrated into the unit, it easily records all the intricacies and articulations of any source of audio and comes with a broad range of frequency range that manages different sources of music without resulting to over-amplification of any parts of the signal. 

It equally comes with MIDI input, output, and iPad connections.

Using the monitoring hardware for low latency integrated into the unit, you can use the intuitive Mix button to blend the direct signal and the output of sound sources. your host.

It is compatible with all major audio editing, mastering, and music production software.

The UR22MKII audio interface works well with mac Operating System and windows operating system.

It comes with software suites like Cubase AI and Cubase LE are included.

The well-built metal casing means the unit is built to last.

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What you need to record with bass guitar

To record with your bass guitar, you’ll need the following:

  • An audio interface that features mic preamps and/or device inputs
  • A Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW for your recording
  • A mic or multiple mics
  • A DI box
  • Musical instruments. microphone cables with microphone stands 


When in the market to purchase the best audio interface for bass guitar, the first factor you need to consider is the number of inputs and outputs you require and what types they are. 

For plugging one mic or a single instrument, you will need an audio interface with just a single input or two.

If you are recording with a band group, you’ll require a lot more input and output. 

You need multiple outputs for setting up different mixtures of headphones or when you want to transfer audio to another device for additional processing.