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A backing track is a previously recorded music that a band or musician plays in the background when performing live on the stage or when playing a video or just to have fun at home.

Backing tracks are commonly utilized by artists to enhance their live show.

You can readily incorporate them into a live show and at a far less cost than the cost of hiring extra musicians.

To connect a backing tracks’ player all you need is a laptop computer, a DAW, cable snake, and an audio interface.

Musicians that use backing tracks include single or double performers looking for a suitable rhythm segment but they haven’t got the space for a drum kit.

Backing tracks are equally used for electronic acts that utilize multi-tracked synths and plugins.

Different types and sizes of musical performance would have varying requirements.

However, there are a few factors and features that determine what is most suitable for a specific project or live show.

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Audio Interface for Backing

1. iConnectivity PlayAUDIO12 Audio & MIDI Interface 

PlayAUDIO12 is pre-designed with Failover Protection for Live performance on-stage.

Besides, it can be put into flexible uses.

It brings a studio-quality interface to your live show, thanks to 12 ultra-low-noise outputs.

PlayAUDIO12 is readily connected with extra interfaces and this gives you connectivity that gets higher with your music requirement. 

PlayAUDIO12 allows you to integrate additional PC for redundancy and ensure failover protection.

PlayAUDIO12 routinely identifies if a PC fails.

In a flash, it spontaneously changes to a secondary PC.

It equally comes with huge MIDI capacity.

You can link up to 8 MIDI Class Compatible controllers and sound components or even more.

The MIDI interfaces make use of the distinctive iConnectivity USB MIDI Host port. 

For 2 tracks, you can utilize iConnectAUDIO2+ for studio performance, on-stage performance and when you’re on the go.

It comes with a lot of powerful features and is very affordable.

For affordable 4 tracks audio interface, the iConnectivity ConnectAUDIO2/4 or the iConnectAUDIO4+ is a great option. 

Besides, it is USB bus-powered which eliminates the need to use an external power supply.

As an alternative, if you’re utilizing an iOS device for playing your tracks, the best option will be an iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO2+.

It features specialized links to allow direct iOS functionality.

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2. MOTU UltraLite-mk4 Audio Interface

Motu UltraLite-mk4 Audio Interface comes with outstanding sound quality with very low latency.

The UltraLite-mk4 offers flexible and mobile USB2 audio connection to your PC with very low latency and superior analog quality at 192 kiloHertz sample rates. 

You obtain the whole the I/O you require.

This includes two microphone or guitar inputs, 6 analog inputs, 10 analog outputs.

It equally features an eight-channel optical digital I/O, a headphone output and MIDI I/O.

It’s pre-designed for stage performance and is enclosed in a compressed and highly portable aluminum alloy container. 

UltraLite-mk4 is also suitable for studio and stage performance whether you use a PC or without a computer.

When working as a studio interface or standalone mixer, the UltraLite-mk4 offers 18 inputs and 22 outputs that’ll provide up to forty I/O channels. 

It can help you to link up all your required I/O including audio gears like microphones, guitars, and speakers.

It can also connect synths, drums, headphones, drum gears, and keyboards.

You can equally link up effects processors and MIDI machines.

With the interface, you get zero latency and zero PC processor drains.

It equally works for mobile recording and mixing. Overall, it is a great audio interface.

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3. Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD

Behringer U-Phoria is an affordable audio interface that’s fully packed with features that make it suited for both beginners and mid-level artists’ usage.

The audio interface is hard to beat thanks to the 24-bit/192 kilo Hertz resolution, and 4 MIDAS structured preamps.

It equally features a remarkably extensive balance of controls with impressive real-world performance.

Behringer UMC404HD is a less pricey option compared to related four-channel products in the market.

It even outperforms some pricier units.

The built-in MIDAS structured mic preamps ensure you get an outstanding sound quality.

Besides, the flexible offer of a maximum of four concurrent sound sources makes this audio interface a great option.

The compact design and USB bus-powered functionality make it a portable device that equally works for home studio and for mobile usage.

The 4-input audio interfaces besides being portable allow you to connect additional input and output devices compared to when you use a 2-channel audio interface.

Overall, the audio interface is a recommended option for individuals who plan to grow their home recording at a much affordable rate.

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4. Steinberg UR242

Steinberg UR242 is a popular and highly rated four-Channel/four-input USB Audio Interface. 

Steinberg is a reputed name in the music production software world.

They are also popular for the production of Cubase, DAW.

They have since upgraded to the production of high-quality hardware including audio interfaces.

The 4-channel UR242 is very popular among music artists, thanks to the two-class A D-PRE mic preamps, twenty-four bit and 192 kiloHertz resolution.

It is equally compatible with multiple operating systems and comes with a loop back feature for excellent live streaming.

Besides, it features great build quality and impressive intuitive controls.

It is easy-to-install and comes with quiet and crystal clear the D-PRE preamps’ functionality that would beat your imagination.

It’s also compatible with iOS devices.

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5. Steinberg UR-RT4 w/ Rupert Neve Transformers

Rupert Neve is a well-featured name in the audio engineering world.

The products of the company including preamps, consoles, and EQs are almost everywhere in the music world among professional artists.

The designs are highly rated by veteran audio engineers.

The UR-RT4 audio interface is the result of the combined expertise of Steinberg, Yamaha, and Rupert Neve Designs that offer artists large console sound for their studio projects.

The center of the unit features four-customized transformers from Rupert Neve Quality which offers great appeal to your input signals.

The UR-RT4 is widely acclaimed by users, thanks to the appealing characters instilled into the tracks by Rupert Neve transformer designs.

Overall, the UR-RT4 is a great audio interface that features advanced at a less pricey rate.

It is great for home studio performances.

However, it isn’t a great option if you are looking for an audio interface with expandable features.

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Factors to consider

To run backing tracks from a PC, tablet or headphone socket of a phone, you require a cable with a stereo ⅛ inch, a 3.5mm minijack, and two normal-sized mono jacks.

Nevertheless, to enhance the sound system, you require a professional audio/MIDI interface.

An audio interface greatly enhances audio quality and it will be a lot more reliable. 


Whether you need backing tracks for your home studio, your live streaming or on-stage performance, an audio interface can greatly boost your audio quality.

We know that it can be tasking when in the market to select a suitable audio interface for backing tracks.

To make more convenient and less of a hassle, we have scored through the market and selected five best audio interface for backing tracks.

While all the products on the list are great performing units, your final choice will depend on your specific recording situation, your budget and the number of channels you are looking to play with the device.