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Do you want to travel out of your city or country?

Are you going to do a show there?

Do you need to take your microphone with you?

Airport security can make a person stressful for no reason.

There are many things that you can’t take on the airport.

You must have a question in your mind that, “Are microphones allowed on planes?” 

The simplest answer to this question is Yes. Microphones are indeed allowed on airports because they aren’t illegal.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a domestic flight or international flight, you can take them on any flight. 

But there are some things you should consider before taking microphones on a flight. 

Keep The Documents And The Original Box

Don’t take your microphones alone without the receipt and its box.

You should have proof that it is your microphone.

Otherwise, you never know on what things the airport security makes issues.

It’s always better to be safe than regret later.

Taking your documents, and the box with you is better because this way you have proof that you bought these microphones.

If you don’t have the original box, the security can ask you why you need such equipment.

Moreover, don’t pack the box separately and microphones separately. 

Keep the microphones in the box, so they know the box belongs to the microphones. 

Keep The Microphones With You

Have you ever looked down the window of the airplane and saw people throwing the bags like they aren’t valuable at all?

If you check your microphones, chances are that they will break.

Checking your microphones is never a good idea because they are fragile even if your microphones cost a lot.

Even if your microphone costs a lot, they can’t bear the mistreatment that the people at the airport do with the checked luggage. 

Keep the microphones in the bag that you are carrying with you in the plane.

This way you can protect them yourself.

If you check the microphones and they break, you won’t even be able to blame anyone.

So it is better to carry hen with you instead of checking them. 

Reach The Airport Early

You should reach the airport early when you have doubts about a certain thing.

If you still feel stressed about taking your microphones to the airport, reach the airport early.

This will benefit in a way that you can ask someone around.

Moreover, you can also get everything scanned on time. 

When the airport security is in rush, they become suspicious of everything, but when they have enough time to do their work, they don’t suspect much. 

If you plan to get your microphones checked for some reason then reaching early is also a good option in that regard.

It is because your checked luggage will not be thrown carelessly and mistreated often. 

Put Your Microphones In Separate Bins

When you put your microphones for x-rays scanning, they aren’t suspected because you yourself put them for scanning.

It is better to help with the scanning and checking process if you want the security to trust you. 

If your microphones have a kit set with them, separate the recorders, mixers and cables from the set to speed up the process more.

Moreover, if you take your microphones in a box and with the documents, separate them from your microphones as well. 

Buy Simple Microphones 

It’s better to buy microphones that look simple and look like microphones.

If your microphones don’t look like microphones, the airport security can be suspicious that they aren’t microphones.

Buy simple looking microphones, so that you can prove they are actually microphones.

Moreover, it’s better that you take all the required equipment with you so that you can turn the microphones on.

This way you can prove that your microphones are real and working. 

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Don’t Be Nervous

The key here is to look confident until eventually you become confident.

If you look nervous, the airport security will suspect you for no reason.

If you want the security to trust you, look confident. 

Being confident is good in every regard. 

Other Ways To Take Your Microphones Out Of Country/City

There are some other ways to take your microphones out of the country or city.

If you don’t feel okay taking your microphones on the flight, you can use the methods mentioned below. 

Mail The Microphones

If you are going out of the city and not the country, you can easily mail them to the place you are staying.

For that, you must know how much time it takes for the mail to reach its destination. 

Pack the microphones in the box, and also wrap them in bubble paper for extra protection.

Mailing process is also like the checking process at the airports but it’s comparatively safer.

You don’t need to pack the documents and receipts with the microphones if you are mailing them. 

Order New Microphones At The New Address

If you haven’t yet bought microphones, you can buy new microphones online and give the address of your new location.

For this, you must also learn how long it takes for the order to reach the destination.

You can also give the address of a friend if they live there. 

It’s better to send them at the address of a friend because this way you can order them earlier.

Due to some reasons and technical issues, sometimes online orders can take more time than mentioned.

Therefore, this method isn’t reliable. 


The answer to your question is yes, you can take microphones at the airport.

You just have to take a few precautions which aren’t that necessary, but it’s good to be safe.

Moreover, it also depends on the airport security and the country from where you are flying.

Therefore, reach early to the airport so that you can ask them if they are allowed or not. 

Microphones can sometimes resemble dangerous devices but if you have a simple looking microphone, then it is better. 

Other than that, it’s all fine and you can take them to airports.