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Do you want to sing easily without straining your voice?

How about being in front of a group of people and singing effortlessly?

No straining

Easily hitting the high notes

And having fun while doing so.

This is completely possible and is something most people would like to achieve but the truth is that before you sing there are some things that you should avoid.

This is because these things can cause you to have difficulty singing properly.

As a singer you want to avoid completely stuffing your stomach before singing. This would cause you to have difficulty in breathing, burping and it inhibits the movement of your diaphragm.

It is advisable to eat 1 or 2 hours before you start singing

One thing i have noticed among singers is that most of them do not even know about this things. They go about their daily lives eating and drinking these things and not knowing that they are affecting their availability to sing properly.

In this article, we will be looking at some of these foods/drinks and what you can use to replace them.

Foods to completely avoid if you want to sing better

Singing depends on learning how to breathe properly and control your vocal range.

But all this can be in vain if there are foods that are making it very difficult for you to sing properly.

Some of these foods are even harmful.

Let’s look at some of these in detail

1. Alcohol

what not to eat before singing

The first one you want to make sure you avoid is alcohol and any form of it.

This is because it contains ingredients that dry up your throat.

And from this article here you know that one way to make sure you sing better is when your vocal cords are lubricated.

Here is the truth…

When you take in alcohol, your body recognizes it as a poison and does all it can to get rid of it. So your body uses ways such as urination and sweating to get it out of your system

Now you know why you pee a lot after taking alcohol

If you want to be able so sing better and have an awesome voice then you should make sure you completely avoid taking alcohol.

Here are some of the negative effects of alcohol

  • It causes dehydration in your body
  • It produces mucous along your throat which makes it very difficut for you to sing properly
  • It causes numbness in your muscles
  • It makes you dizzy

What to take instead

Now you know that taking any form of alcohol is bad for you as a singer.

Here are some things that you can take instead.

  • Warm water
  • Herbal or lemon tea

2. Dairy foods such as milk or ice cream

Dairy foods are good.

They are an excellent source of protein. But as a singer they are a bad choice.

This is because they form mucus along your throat and vocal cords.

And these mucus when they form will cause you to have a sore throat, difficulty in breathing and cause irritation in your throat.

According to this article here, mucus in your throat causes irritation and constant blockage of your throat.

This is really bad for you as a singer.

If you find that you constantly have to clear your throat, then you have mucus in your throat.

Here are some tips to help you get rid of them

  • Drinks lots of fluids to help you loosen and flush out the mucus from your throat.
  • Steam inhalation, using a steam inhaler like this, is also very good for clearing mucus out of your throat.
  • Gargle with warm water and salt to help loosen congealed mucus
  • Take herbal teas such as ginger and lemon tea for relief
  • Quit smoking.

3. Foods that cause irritation

Another type of food you want to avoid at cost are foods that cause irritation to your throat.

Have you ever wondered why you have your throat “scratching”you?

And you find yourself making this noises at the back of your throat… just like a frog does?

Well it is because of the kind of foods that you ate.

Basically you want to avoid all kind of spicy foods and coffee before you start singing. So right before any performance make sure you avoid foods such as Mexican and anything that has too much pepper in them.

4. Sodas and other fizzy drinks

The one thing about soda and all forms of fizzy drinks is that they can give you gas.

They put too much air in your stomach which is simply going to make you uncomfortable.

Imagine singing and then you realize that you have gas and you need to let it out.

What happens if it does not come out quietly?

Also sodas such as coke contains an ingredient called aspartame which is bad for your vocal.

What it does is that is causes your voice to have a scratchy feel and also prevents you hitting flat notes.

5. Cold drinks

Finally you want to avoid anything that is too cold.


Because they tend to constrict your throat.

The thing is you want to make sure your vocal cords are not too “cold”. So avoid anything that is too cold especially if you are about to put on a performance.

Here is a science project that showed the effect of cold water while singing

Foods that are soothing to the voice

Now we know the foods that are harmful to your voice.

Here are some foods that are actually good for your voice

  • Licorice tea
  • Warm salt water
  • Honey
  • Sugar lozenges
  • Steam
  • Herbal teas


Your voice is the most important weapon in your arsenal as a great singer

While the following foods are harmful to you voice, you should know that taking them in moderation will not have any lasting damage on your voice.

Also you should know that before you can become a good singer you need to master the basics.

Do not fuss about what you eat and what you drink.

Start by learning the basic and keep what you eat in moderation and you will be fine.

What are some of the foods you avoid as a singer?