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Thinking of starting your own home recording studio?

Then you definitely need a condenser microphone – right

But not just any condenser microphone but one that actually records awesome vocals and delivers exceptional quality

So which condenser microphone do you pick?

By my last count, there are actually thousands of condenser microphones in the market today.

How do you go about making an informed choice for a good condenser microphone?

Well in this article, Neewer NW-700 Review, I will be going over this awesome microphone in detail, what makes it tick and where you can get it online at the cheapest price

What’s in the box?

Neewer NW-700 Review

When you decide to get the NW -700 microphone (which you can get from Amazon.com), here are the things included in the box

  • Obviously you get the microphone
  • A metal shock mount which helps to reduce vibrations and background noise
  • 3.5mm to XLR audio cable for easy connections
  • An Neewer arm for adjusting the microphone on your desk or stand
  • An arm mount for mounting the mic on to your desk
  • A pop filter for dealing and removing breath issues and sibilance
  • A windscreen also for dealing with breath issues
  • A user manual and a specifications sheet

Assembling this microphone kit is very easy

First you wind the desk mount to fit around your desk and then clip it into place

Then you insert the arm into the clamp and tighten it

Next you screw on the shock mount and ensure that it is well screwed on

Finally insert the microphone in the mount and slip the windscreen over the mic

And lastly clamp down the pop filter over the microphone and you are good to go.

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The Design

The build quality of this microphone is better than I expected

Looking at it, you can see that there is a solid and sturdy feel to this microphone

The body is made from aluminium and high quality metal that makes it durable and long lasting

The grille mesh and the solid steel body ensures that this mic is not affected by wear and tear

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  • cardioid pick-up pattern
  • metal mic body
  • with adjustable steel adjustable scissor arm stand
  • folded type arm stand
  • with windscreen pop filter mask
  • with metal shock mount – adjustable angle
  • with ball-type anti-wind foam cap
  • with 3.5 mm male to XLR female cable
  • not compatible with tablets, mobile phones & Mac products
  • works with 5V device
  • item weight: 1.9 lbs.
  • product dimensions: 6 in x 19 in x 9 in

The Performance

One benefit of using the Neewer NW-700 Professional Condenser Microphone is having a high-quality output – the condenser microphone gives rise to full-bodied and rich audio output with the help of the device’s new audio circuit.

The cardioid pick-up pattern of the condenser microphone also helps in isolating the main source of the sound and minimizing unwanted background noise to pave way for clear recording. 

In any microphone brands, the sound quality is a primordial consideration and this particular condenser microphone covers such aspect just fine.

In addition, the condenser microphone also comes with a durable and an adjustable scissor arm stand.

The sturdy and durable quality of the stand is backed up by the mount’s complete steel construction and double braced arms.

And because the condenser microphone stand can be folded, it makes carrying the product as well as the stand around easy and convenient.

The condenser microphone is also known for its versatile character as the device can also be mounted on the announcers’ table.

The excellent voice quality that the condenser microphone produces is also due to the fact that the product has a shield in the form of a windscreen pop filter mask. 

Not only does the filter help in ensuring that each and every track is easy to understand as well as audible, but the filter also helps in giving a clear and loud audio output by getting rid of the unwanted lisping and hissing sounds that normally come with an audio recording.

Another nice component of the condenser microphone is the metal shock mount that accompanies it.

The said mount allows easy adjustment of the angle of the condenser microphone and keeps the position in place with its locking knob.

The shock mount is helpful in addressing the possible noise created while holding the condenser microphone.

Furthermore, the condenser microphone has an anti-wind and ball-type foam cap. 

This particular feature hits two birds with one stone as the condenser microphone is not only protected from any wind interference that affects the quality of the recording but it is also protected from the negative effects of projectile saliva coming from the users.

To complete the package, it is good to note that the condenser microphone can be purchased at a fairly affordable and reasonable price. 

Having a good condenser microphone is one thing, but getting it at a cost that does not bleed the pockets is always a wanted bonus.


  • It has amazing sound quality for the price
  • The sounds are clean, crisp and professional


  • You will need to get an audio interface to work with this
  • The plug to XLR cable is a bit too tight. This makes it very difficult to easily connect and disconnect the cable
  • Compared to your other microphones, there is a bit of noise but for this very cheap price this microphone is an absolute steal


This microphone is highly recommended for someone who is just starting out in audio recording and needs to learn the ropes

It is a great microphone. It sounds awesome and is super cheap.

I highly recommend it for recording vocals, for podcasting and for gaming.

One good thing about this is that it is an XLR microphone. This means that if you want to upgrade to something better in future you can easily do so.

All in all…this microphone gets an A from me for beginners and if you are looking for something cheap and budget friendly

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