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Are you a DJ and you want to find the best speakers for your audience?

Do you have studio monitors? 

If yes, then a question must have arisen in your mind that “Can you DJ with studio monitors?”

The simple answer to this question is NO. 

Studio monitors are enclosed in speaker cases and they are used to produce accurate sound.

They are most important for those areas where you require accurate sound production. 

Otherwise, they are not as great.

Every device has a specific function to perform and it is designed for a particular thing.

Different devices have different specialties. 

Studio monitors have a flat frequency response and they don’t color the audio. 

Moreover, they aren’t good at producing high bass.

They are mostly used in film making, studios, or at home.

Why Are Studio Monitors Not Good for DJing?

There are various reasons why studio monitors aren’t good for DJing.

But as mentioned above, they are simply not designed for such a purpose.

If you use a device for something it is not designed for, it definitely won’t give you a good output.

As for logical and technical reasons, read further to find out why studio monitors aren’t good for DJing!

1. Studio Monitors Aren’t Loud Enough.

As studio monitors are designed for such places where loud sound isn’t necessary, they can’t provide you an output that is loud enough.

If you are using them at your home with 2-3 friends at your place, then they can be good for DJing because 2-3 people can’t produce as much noise.

But if you are thinking of using studio monitors to DJ at a much larger gathering, then the sound production won’t be loud enough for people to enjoy.

Even if the gathering contains up to 10 people only, you may think that such an amount is not huge and studio monitors can be enough for DJing at such a gathering.

But even 10 people can produce a lot of noise and to overcome that noise, studio monitors can never be enough. 

Lastly, if you put your studio monitors on maximum volume, they can produce some distorted noise which is not pleasant to hear in any case. 

Therefore, you won’t be left with much of an option.

For this reason, studio monitors are not a great choice for DJing.

2. Bass Won’t Be Appropriate.

Studio monitors don’t have a good and loud bass.

Sure, they can produce loud noise in a room with 2 people in it but they can’t produce good enough bass.

Bass is an important factor if you are trying to make a few people dance at the music that you play.

Without bass, the music seems boring and no one would like to dance on such boring music.

Studio monitors produce accurate sound and they don’t help to produce good bass.

For such a thing, you will have to use other equipment with your studio monitors.

Even then, you won’t be able to produce professional music. 

It doesn’t matter if your gig is small or big.

You should always try to work professionally.

For such an experience, you should not use studio monitors for DJing in any case.

3. Sound Quality Would Be Terrible.

If you can’t have good bass, the music is just going to sound like unprofessional work.

Unprofessional work means that the sound quality is terrible and not up to the mark.

People are going to absorb the sound and you will be left with the worst sound quality ever. 

4. You Won’t Look Professional

When you play at a gig, you try to work as good as possible so that every person present there gets impressed and considers you to play at their event as well.

But if you use studio monitors and produce worse sound quality while DJing, not only will you disappoint the person who gave you the gig but also you might lose future gigs too.

On the other hand, if you use a professional set up, you might be able to win more gigs in the future by the audience and the person who gave you the gig.

So, if you are trying to impress everyone, using studio monitors isn’t a good decision.

What to Use If Not Studio Monitors?

You must be thinking of another option that can replace studio monitors for DJing.

Well, you can use a PA system.

A PA (Public Addressing) system comprises every equipment you require for a professional DJ experience.

It consists of amps, loudspeakers, microphones, and sometimes other devices such as a mixing console.

A public addressing system is definitely better than a studio monitor if you want to use it for DJing.

For the following reasons, PA system is better.

It is because it has a loudspeaker.

You won’t have to buy loudspeakers separately.

They are enough to produce loud music.

You don’t even have to go on the loudest and maximum setting in order to produce loud enough music using a PA system.

Secondly, the amp that it comes with also helps to produce loud noise without any distortion in the music.

Moreover, bass is also produced in PA systems.

Last but not the least, the microphones can also be used with the PA system to address the people present in the audience and to hype their spirits.

It is essential for a DJ to produce enthusiasm in the audience.

It can be done with the help of microphones only because the DJ’s voice can’t reach the audience without it. 


We have come to the conclusion that studio monitors are not good for DJing.

The reason is that they can’t produce loud enough music.

They are bad at producing bass which is quite essential for DJing.

Moreover, they don’t come with essential equipment such as microphone, amplifier and loudspeaker.

All such equipment is also necessary for professional DJing.

You can use a PA system instead which comes with all the necessary features and devices.

This can lead to a better performance and you can easily impress the audience.