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If you are a dub music enthusiast, a disk jockey or a music producer, you will agree with me that this genre of music comes with a vibe that’s incomparable to none. 

With the right type of monitor, you are assured of total and wholesome new experience.

With several monitors to choose from, how do you choose the best studio monitor for dubstep?

Besides, what you want is a high-quality sound output for top-notch studio recording.

Dub music requires more bass hence the need for a monitor that’s responsive to low frequencies. 

It’s this feature that influences syncopation in the rhythm which makes dubstep dance possible.

After reviewing multiple other studio monitors, I settled on these 5 as the best studio monitors for dubstep.

Their quality and performance are tested and verified. Thus, there is no room for doubt.

So, without further ado, here’s the comprehensive review.

Our Winner After Careful Research

Best Studio Monitors for Dubstep - Comparison Table



Our Rating


Kali Audio LP-6 Monitors

Denon Dj SM 50 Monitors

JBL EON612 Monitors

Audioengine A5 Plus Monitors

5 Best Studio Monitors for Dubstep

1. Kali Audio LP-6 Monitors

Kali Audio LP-6 is a high-performance studio monitor that operates on waveguide technology.

This technology brings the 3D soundstage experience into your studio with no hassle.

Thus, what you get is a high-quality audio output.

With a high dynamic range, you are assured of smooth sound with minimal and insignificant harmonic distortions.

A wide dynamic range enables the monitor to have high excursions that are responsible for clear sound.

The monitor is designed to give a quality bass output.

This also applies to high volumes.

From a single monitor, you can get a satisfactory sound for your dub music.

With easy controls, you have access to gain control so that the monitor gives your preferred sound.


  • High-performance studio monitors.
  • Sleek design for aesthetic value.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Gain output power may be strong for other devices such as computers.

2. Denon Dj SM 50 Monitors

Denon Dj SM 50 is a powerful monitor with a 5-inch woofer and a 1 inch tweeter.

The monitor is purposely designed for DJs in a booth.

Also, the DJs can use the monitor when recording mixes in a studio environment.

The monitor works on two input systems.

That is balanced and unbalanced.

These inputs can accommodate XLR, TRS, and RCA connections.

Thus, you have a wide variety to choose from.

At this point, you go for what works well for you.

The monitor operates on a wide frequency response range of 50-20kHz.

With its powerful woofer and tweeter, it leverages on this to give a smooth and clear output.

The woofer is good at controlling power consumption and sound distortion.

It works on a class A/B amplifier with a proven record of high frequency and low-frequency management.

The 90-watt amp offers clean power and insignificant distortion.


  • High-frequency response range.
  • Guaranteed high performance.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • More improved sound quality requires a second monitor speaker.

3. JBL EON612 Monitors

JBL EON612 is a portable studio monitor with a multi-purpose application.

Due to this, it will always deliver the best sound regardless of what you use it for.

Besides, it features a purposeful design that makes every component in it to perform its intended function.

It has a 12-inch woofer and operates on waveguide technology, saves on energy and guarantees smooth and precise sound quality.

For enhanced regulation, it features an inbuilt 1000w class D amplifier.

It has a friendly interface on its rear end that is easy to use.

Even for a first-timer, the writings on the controls give adequate direction.

Also, the speaker supports a setup of multiple configurations.

These include; main, monitor, sub, and speech modes.

It’s lightweight and easy to move around with.

On its edges are handles made of rubber material for a firm grip.

And for Bluetooth lovers, the monitor is a big breakthrough.

For a wireless connection, you can use this monitor with Bluetooth.


  • High-performance monitor.
  • Supports wireless Bluetooth connections.
  • Friendly user interface for easy control.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around with.
  • self-powered


  • The monitor heats up when used for a long time.

4. Audioengine A5 Plus Monitors

Audioengine A5 Plus is a versatile, powerful and simple to use studio monitor speaker with a warm and quality stereo sound.

It’s a self-powered monitor with an in-built power amplifier.

Besides, it comes with remote control for easy touch on the controls.

For input connectivity, it supports both RCA and a mini-jack.

With these two options, you can always opt for what works best for you.

Also, it’s versatile and works well with any type of computer.

This can either be a mac or a PC.

What’s more: it’s compatible with mobile phone operating systems.

Thus, you can use it with iPod, iPhone, and iPhone smartphones.

It features a wireless connection that you can opt for if it’s your preference.

And due to uncertainties, the monitor comes with a three-year warranty and customer support.

You can reach out for assistance at any time within this period should you experience any technical hitches.


  • Self-powered studio monitor.
  • Guaranteed stellar performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Saves on power consumption.


  • It doesn’t support XLR connectivity.

5. Mackie Thump 15A Monitors

Mackie Thump 15A is a 1300w hi-tech and powerful studio monitor that is designed with a professional enclosure for heavy use.

Besides, it features two options for supports.

These are; tripod or pole mounting that you opt for according to the situation.

It works on two channels that support a microphone line and other instruments.

Next to these channels is an XLR port where you can connect your mixer to.

Slightly above these, are gain control knobs that you can use to adjust the volume and tone.

The monitor has a dynamic bass response and is highly receptive to low frequencies.

It’s versatile and you can choose an appropriate application as per the situation.

It supports live, music or speech.  Therefore, you can use it for reasons other than dubbing.


  • Features a high-performance amplifier.
  • Easy and friendly controls.
  • Suitable for low bass frequencies.


  • It doesn’t support wireless connection and mixing.

Final Verdict

That’s it with the comprehensive review of the best studio monitors for dubstep.

The best monitors work on high tech waveguide technology.

Also, they are easy to use and affordable at the same time.

At best, with this list of the best studio monitors, you can get yourself the right monitors for ultimate dub music and dubstep dance experience.