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There are several reasons you could be looking for the best studio monitors for ambient music.

Besides, what you need is a studio monitor that can give stellar output and it does not leave a hole in your pockets.

The ideal monitor is good at producing audio sound that is cool and soothing to the soul.

After all, isn’t that what ambient music is created for? 

With the right studio monitors, ambient music should create an atmosphere that stirs calmness and contemplation.

But there is a sad truth you have to deal with.

Finding the perfect studio monitor can be such a big deal.

Especially when there are multiple others in the market.

So, how do you save yourself the agony of making a poor choice?

In this article, I have compiled--after thorough testing and verifying-- the top review of the best studio monitors for ambient music.

Would you want to learn more about these? Stay with me and find out what’s in store.

Let’s get started!

Our Winner After Careful Research

Best Studio Monitors for Ambient Music - Comparison Table



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Rockville APM5W Monitors

Rockville RPG225K Monitors

Edifier P17 Monitors

Edifier R980T Monitors

5 Best Studio Monitors for Ambient Music

1. Rockville APM5W

This is a pair of 2 way studio Bluetooth speakers with exceptional performance.

Also, it needs 25o watts to power on.

It features two pads that muffle vibrations from the surface such as a table, floor or a shelf.

Thus, quality audio is not compromised.

Besides, the monitor operates on a quad amp technology design.

Therefore, each driver in this system is designed to perform a specific function.

This implies that for each frequency reachable, there is a driver for it.

Its enclosure is made of sturdy MDF wood material that is also durable.

This enclosure protects the internal elements of the monitors while offering a sleek design for aesthetics.

This pair of monitors increase the general outlook of your rooms.

The monitor is easy to operate to get the coveted sound for ambient music.

This is attributed to friendly and easy to follow user interface at the back of the monitor.

You can adjust the volume levels to get your desired sound.

Besides, it supports XLR, TRS and RCA connectivity.

Thus, you can use either of these options to connect to the device of your choice.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Durable enclosure.
  • High performance guaranteed.


  • It does not support wireless connections.

2. Rockville RPG225K Monitors

Rockville RPG225K is a pair of dual-powered 15-inch studio monitors.

Besides, the package includes a microphone.

The speaker operates on an inbuilt class A/B amplifier and can continuously sustain power of 500 watts.

Nevertheless, it can run on a peak power of 2000 watts and a programmed power amount of 1000 watts.

Thus, the speaker is resilient and remains effective even when there is a sudden power surge.

Its 1.75-inch tweeter features a compression horn that helps to deliver clear and precise highs.

Also, its 15-inch woofer features KSV voice coils that make it a long-throw woofer.

Therefore, it delivers excellent low-frequency bass sound.

It built on easy controls that are also user-friendly.

Some of these include; master equalizer of 5 bands, master volume, master bass, master treble, mp3 volume, mic volume, and input volume.

These controls are meant to give you easy navigation for your preferred sound.

For connectivity, you have the choice of two XLR inputs.


  • Powerful in performance.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Does not have other option of connectivity such as TRS.

3. Edifier P17

Edifier P17 is a pair of 2-way studio monitor speakers with an inbuilt bracket for mounting.

It’s designed for side or rear surround type of setups.

t features a silk dome tweeter that measures ¾ inches and delivers clear and precise treble sound.

Its woofer has an impedance of 6 ohms and works on Nomex diaphragm drivers.

With a significant punch, the woofer delivers a deep bass.

However, these monitors require an external power amplifier for them to work.

To connect this pair of monitors to other devices, you have the option of TRS connectivity.

Moreover, you get a 2-year warranty on product parts and services.

Thus you do not need to worry or opt for a quick replacement whenever you have a hitch.


  • High-performance monitors.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It features a sleek design.


  • It does not feature other means of connectivity such as XLR or RCA.

4. Edifier R980T

This is a pair of high-performance studio monitors designed for 2.0 computers.

They run on 24 watts RMS power output.

This is the maximum amount of power the monitors can handle continuously at any particular time.

It has a classic wooden enclosure that is sleek for your rooms.

Most importantly, it reduces the effects of acoustic resonance, thereby a guarantee for quality audio sound.

The enclosure also protects the internal elements of the monitor from external factors.

Using RCA cables, you can connect this pair of monitors to other devices such as your phone or computer.

The device needs to have a 3.5mm mini-jack port.

This is also made possible by its dual AUX input feature.

The pair of monitors is easy to operate and you can get with ease the right touch of music you desire.

On its rear back end, there are the volume knobs and the bass controls.

You can adjust these two to your liking.


  • High performance.
  • Sleek design.
  • Durable enclosure.


  • It doesn’t support XLR or TRS connections.

5. Samson Studio Monitor

This is a pair of full-range studio monitors with exceptional performance.

They operate on 20 watts power amplifier that is designed to deliver stellar sound quality for ambient music.

The monitors are compatible with computers and other multimedia applications.

It features a 3-inch woofer that is made of polypropylene material for deep sounding bass.

Also, its dome-shaped tweeter is ¾ inches and made of silk.

The tweeter is designed to deliver well sounding and balanced high frequencies.

For connection, you can use RCA cables to connect to other devices such as a mixer, a computer or a phone.

The monitors are easy to operate and with a simple volume knob on its front panel, you can adjust the levels to your preference.


  • High-frequency response range.
  • High-end performance monitors.
  • Easy to operate.


  • It does not support TRS or XLR connections.

Final Verdict

Ambient music creates a calm and reflective environment.

Besides, the music soothes your heart and put you in a contemplation mode.

For you to enjoy ambient music, you need to have the right equipment in the form of monitors.

With this comprehensive review, you can make a better choice now.

The best studio monitors for ambient music are now only a click away from you.