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As a professional audio engineer and all round music nerd, I buy a lot of microphones.

This is because I always want to know which one is the best and which one sounds really good for what I have in mind.

One particular set of microphones I have enjoyed testing is the MXL brand of microphones.

These microphones are an absolute beauty as they deliver some of the best audio quality in the market today.

But picking the best mxl mix from the thousands of options that they have can be a pain.

There are lots of things that you need to consider and take into consideration to make sure that you get something that suits your particular need.

Not to worry though, cos in this article we will be looking at reviews of the top 5 MXL mics, their pros and cons and how to ensure that you get the best from your latest purchase.

What are MXL Mics?

MXL mics are made by MXL which is a leading manufacturer of audio recording, broadcast, post production and live sound products.

Their microphones offer the very best in condenser, ribbon and dynamic solutions for use in the studio, for recording a podcast and even for live broadcast.

They have some of the best audio engineers making sure that every product they release is of high quality and the best in the industry.

No matter your industry, you can be sure that they have something of high quality for you.

Why Use MXL Mics Instead of others

  • They are great, versatile and come with a nice sounding preamp
  • They are very good for vocals and acoustic instruments like your acoustic guitar
  • They are well built with excellent materials making them very durable and long lasting
  • They have this nice sounding quality that really sounds well when used to record vocals

Things to look out for when choosing an MXL Mic

1. What do you need it for?

Before buying any MXL mic you need to be very clear what you need it for.

This is because MXL as a company make a lot of microphones for a lot of different purposes.

Not being specific about what you want and you might end up getting a mic for the wrong purpose.

So if it’s for vocals, then there are specific mxl mics that are very good for vocals like this one here.

And also there are specific mics for podcasting, live bands and other different activities.

2. Does it have a preamp?

Another thing you need to be aware of is that most mxl microphones are condenser microphones.

As such you want to make sure that they have their own inbuilt preamp. Anything less than this and you just might find yourself struggling with the volume of the mic while recording.

Luckily all the products reviewed in this article all have their own inbuilt preamp microphones making this one less thing for you to worry about.

3. Is it durable and off high quality?

Also you want to make sure that is of high quality and very durable. This also has to do with the cost of the product.

The higher the price the better the quality and durability.

But you should also ensure that you do not get carried away and spend on something really expensive when one with a lower price can do the job effectively.

Our Favourite MXL Microphones

1. MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone

This is the most popular and widely used MXL microphone among most users today.

It is a large capsule condenser mic that delivers excellent audio quality when used.

It has a gold sputtered 6 micron density diaphragm that ensures that the audio quality is really audible and very clear.

It comes with a solid state preamp and a balanced transformer output that improves your vocal quality tremendously.

It comes with an isolation shock mount that helps reduce all vibration and movement issues.

This is probably the best MXL mic for vocals as it combines Class A FET circuitry with a transformer coupled output for a pure, clean sound.

2. MXL 990 Condenser Microphone

This is a condenser microphone with a silky sweet high end while retaining a tight solid low midrange audio production.

It has a ¾ inches gold sputtered diaphragm that ensures that the audio quality is truly impressive.

It has an attractive vintage style body design that is very pleasing to the eye

It has a frequency response of 30Hz to 20KHz making it a very good condenser microphone to use for podcasts and live broadcast

With this mic you can be sure of it picking up even the faintest whisper you have because of it 130dB maximum SPL sensitivity

It has a 15MV/pa equivalent noise which is one quality that makes it stand out from the rest.

This makes it very suited for both digital and analog recordings

It comes with a shock mount (for vibration issues), a mic stand adapter, and a carrying case.

3. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

This is one MXL microphone that continues to amaze a lot of artists around the world with its sheer brilliance.

It has a solid bass as well as a nice sound upfront high end

It has a high quality FET preamp with a balanced output which gives it a wide dynamic range

It has a gold sputtered, 6 micron, low distortion diaphragm that eliminates all distortion issues and delivers high audio quality

If you are a seasoned pro or a newbie looking for a high quality MXL microphone for your studio needs, then this is the right choice for you.

It comes wired with mogami which gives it exceptional sound and audio quality

4. MXL Mics Executive Web Conferencing USB Microphone

This is probably the most popular and widely used MXL microphone for web conferencing.

It has a wide angle of pickup which captures sound and audio accurately in a conference room.

It comes designed with a 3 capsule array and 180 degree pickup pattern for easily getting all your audio across.

It has a backlit mute button which helps in private remarks and audio that you do not wish for others to hear.

It has a headphone jack for connecting your headphone if you are in a noisy place or you want a private conversation.

With its 25 feet audio range, you can be sure that it captures audio from every corner of the room no matter how large it is

It has an all metal, low profile body with curved lines which makes it very attractive and pleasing to look at.

5. MXL BCD-1 Dynamic Microphone

This is a dynamic MXL microphone that is good for broadcast and live studio presentations

It has an excellent side rejection that’s very good for noisy and crowded rooms

It comes equipped with a special tuned grill that helps to eliminate internal reflections

It also comes with its own built in shock mount that reduces all unwanted noise and reflections

Its built in swivel mount also allows for perfect positioning to pick up audio easily

It comes in a protective case with wind screen for protection from damages

It is an excellent choice for recording vocals in a music studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MXL Mics any good? From the amount of positive reviews and the number of people discussing about them on forums, MXL mics are some of the best mics being used in the industry today.

Here are some reviews and mentions that they have gotten in the press recently

Where are MXL mics made? They are made in MXL research and development center which is located in Torrance California. They also have manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, Russia and Korea.

Why are MXL mics so cheap? This is simply because, the company has decided that its products should be used by everyone. Hence they reduced the prices considerably so that it can be affordable by even the least person