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Have you ever listened to rock music and just fell in love with the gritty and rock sounds?

I have and I can tell you that it is an awesome sound to hear

And you know what… the one thing you can use to carry out this sound is the HX stomp.

When I found out about this I was really excited to try this out and see what I could come up with in my home studio.

While hooking everything up and getting my gear ready, I realized that I absolutely needed a midi controller or a midi foot controller to get that perfect rock sound.

As such I went on the internet looking for articles on the best midi controller for hx stomp and what I saw was really appalling

There was no solid article with comparisons and detailed reviews on the type of midi foot controllers that works really well with hx stomp.

All I saw were discussions and forums and terrible articles

Which is why I decided to write this article showing you my top 5 pick of recommended foot controllers for hx stomp, where you can get them at very cheap prices and what you can do to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

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Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Midi Controllers for Hx Stomp

1. Melo Audio Midi Foot Controller

Without a doubt this is the most reviewed and popular midi controller for hx stomp in the market today.

It is a full featured midi foot controller that gives you amazing flexibility and control

It is very compatible with most midi devices such as your audio interface, guitar amps or racks and anything that basically has a Midi in or out.

It comes with ten foot switches and two expression input pedals that are sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding guitarist.

This midi foot controller gives you the ability and power to control any instrument with the unique midi connector.

With its unique USB midi converter function you also get to easily control your software effects on your workstation.

One unique thing about this foot pedal is that It can connect up to two expression pedals supporting volume / wah at the same time

Its Ten onboard metal foot switches and the optimized Host mode are designed for easy using without additional settings

It has One large enough OLED screen includes all the info and can be read from any angle in darkness or daylight

This is the ideal midi controller for you if you want to use Hx Stomp and also get that hard rock guitar sound that you always crave.

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2. Source Audio Soleman Midi Foot Controller

Second on the list is the Source Audio Soleman Controller

With this foot controller you can easily Take complete control of MIDI hardware rigs, the Neuro Effects System, or recording and performance software with the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

It has three modes of control include simple program change, bank mode, and custom sequencing.

With these options you can easily create that hard rock gritty sound that you always wanted

It allows you to create custom MIDI messages, manage setlists, assign custom names to preset patches, output continuous controller messages with an expression pedals, and send tap tempo.

This is one midi foot controller that is rugged and gives you complete control over the kind of sounds and audio you want to create.

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3. Nektar DAW Foot Controller

This is one midi controller that lets you control your DAW and other MIDI gear without even lifting a finger

You can easily  Select tracks and control transport functions in your DAW, tweak settings in your MIDI guitar soft- or hardware or switch tracks on your trusted analog amp

One unique thing about this controller is that it is All integrated into one rugged and stage-ready foot pedal with 10 programmable LED foot switches, 4 switching relays and connections for up to 4 external foot switches and 2 expression pedals

The best is, that includes presets for many popular devices and Nektar DAW integration for 8 popular DAWs get you going instantly. 

Step up your pace with this powerful MIDI DAW Footswitch Controller!

It has 10 programmable switches with RGB LED, connections for 4 external switches and 2 expression pedals + 4 relays

It comes included with Factory Presets included for popular MIDI devices such as Kemper Profiler, AxeFX, Line 6 Pod or Helix and H&K Grandmeister

This is one awesome midi foot controller that ideal for use with hx stomp

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4. Yamaha MFC10 Midi Foot Controller

This midi controller made by Yamaha packs lots of awesome features that ensures you  get that hard rock sound you want

It has 12 programmable foot switches that give you as many options as you need to make good music

It comes with a programmable control pedal that you can easily control and tweak how your sounds come out

It has 4 additional pedal inputs that allows you to hook up and connect as many extra devices as you need

It comes Preprogrammed for WX5 and TYROS 3 and 4 making it an ideal choice for use Hx stomp without any complex issues.

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5. Tech 21 Midi Mongoose Midi Controller

You don’t need to be a MIDI guru to use the Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose, thanks to its simple design; but that doesn’t mean that it skimps on features. 

You can use its five footswitches to change groupings of preset programs by five or ten concurrently. 

Special Page functions set MIDI channel numbers, continuous controller channel numbers, and calibration, while dual independent continuous controller inputs accommodate your other MIDI gear. 

Made by the renowned GearNuts, you really get to appreciate the large, non-glare LED display — you can read it from any angle, in sunlight or darkness. 

Complete with a 7-pin phantom power jack and durable all-metal housing, the MIDI Mongoose is the easy way to control your gear. 

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