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If you an avid user of Battery 4, then you definitely know that the search for a compatible midi controller for this workstation is stressful

I remember when I wanted to test out Battery in my home studio and I searched everywhere looking for a suitable midi controller to use.

It was like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack

All the articles I saw online where either outdated or just plain dumb

And with Battery 4 being a cutting edge drum sampler and worldwide studio choice for creative beat production, I knew I had to come up with an article showing you the 5 best midi controllers for battery 5

In this article, I will be showing you my top 5 picks of midi controllers that are compatible with Battery 4, a detailed buying guided to making a choice and how to ensure you get the best bang for your buck

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Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Midi Controllers for Battery 4

1. Novation Launch Control XL MKII

The Novation Launch Control is without a doubt one of the best midi controllers you can get that is very compatible with Battery 4

You can easily assign buttons, knobs, faders to any parameters within your DAW and create your own layouts easily

It also allows you to customise the knobs with your own colors so you can easily pick them out and use them when needed.

You can also switch between your own mappings and live functionality to tweak and make adjustments as you go.

One good thing about this controller is that you can create your own layouts

You can create your own fully customisable layouts with the included software

All you need to do is to plug straight in, it’s Bus powered and no drivers needed.

It has 16 multi color buttons which help with track focus and key mixer controls.

It comes fully equipped with 24 rotary pots with 300 degree rotation and 24 multi color LEDs, one for each pot

It has eight 60mm faders, 16 assignable multi color backlit buttons and additional eight assignable backlit buttons.

This gives you options and creativity to make amazing music without any complicated connections and all that.

This is an ideal midi controller for the beginner who wants something not too expensive but that delivers quality music when used with Battery 4

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2. Behringer USB Controller (XTOUCHMINI)

This midi controller also serves as a universal pocket remote control for DAWs, instruments, effects and lighting applications

It comes fully equipped and features Mackie Control emulation mode for seamless integration with every major and popular music production software

It has a long wearing 60mm master fader that is good for tweaking and making adjustments as you create music

It comes with a dual layer mode that allows you to quickly change between DAW and instrument control

One unique thing about this controller is that it comes with pre configured control elements for instant operation out of the box.

This is one controller keyboard that puts the power of your production software right at your fingertips

Its user friendly and extremely versatile interface gives you take anywhere, hands on control of your DAWs, instruments and knobs easily

If you are someone that needs a controller to let your creativity run wild, then you absolutely need to get this product.

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3. Alesis V161 Midi Controller

This is a midi keyboard with 61 full sized, square front, semi weighted keys with aftertouch.

It comes with USB midi and 5 pin midi Out which offers flexible midi connectivity

With its hands on control knobs and faders you can easily manipulate plugins and virtual instruments to get that perfect sound that you desire.

You can open and close filters on virtual synthesizers, adjust volume levels in your mix, activate effects and so much more

This effectively gives you control and options to make good music and let your creativity run wild every single time.

It comes with 16 velocity sensitive trigger pads with illuminated RGB feedback for beat production and clip launching.

Its pitch and modulation wheels delivers expressive creative control

It also comes equipped with 48 assignable buttons and 16 assignable knobs that easily interfaces with battery 4 for awesome sound quality

It also provides seamless visual feedback via LED screen and illuminated buttons and knobs

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4. Korg Midi Controller (NANOKONST)

This is a compact and physical midi controller that is ideal for mobile and desktop uses.

It features a USB and wireless feature for more music production freedom

It comes in a refined and stylish design which makes it very sleek and attractive on the eye

This is one midi controller that gives you all you need to operate Battery 4

It has sliders that feature generous spacing and stroke, plus a convenient jog wheel that makes tweaks and adjustments very easy.

It is very compatible with Battery 4 and any software that supports Midi input

It provides transport keys and a mixer section that gives you stress free control of your workstation.

It is battery operated and can easily connect with your devices such as phones and tablets

If you are looking for a lightweight, compact mobile Midi controller that lets you create music more intuitively than ever then this is your best choice

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5. Ammoon EasyControl Midi Controller

This mini USB slim line midi controller includes 9 midi control groups, 9 knobs, 9 sliders and 9 buttons which gives you creative options to make tweaks and adjustments easily

It has 4 programmable memory banks so you can easily store you productions

It comes with 6 transport buttons – Rewind, play, Fast Forward, Loop, Stop and Record for easy start and play while producing music

It comes with its own plug and play USB 2.0 cable, no need for drivers installation so you can easily setup and start making music out of the box.

This is an ideal choice for anyone with a home studio and wants something that is portable, rugged and works amazingly well.

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