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If you are looking for the Best Microphones for Recording Orchestra, then I highly recommend the AKG C1000S Microphone

Since ancient times, orchestra recording has been a popular art and this culture has descended for generations in the music recording world.

It is certainly an interesting view to pen down the strong similarity between orchestral recording and our film world.

There is though a dissimilar ‘cross-fertilization’ between the two fields since orchestral recording is an area of recording that has a distinct procedure and method.

It offers an invigorating diverse workflow and some sonic objectives for those who grew up around nonstop overdubs and a bombardment of close-micing.

Firstly, the self-balancing phenomenon of most orchestras is interesting to know and this is simply put that every instrumental part can be heard without having to add extra augmentation or micing.

Secondly, the room sound is very important since the reflections and a sense of audio space is a vital part of an orchestra’s just like the instruments themselves.

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However, we have drawn up a list of the top 5 mics you can use in recording orchestra and delivering wonderful music.

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Microphones for Recording Orchestra

1. Shure CVO-W/C

The Shure CVO-W / C – is a condenser microphone that you can hang and mount on a flexible holder where you will find the power cable.

Due to its cardioids directional outline, this microphone produces a clean sound devoid of single background noise or intrusion.

Numerous people have attested to the good quality of this microphone’s usage in several places like the choir, events, external performances, etc. where a sound is coming from all directions and noise is inevitable.

 It features a 7.5 meters cable length and a windscreen.

With this cable, you can use it on a stage that is very massive and still not having issues moving about.

In this microphone, there lies a pre-installed preamplifier that aids in improving the transmission of the sound and an inbuilt protection circuit against interference, courtesy of the Comm Shield Technology.

With this technology, you do not worry about noise from other wireless devices in its surrounding since it shields it form them all.

The appearance is modern, the sounds are clear and you wouldn’t stop worrying when on stage and someone’s phone suddenly rings.

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2. AKG C1000S

Just as the CVO- W/C, the AKG C1000S is also of condenser kind and features cardioid/hyper-cardioid directivity which is selectable.

You could use it when recording at the studio, recording in a live session, or just doing your vocals.

With the directional converter PPC 1000, you can quickly alternate between the cardioid and the hyper-cardioid option.

You could simply use a 9V battery to power the mic or just connect it to an external power source.

When you install the turned on microphone, the switch eliminates unwanted noise.

With the robust design, you can take the mic along on concert tours as it gives you a clear sound and keeps the noise low.

Aside from the tours, it is also suitable for use at home or when doing a vocal at the studio.

The microphone sports a diode battery charge status, an adapter PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter for brightness treble addition, and which you will find in the metal carrying case that comes along with it and a stunning versatility which gives it the nickname, “Swiss Army microphone”.

Some of its characteristics include a frequency range of 50 Hz – 20k Hz, a signal/noise ratio of 74 dB: 20 dB, a maximum sound pressure level at 0.5% distortion, 137 dB SPL, sensitivity at6 mV/Pa (1 kHz), an output connector of an XLR, a 9-52 phantom power according to DIN 45596 or via 9V battery.

Additionally, it weighs 0.3 kg and has a dimension of 34 mm x 220 mm (Ø x length).

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3. Astatic 900

The Astatic 900 is a great condenser microphone you can hang and use while it protects your recording from noise.

Its frequency response is flat and wide and delivers a sound quality that is natural and unrivaled.

In the usage of the sound-boosting equipment, the Cardioid microphone ASTATIC 900 reduces the feedback impact.

The body is flexible and made from plastic, looking like the gooseneck-type and this lets you turn the microphone’s head to any direction of your choice without dubbing.

It is fitted with a phantom power adapter, a 10-meter cable, and a 3-pin mini XLR connector.

It has a frequency range of 150Hz – 20 kHz, a resistance of 440 ohms, and a maximum SPL of 134dB.

Additionally, you can power this microphone by a power supply ranging from 12V – 48V.

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4. Beyerdynamic MC930 – Stereo Set

Beyerdynamic MC 930 Stereo-Set comes with two condenser MC 930 microphones having the same cardioid polar pattern, a case, two holders, and two windshields.

It has a frequency range of 40-20 000 Hz and the signal-noise ratio is 71 dB.

You can comfortably use these microphones when recording in a choir, an orchestra, or solo and it will function along with their instruments well too.

You can use them in speech and vocals recording when the windshields are on.

Being of top quality, these microphones have a14 dB pre-attenuation and would create a high-quality recording even when the sound pressure is high.

The mics have a frequency filter you can switch like when you turn the high-pass filter with Q6 dB per octave and a 250 Hz frequency cutoff which will aid in avoiding the proximity effect.

However, you will need an 11-52 V phantom power for these mics so that you can use them in studios and concerts.

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5. Audio-Technica PRO 45

Audio-Technica PRO 45 is one of those microphones you can suspend too when using them and it is of top quality.

Its frequency range is and it comes with cardioid focus.

It also sports an inbuilt cable with an XLRM connector you can use in connecting it to an amplifier or mixer.

It has a cable length of 7.6 m and is very light in weight which will let you perform with it on a theater stage or a wide concert platform.

While performing, you can’t ever miss the superior performance and smooth frequency reply it gives as a result of the light diaphragm capacitor element the designers incorporated in its build.

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Have you ever watched an orchestra show and loved it or desire to make yours?

You can do that perfectly and without sweat too from any part of the world.

You can make your orchestra for your personal use or join the orchestra professional line.

When getting a microphone to aid you in recording orchestra, you should not get confused with the various ones you can find.

There are certain features to look out for and these five top picks we have listed here incorporate such features so you can pick one that fits your speculations and make a comfortable orchestra.