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Concertos and opera shows are a classic favorite of music enthusiasts and music lovers.

Ever wonder why classic musicals or orchestras sound really good?

In my career as a musician, I have played the violin since I have learned how to talk.

At a very young age I have mastered my craft in entertaining my audience, it is crucial to deliver the best show to your audience. 

After all, that's what they came for in the very first place.

Other than preparations and selling out concert tickets, we musicians, make sure that our instruments are well-prepped, too!

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Best Microphones for Violins - Comparison Table



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Myer's The Feather Violin Mic Microphone

Barcus Berry 3100 Microphone

Cherub WCP-60V Violin Microphone

Fishman V-200 Microphone

5 Best Microphones for Violins

Over the years, I have tried all sorts of brands and types of microphones.

From the "trial and error" process, I have come up with my top 5 reliable brands to use during big events and shows. 

Whether you're an amateur or professional, I believe these mic recommendations will be beneficial for you.

1. Myer's The Feather Violin Mic Microphone 

Most musical professionals are definitely familiar with this brand.

I started using this when I was 16 and from then on, I just can't let go of it.

The Feather's is one of the best selling mic in the market right now. 

It's compact and lightweight design makes it the most preferred choice of every musician.

My favorite quality of the mic is its very easy to position on any multiple instruments other than the violin.

It's easy installation feature requires zero modification to the instrument and it is very efficient in amplifying its natural sound. 

It also has a powerful preamp that produces the best quality tonal sound.

Whether for short or long term use, this is definitely a smart purchase for both amateurs and professionals alike. 

2. Barcus Berry 3100 Clamp-on Violin Microphone

Barcus Berry is also another popular brand name all over the world.

No doubt that they are the go-to brand of every musician out there.

For a first time mic purchase, this is the brand that you can rely on. 

Their mics are known for its amazing blend quality, durability and affordability.

The 3100 model is one of their best sellers to date.

It's clamping mechanism is outstanding and it easily connects to an output jack through the cable. 

It also has a perfect string balance and a perfect broadband frequency response that adds advantage to piezo pickup.

Effective in rejecting unnecessary feedback from the violin's natural sound.

If you want a mic that provides a more natural and less modified sound, then this is for you.

3. Cherub WCP-60V Violin Microphone 

Cherub is one of the most reputable and reliable brands of violin microphones in the market today.

It offers an array of model selections to choose from depending on your preference.

The WCP-60V for me is the best of them all. 

It has an excellent quality, physically impressive in design and has an amazing operational navigation.

The mic ensures to deliver the violin's original sound to the amp with zero unnecessary feedback.

If you are like me who enjoys a clear amplified sound at an affordable rate, here's the right choice.

For a small worth of bucks, you will get the most sensitive and tonal quality microphone comparable to high-end brands in the market.

On top of that, it also has a very easy installation clam.

All you've got to do is open up the clip and place it inside the f-hole and attach it between the tailpiece and bridge of the violin.

For its quality specs and affordable price, it's a sure reason to add this in your shopping cart.

4. Fishman V-200 Classic Violin Microphone 

Another well-recognized brand in the market right now is Fishman.

The brand's company vision and mission is to provide musicians in delivering the best sound possible ever.

The company has partnered with several musicians and music agencies through the years, only providing the best quality products. 

They have a number of choices to choose from which ranges from different categories.

However, this model V-200 sets them apart.

This got to be the most professional pickup model they've got.

It possesses all of the best qualities that you could ever find in a microphone. 

I like its rich warm tone, impressive operational use and reasonable price.

It's not actually an impressive deal that doesn't break the bank.

The highlight of this product is its lightweight ceramic piezo pickup made to reduce the muting.

It also has a carpenter style design that features a ¼ inches jack output.

Get your hands on this one and experience it's touch like a professional violinist.

5. Andoes Cherub WCP-60V Clip-on Microphone 

It's not that obvious that I'm a huge fan of Cherub, right?

Set aside the fanatic fan of me and I'll break down to you why another Cherub mic made it into our list.

The WCP-60V presented by Andoer Cherub is by far the best option for good quality and the best cheap price in the market. 

It's handy clip-on design is easy to install and perfectly attaches to the violin.

Rest assured it won't fall during long shows.

I like how it has its feature of being able to remove the external noise of the mic with less hassle.

It also has a ¼ inches jack and a 2.5 meter long cable, perfect size for its use. 

It provides an excellent natural sound from the violin plus an enhanced loudness and impact performance.

With its very easy use and affordable price, for me this is the best model perfect for professional use.

I highly recommend this product to all the musicians out there.

How I Prep My Violin?

I have regular cleaning maintenance of my violin, I really like it shiny and clean.

I check the strings and the tune of the violin, making sure it is not out of tune.

During rehearsals and before the show, I collaborate with the audio-visual director and stage manager to check the quality of the sound system.

Most of all, I am particular with my violin microphone or pickup.

What is a Violin Pickup or Microphone?

Also known as a "transducer", a violin pickup or microphone helps the violin to transmit mechanical vibrations from the instrument and transforms them into electronic signals. 

The microphone enables you to record and amplify the sound of your violin.

The microphones can be used in two different types: it can be either piezo or magnetic microphones.

Got a pick?

I'm sure after reading this, you already got one.

Don't worry because you will surely not regret your purchase.

These microphone brands will put your violin in the right hands.