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Are you looking for the best fender amps in the market today?

Then you are definitely in the right place

If you are a fan of rock, blues, pop and even metal, then you must have heard about the legendary status of the fender amplifiers.

This is because, they are one of the best manufacturers of high quality amplifiers that has been and is still being used by countless musicians all over the world today.

But with the countless makes and models that are being manufactured every year, choosing that particular one that you require for yourself might be a bit difficult.


Not to worry because in this article, we will be bringing you the top 5 best fender amps in the market today categorized into the best fender amp for blues, the best fender amp for rock, the best for the money and our editor’s pick

We will also be looking at a brief history of the fender amplifier, things you need to consider before getting a fender amp and how to make sure that you get the best out of your new purchase.

Our Top 5 Best fender amps 

A brief history of the fender amplifier

According to Wikipedia, Fender amplifiers have a very long and illustrious history.

The company, founded by Leo Fender, started building guitar amps and guitars as early as 1945

They started with the K&F models before moving to tube powered amplifiers and finally settling on solid state amplifiers in the late 1960s.

They started building K&F amplifiers as their first line of products.

These amps came in 3 different sizes of 8 inches, 10 inches and 15 inches.

They had a gray crinkle finish which was usually baked and done in the family’s oven.

Some of the earliest models of this product line includes Model 26 Deluxe, The Princeton and the Professional.

After that they started to become really popular and make a name for themselves by releasing the Tweed amplifiers.

These were known for having excellent sound quality and very durable.

Next came the Brownface, which ran from 1959 and were discontinued in 1963.

They were called brownface because of their brown colored control panels

After that came the blackface amplifiers, the silverface amplifiers and finally the modern day solid state models.

Fender amplifiers have come a long way and have a ton of amp experience which helps them create some of the best amplifiers in the market today.

Things to consider before you make a purchase

1. What is the sound quality

This is probably the most important factor to consider before you buy any amplifier and not only a fender amp.

Simply put, you want something that can give you awesome sound quality.

While fender amps are known for their insane sound quality, you also want to do a little background check and read reviews online before making a choice.

Another reason for doing this is that most of these amps are suited special for different genres of music.

So if you are into jazz, then you will need to get one for jazz or for rock music as the case may be.

2. What is the value for the money

When it comes to spending money buying an amplifier, you want to make sure that you get the absolute best for your money

This is simply because, amplifiers cost a lot of money

You don’t want something that does not work for you after buying it.

A good amp will last you for a long time and ensure that you get the best out of it.

3. How much watts does it have?

The amount of watts

4. How durable and reliable is it?

Finally, you want to get something that is durable and does not get damaged easily.

This is because an amplifier is something that is constantly going to be on the move with you.

As you travel from place to place for your gigs, it is constantly going to be carried along with you.

As such, you want something that is strong and well built with durable materials that will last you for years.

Our Top 5 Best Fender Amps

1. Fender ’65 Super Reverb Guitar Combo Amp

This is quite simply the best fender amp for rock.

It has 45 watts of awesome and clean compresses that delivers incredible sound quality when cranked up.

It has four 10 inches 8 ohm speakers that has nice clarity and adds a mid range punch to your sounds.

It has that special fender reverb and vibrato tone that makes your sounds so much more amazing.

Its awesome tube power gives it enough strength to be used in clubs and when playing gigs.

It is the perfect amplifier for gigging with its clear tone and classic build

It has two button switch which is used to control the reverb and the vibrato

It has a black texture vinyl covering which helps to protect it from dust, wear and tear.

2. Fender Blues Junior III Guitar Combo Amp

This is the best fender amp for blues.

It has 15 watts of sweet unique tube tone with a nice overdrive when used.

It’s spring reverb and footswitchable FAT boost makes it a very versatile and all round fender amp that can be used for almost all genres of music.

It comes with a highly sensitive and special Fender design 12 inches speakers that helps to produce clean and well distorted tones.

This is the absolute perfect choice of fender amp for home use and for people with smaller spaces in their houses

It has rattle reducing shock absorbers for its tubes that makes it very steady when being used.

3. Fender Mustang GT 200 Guitar Amplifier

This is a solid state fender amplifier that is one of the best fender amps for clean tones in the market today.

It has a new and improved amp modeling technology that makes it a real force to reckon with today.

It is equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth technology that allows it to be easily connected to other fender amps and the internet.

It has bluetooth streaming capability which can be easily controlled from your mobile device.

It has a crisp and full color display screen that allows you to set and tweak your settings easily.

It comes included with two years warranty which helps to put your mind at ease in case of any damage or repairs.

4. Fender Mustang I V2 Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier

This is probably the best all round fender amp that you can get for use with any genre of music.

It has a wide range of tones from mean to clean tones with a lot of presets that can be easily accessed by the touch of a knob.

It comes included with a Fender FUSE software which you can easily use to edit your sounds and add special effects such as reverb and tremolo while playing.

It has an auxiliary input which allows you plug in external media devices such as your MP3 player and jam along or practice with your favorite bands.

It has 24 on board effects, an onboard chromatic tuner and USB connectivity which makes it an all round excellent fender amp.

It comes included with the Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition that allows your easily record your songs.

5. Fender Champion 100 – 100-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

This is a fender guitar amplifier that delivers awesome quality sounds and tones every time.

It’s 100 watts power ensures that you have as much volume and loudness as you want without any distortion.

It has an auxiliary input and headphone output that allows you connect your external media devices easily.

It has a footswitch that allows you easily toggle and choose between clean tones and mean tones while in the studio or during a stage performance.

It comes with a lot of musical tones ranging from old amp classics to modern amps with various digital and special effects in between.

This is an entry level amp that is just right for a beginner and can be used to test the waters before moving on to more expensive ones.

How to use a Fender Amp

Knowing how to use your newly purchased amp is very important.

You want to make sure you start off on the right foot and you don’t make any mistakes

Here is a short YouTube video showing you how to get started plugging

and setting up your amp


Going with Fender as your choice for a guitar amp is a wise choice.

They have the experience, the tradition and countless years of being in business to prove it.

Their amplifier sounds can be easily noticed from a mile away and has helped in shaping the way we know rock music, metal music and even jazz today.

If you are looking to get started with a fender amp, then the choices mentioned above are some of the best in the market today.

You simply cannot go wrong with them.

Are there any amps that should make this list? Let me know in the comment box below