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Recently I was in desperate need for sound systems and the best speakers for my dance studio. It is a 2500 square feet open space and I needed something that will last for a long time with no trouble. I had been through at least 4 Bluetooth speakers in 2 years and a grand total of at least 6 stereo systems in 22 years.  Read on to hear about the best Dance Studio Speakers.

These days I make do with playing sounds from my iPhone and iPad, so I needed something that can be easily connected. I also wanted something that is very portable and can be carried around because of the fact that we have outdoor performances most time. Bearing all this in mind I put on my research hat and went looking for the best speakers for a dance studio.

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In this article, I will be showing you the top speakers for dance studio, things to consider before you make a purchase and how to ensure that your speakers serve you for a very long time.


Best Dance Studio Speakers

While there are a lot of speakers out there that are suitable for dance studios, here are my top picks.

1. Bose S1 Pro System Speakers

This is without a doubt the best Bose speakers for dance studio. It is a very rugged and portable speaker that produces big and clear sound everywhere This particular pair of badboys is a complete sound speaker with awesome sounds for dance studios and also for outdoor gatherings. It has wireless bluetooth pairing and inputs for a microphone or any musical instrument such as a keyboard or a midi controller. This especially makes it very easy for people that have dance studios or even yoga classes.

It comes well equipped with built in sensors and multiple aiming positions that helps deliver optimal sound in every position and location of your studio. With it’s rechargeable, lithium ion battery, you can be sure of getting at least 10 hours of play time before you need to charge it. It has its own set of auto EQ buttons that automatically adjusts the speaker’s tone in any placement so you always get the best sound quality every time.

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It has a wireless range of up to 30 feet (9 metres) which makes it ideal for easy hookup to your phones and tablets.

  • Big sound from a rugged speaker that goes where you do.Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • This portable Bluetooth PA system is made for parties, outdoor get-together, and all those times that deserve better sound
  • Wireless Bluetooth pairing and inputs for a microphone or musical instrument such as a keyboard or guitar
  • Built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions for optimal sound in any nearly position
  • Get up to 11 hours of play time with the rechargeable, lithium-ion battery

2. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Speakers

This is one set of speakers that can be referred to as the best music system for dance classes.

It enables wireless streaming for delivering that awesome room filling sound and has a speakerphone function that lets you take hands free calls.

It has its own rechargeable battery that gives you 8 hours of play time before it needs to be charged.

It delivers at least 50W of audio power and 50Hz – 20KHz frequency for crisp and clear sounds

It has in ports that lets you easily connect up to 2 smart devices at the same time while switching audio easily.

You can also easily and wireless connect up to 5 other Harman Kardon speakers (which are sold separately) for an increased audio experience.

It has a unique round silhouette and premium fabric cover which gives it a pleasing appearance and feel

This is one portable and highly durable dance studio speakers that will serve you for a very long time.

3. JBL EON612 2 Way Speakers

This is a purposeful product designed speakers optimized for ideal acoustic resonance.

This is made possible by taking advantage of its unique injection molding techniques and mechanical shaping of the enclosures.

It makes use of its unique JBL waveguide technology for superior and clear sound quality.

With its Bluetooth integration, you can easily hookup all your Bluetooth enabled devices to it and play songs easily.

This also helps you easily control the master volume, adjust the 5 way EQ settings, and saving and recalling user presets

Solid gold I tell you…

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It’s a very portable speaker with ergonomic designs which ensures that what you get is a world class music system for dance class that lasts for a very long time.

It is great sounding and user friendly.

4. QSC K8.2 Active Speakers

This set of speakers is one of a kind in audio performance.

It has a 2000 Watts class D amplifier module which delivers room filling, crisp clear sound in any room.

It comes equipped with factory presets and savable/recallable scenes for commonly used applications.

It has a multi function digital display which helps in the control and selection of loudspeaker functions.

This helps you easily select and pick out any song and EQ settings you need for your dance class.

It has its own unique intrinsic correction which is ideal for tuning and loudspeaker management.

It comes with a global 6 year warranty with product registrations.

This ensures that you are covered by your purchase and have nothing to be scared of.