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If you are into electronic music or a big fan of EDM, then you know that producing electronic music is no easy feat.

There are a lot of moving parts that involves focus and creativity

The one thing you need to make sure you get right is your equipment and this involves your audio interface

The audio interface you use when creating electronic music plays a huge role in the type of sound you create.

While doing research for the best audio interface for electronic music, I realised that most of the articles out there were not accurate enough or had information that was outdated.

So I wrote this article to correct all that flaws and show you the best choice sound card to use if you want to create electronic music that absolutely rocks.

Our Winner After Careful Research

5 Best Audio Interface for Electronic Music

1. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Audio Interface

This is probably one of the best audio interface you can get for producing electronic music

This bad boy comes with eight natural sounding preamps with plenty of even gain.

This allows you to really crank up the volume and get the party house crunk in without the sound distorting

It comes with two newly designed instrument inputs, 10 ¼ inch balanced jack outputs and a dedicated stereo pair

This audio device is a class leading conversion equipment and can hit sample rates of up to 192KHz.

The interface has back rotary input gain controls, which only add to the beauty of this device, and along with the rest of the effectively placed knobs and switches, they make the front panel of the unit very clear and convenient for the user.

It comes in an attractive carrying case which is very tough and keeps protects the audio case from wear and tear when not been used.

This bad boy is the ultimate plug and play device. 

You do not need any drivers before you start using it.

You simply plug in and play and your DAW will definitely recognise it

All in all, this audio interface is an all purpose equipment that will definitely help you create better electronic music when used.

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2. Roland Studio Capture Audio Interface

Next on the list is the roland studio capture audio interface

This is one sound card that had a great workflow and is ideal for creating electronic music

It has great levels of functionality and can definitely compete with the big boys of audio interfaces

This bad boy has sense ability which is ideal and convenient because it helps you automatically adjust the sound volume without distortion.

It has a clean look and produces great sound when used.

With this audio interface you can be sure that it has amazing capabilities when it comes to handling an entire recording session.

This is because it has amazing input and outputs

It has an amazing interface that allows you to monitor and configure the inputs from the panel.

This gives you the producer complete control and makes the whole process of electronic music production very easy and interesting.

It is also a great way of avoiding potential mistakes as it allows you to have a field view of everything you are doing

It has an awesome visual feedback, as it uses LED ladders and an LCD screen, which is well designed and easy to understand.

The VS preamplifiers of the audio interface provide a very high-quality conversion, up to 24 bit/192kHz. This makes the quality of the sound enter the next level, especially when you compare it to what most other interfaces offer at the same price range.

This is one great audio interface that is ideal for electronic music product and you should definitely get this.

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3. Korg DS DAC Analog Converter

This is one awesome audio interface that gives your electronic music that thump you deserve.

It has a very compact and solid structure making it very strong and durable.

It produces a very clean and crispy sound, which makes it very easy for you as the producer and the listener to hear every detail and make adjustments as necessary.

It comes with a wide range of frequencies which helps make the high end and the low ends sound way above the ordinary.

It has a decent workflow which helps reduce or keep latency issues to the minimum.

With this issue you get almost no noise when recording, although this also depends on the type and quality of microphone that you are using.

It has a simple and minimal design without much buttons, switches and knobs all over the place.

If you are looking for an audio interface for electronic music that will definitely deliver, then this is the perfect choice for you.

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4. Tascam US Audio Interface

The Tascam brand name is one that is widely recognized and known in the music making industry.

This is one bad boy that delivers great sound and crystal clear recordings even from very low inputs.

One unique thing about this equipment is that it produces very loud sounds, almost 3 times louder than other sound cards.

This is due to the large external power and it comes with no hissing, cracking or popping issues.

It is compatible with all the major DAWs out there including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools and Reaper

It comes with powerful preamps which provides extreme detail when it comes to recording your sounds and vocals.

It has stable audio drivers which helps keeps the sounds and recordings normal without any hissing or cracking issues.

It has a 96KHz/ 24 bit audio resolution which gives you more options than most electronic music producers are used to.

It comes with 8 line inputs which you can use as a zone controller to route multiple audio sources and receivers.

It has a clean and strong design making it very durable and easy to operate.

The overall sound of this interface is amazing and the presence of the preamps adds a unique twist to this product.

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5. Steinberg UR242 Audio Interface

The Steinberg UR242 is an audio interface with a very solid structure. 

The unit comes in a rugged metal body, with an elegant and very professional design. 

It looks strong enough to work under all occasions, and last any detriment over time.

The audio interface has Neutrik combo jacks, which seem high quality industry standard jacks. 

The general feeling when it comes to knobs, is excellent. 

They feel solid, with the appropriate amount of resistance, to ensure that we avoid any sudden leveling changes during recording or playback.

Regarding the inputs and outputs of the Steinberg UR242, it has 4 microphone inputs, 2 line inputs and MIDI input/output. An very nice addition, is the 2 headphone outputs, which have 2 separate mixes to make the recording experience even better.

This particular audio interface offers equalization, compression, high pass filtering, phasing and guitar amp, while monitoring and recording at the same time. 

The software control works great with Cubase, and the reverb can be used only for monitoring or recording, using a feature called loopback.

Overall, the Steinberg UR242 has a fascinating performance. 

It comes with drivers, which help keeping the latency close to zero, and the workflow of the software is great. 

All in all, an awesome audio interface, in a very competitive price that is worth the purchase.

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Best Audio Interface for Electronic Music – Buyers Guide

Before you buy any sound card or audio interface for yourself, there are a couple things you need to be aware of.

1. The Quality

The quality of your equipment is very important and you should ensure that you get something that will work for a very long time.

Also you want to get something with a solid structure as this will ensure that it does not break or crack during use

2. The functionality

Next you want to make sure that your audio device makes music creation very easy and comfortable

You dont want something that comes with lots of features and knobs

Check for equalizers, compressors or reverb effects that come with the audio interface, and make a case of testing them to see if they are effective enough to help you with your music productions. 

Experiment with the knobs and switches, to find out how they feel when using them, as they are very important when it comes to balancing your volume and effect levels.

3. The Price

There is a wide range of prices regarding audio interfaces. 

The general rule here is, the more expensive the product is, the better the results. 

We recommend interfaces within all price ranges, and you should find the one that is more suitable to your budget, taking into serious consideration the functionality and quality level of the audio interface.