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A few months ago, I was listening to music in my car and I felt a bit uneasy

I was not getting the kind of feel I wanted for my songs

Fine, I was using a very big sub-woofer but even a big sub-woofer will not get you the kind of volume I needed.

I wanted to play music is my cars really loud and also rattle the frame a little

That was when I started to do a little research and realized that the trick is to get a couple 2000 RMS watt amplifier that will really bring out the feel of the music

The truth is most stereo systems in modern cars do not meet up to the sound requirements of true audiophile

This is why most people go out of their way to look for an alternative to give them that window shaking experience

A good 2000 watt amp will deliver awesome sound experience without going overboard or completely deplete your budget.

In this article, I will be reviewing the top 10 2000 watt amps, what to look for before you make a purchase and places where you can easily get such equipment without stress.

How do I choose a good amplifier?

best 2000 watt ampbest 2000 watt amp

Before you go out and buy an amplifier for yourself, preferably a 2000 Watt amplifier, there are certain conditions you need to check

A good amplifier will serve you for a long time and provide the best listening experience for you.

1. Get an amp with 1 channel per speaker in your vehicle

The simple truth is that most channels carry different sounds to your speakers and if your amp does not have enough channels, then the sound is going to come out muddy and not clear

What you should do is to count how many speakers you have in your vehicle as this will help determine how many channels your amplifier should have.

If you plan on using an amp for a sub-woofer or a single speaker then you want to get a mono speaker, but if you want to power multiple speakers then you should get up to a 6 channel amp.

2. Make sure you choose a higher wattage for better sound

Also you want to make sure that you choose an amplifier with a high wattage as this helps to give the best sound output

What you want to do is to look near the ports at the back of your speakers to see what their rated powers are.

Ideally you want to get something that gives you a 10% higher rating than what’s recommended by your speakers to give them the best sound output.

3. What is the connections like?

You also want to select an amplifier that has a direct connection to your receiver as this helps preserve the sound quality.

Units with pre-amp outputs make your sounds clearer and richer because they are connected directly to the receivers.

So what you want to do is to look at the packaging and check if it has a direct connection

If it doesn’t then you might have to run speaker wires from each speaker to your receiver and this may result in a drop in quality

4. Check to see if it has a remote control

This is a accessories to have as it helps you especially while driving.

Amplifiers are usually out of reach while driving and as such you want to opt for one you can control remotely.

This will also help you to adjust the amplifiers settings based on the music you are listening to.

They are also handy for turning the amp on and off

Do amplifiers make a difference?

The simple answer is that it depends

Your speakers make much more difference to the sound but you also need an amplifier to help magnify the sound and make it rock

Basically you want to spend more on your speakers but do not neglect your amplifiers

Your speakers will sound good on their own but will sound great with a killer amp

The purpose of your amplifier is to amplify low noise signals to line levels.

Will amplifiers improve the sound quality?

Hell YEAH man

They drastically improve the sound quality

Factory speakers tend to cackle and distort the sound quality as you increase the volume, which is one of the main reasons why most people tend to add amplifiers to their car audio system

The 10 Best 2000 Watt Amps for 2019

1. SCV 2000D RMS Amplifier

SCV 2000D RMS AmplifierSCV 2000D RMS Amplifier

Made by Sundown when they replaced their acclaimed SAZ series, this monoblock amp continues to deliver exceptional quality just like its predecessors

The major improvement is that this particular amp has been optimized to improve the power supply.

This helps to improve the efficiency, resulting in a smaller wattage footprint that ultimately gives you more power per dollar.

If you are looking for an amp to give you the best possible music performance then this is the best bet for you

It has an ubsonic filter which helps to clear out all the mud in your low end,

It also has a bass boost which helps to fill out all the signals you want to keep.

With its unique sensitivity of about 90dB, you will definitely not lose any clarity from the speakers to the receiver

The only disadvantage I found while testing this out is that it requires a lot of power and you will probably need an extra battery to operate this

But given the unique sound quality and listening experience, most people find it a worthwhile investment.

2. Skar Audio RP – 2000 Amplifier

Skar Audio RP - 2000 AmplifierSkar Audio RP - 2000 Amplifier

This is a Class D MOSFET Monoblock power amplifier that delivers awesome results when used.

It has peak power at 1 ohms 2800 Watts and RMS power at 1 ohm 2000 Watts

It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 250Hz and an on-board Bass Eq switch which gives it that awesome sound experience that you need in your car.

It features a 4 way protection circuitry and 1/0 AWG power and ground input terminals for maximum current flow. This helps ensure that the speakers are directly connected to the receivers and no sound quality is lost.

It’s highly efficient heat-sink design allows for maximum reliability and performance

This is one amplifier that was designed to deliver ground pounding power in the cleanest way possible.

Capable of over 2000 Watts, it is perfect for builds needing big power

If you have a single 2000 watts sub-woofer or a double 1000 watts sub-woofer, then this is the perfect amplifier to get

Also its 4 way protection circuitry will give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is protected against damage such as electrical shortage, overheating, low voltage and more.

It comes with a remote control which allows you to have full control over the bass from the front f the vehicle.

3. Pyle PLA4278 4 Channel Amplifier


This is a 4 channel 2000 Watts amplifier which delivers a maximum power output 4 X 500W

This power series amplifiers will provide your audio setup with a powerful new sound

This high efficiency amplifier hosts impressive power output wattage and are where form and function meet

It has Ohm specific stability, Mosfet power supply, Pulse Width Modulation, Glass Epoxy PCB along with plenty more features that makes this particular amplifier so much better than the competition.

It has safety features which power and protection LED indicator which shows up when the amplifier is powered up normally and when the system is experiencing a protection fault

You definitely want to check out it’s bass EQ boost which helps you pump up the bass at will

It has a jet black design which leaves a clean finish on its fortified aluminium heat sink

It streamlined and high tech appearance will also add some spice and muscle to your audio

With its unique audio controls, you have total control over the way you customize and adjust your listening experience to your liking.

Its speaker output and input controls are also some of the very best when it comes to getting that optimum sound quality.

4. Hifonics Zeus 4 Channel 2000 Watt Amplifier

This is a 4 channel 2000 Watt amplifier which can deliver power output in terms of 2 X 1000W or 4X 500W.

Like the previously mentioned Pyle amplifier, it has enough power to give all the speakers in your setups plenty of juice.

One unique thing about it is that it is bridgeable meaning that you have a lot of different options to work with for a variety of audio configurations

It has an aluminium heat sink that gives it impressive heat dissipation. This helps to protect the interior circuitry of the amp and allows it to put out more power with less wasted energy than other amplifiers out there

It has a military grade PCB casing and four different levels of circuitry protection that helps give your amp maximum protection for a very long time

Also it comes in a 1000 Watt version if you decide you need less power.

But if you ask me for my opinion and you are looking for an amplifier that will give you that window shaking experience, then this is the best choice for you

It is massive, very impressive audio quality and it is very rugged and does not break easily.

5. American Bass Class D Phantom Amplifier

American Bass Class D Phantom AmplifierAmerican Bass Class D Phantom Amplifier

The American Bass Brand is famous for its large and powerful amplifiers and has a proven track record of creating window shaking, impressive products that everyone is familiar with

This particular amplifier is no exception

The phantom series is a more compact and affordable line of products that delivers a strong punch

It has class D technology, high efficiency and fast response with a variable bass boost that delivers awesome sound experience every time

It’s low pass filter and subsonic filter are instrumental in ensuring that the amplifier delivers awesome audio quality every time.

It has a 4 way protection which helps prevent it from damage such as electrical and possible fire outbreak

It has a unique design which comes with padded designs making it noise free.

With this you can be sure to use your amplifier without any interference from external backgrounds.

It is rugged, very compact and weighs about 6 pounds

If you are looking for a trusted and guaranteed to deliver amp for your car, then look no further than this bad boy here

It has a money back guarantee that ensures that even if you have any problems, you are sure to have competent hands that will attend to you.

6. Rockville 2000 Watts Car Amplifier

Rockville 2000 Watts Car AmplifierRockville 2000 Watts Car Amplifier

This is a class D Mono-block high power amplifier that delivers power of over 2000 Watts easily

Its mono amplifiers in the dB series are 2 ohms stable making it an excellent choice for awesome audio experience

It has a fully adjustable 12dB/Octave crossover with differential circuitry. What this means is that this ensures that the amp does not cackle or distort even at very high volumes

It also comes with a subsonic filter, a fully adjustable bass equalizer, mute and delay soft start technology, a phase control switch and a dashboard sub-woofer control for convenience.

All these added accessories make this an excellent choice if you are looking for something that delivers excellent quality and it also affordable

Here is how this bad boy performs

As long as you match it to a suitable set of speakers, this amp is going to give you plenty power for your stereo systems

Also you can keep this amp on for long period of time without any fear of overheating or burning up

Overall if you are looking for a powerful mono amp that represents great value, then this is your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What gauge wire do i need for my 2000 Watt Amp

This is a common question I get a lot from people who are concerned about getting the right gauge wire for their 2000 watt amp

The truth is things can get really complicated when it comes to wiring cars and all that.

There are so many things you need to consider before you connect your amp to your speakers.

If you are looking for a more detailed explanation, here is a website I found for you

But basically, here is a summarized and short version for you

There is a 4 step formula for determining the correct gauge wire to use

  • Check the RMS power of the amplifier
  • Calculate the RMS power of the entire system by adding the RMS power of each amp in your car
  • Multiply the total by 2
  • Divide the output by 13.8

Here is a handy table to help you make the right choice

Wire Gauge Size                Total Amplifier RMS Wattage

0/1 AWG                                1000+ Watts

2 AWG                                    1000 – 1500 Watts

4 AWG                                    400 – 1000 Watts

6 AWG                                   600 – 800 Watts

8 AWG                                   200 – 400 Watts

10 AWG                                100 -200 Watts

2. How do I know what fuse size to use?

Before you decide what fuse to use, there is something called a fuse rating

This will help you determine the type of fuse to use and ensure you get the right one

Here is how it works

Fuse rating is simply the watts divided by the volts and then multiplied by 1.25

So here is what you need to do

  • Note the power of your amplifier – it is usually stated in the manual
  • Note the voltage. This is usually 240 volts in most places
  • Use the formula above to find the fuse rating
  • Then get the next highest fuse rating after the calculation. So if the calculated fuse rating is 2.2789 amps, you should get a 3 amps fuse