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Have you ever seen a guitarist and other instrument users or bands putting their microphones in front of amps?

Did you wonder why they put microphones in front of amps? 

There are many reasons for this.

Basically, as you know that amps amplify the sound produced and microphones also do the similar job, it can be quite difficult or confusing to understand this act.

 Mostly, guitarist do this to produce better quality sound. 

But how does this effect produce better sound and why not use both the things like people normally do?

Well, the simplest answer to this is preference.

Guitarists and some bands prefer the sound that it gives. To understand this phenomenon, read further!

Why Put Microphones in Front of Amps?

It has been explained above why some guitarists do this and what kind of effect they look forward to.

But there are many explanations and details for this effect to thoroughly understand it. 

To Produce Loud Sound

Sometimes, guitarist use microphones in front of their amps to produce louder sound with natural effect.

A single amp can sometimes be less for a whole large venue.

But you must be wondering that, for larger venues, a lot of speakers and other systems are available to make the event better.

Yes, that is certainly true.

But to produce a natural as well as a loud sound, this effect is helpful.

Moreover, when you use a microphone in front of an amp, the sound produced will be better than the original and raw audio.

Therefore, some guitarists use this phenomenon.

To Take Control

Most of the time, the guitarists and other musicians like to take control of everything that is related to their specialty.

For example, if a guitarist is using a guitar, he/she would like the sound to be according to him/her.

For that, monitors can be used to turn down or increase the volume or bass, etc. but a guitarist can use a monitor while playing a guitar.

Obviously, it would be too much for a single person to do.

For this reason, a guitarist puts the microphone in front of the amps to take control of the whole situation.

This way, better sound can be produced because it would be all according to the guitarist.

For convenience

Before the technology had evolved so much, guitarists and bands had to take a lot of stuff with them for a concert or an event.

To produce the loudest and best sound, they had to stack a lot of amps.

But now, people just need a microphone and an amp.

This idea makes it easier for the bands to travel because they don’t have to take a lot of things with themselves.

They can just take an amp and a microphone, and they are good to go.

Due To Directional Speakers

Another good reason for this phenomenon is that speakers are mostly specifically directional.

If you don’t mic your amps, you can take a few steps here and there and stop listening to the audio.

Moreover, it is also important to hear your fellows which is possible by putting the microphone in front of the amp.

For this reason, putting microphones in front of amps is useful and helpful for bands while playing in concerts and events.

For Electric Guitars

In electric guitar, the sound produced mainly depends upon the guitar itself.

The sound that you hear from the speakers is the final sound.

If you use an amp in the way by putting a microphone in front of it, you can modify that sound.

Mainly, it occurs when the guitarists don’t like the raw sound and want to change it a bit.

The change can be due to different reasons and in different ways.

But the primary reason remains the same that they want to change the sound whether make it softer or louder. 

How Can You Mic an Amp?

Now that you know why people mic an amp, you might be wondering, how exactly it occurs?

Well, it isn’t much difficult of a task but if you do it the wrong way, the sound can be pretty bad.

Therefore, it is important to master this art before trying it in a large event. 

Make A Choice

It is necessary to choose the right microphone for this phenomenon.

Use different microphones to see which one produces the sound you are looking forward to.

Once you have found it, always use the same one.

The Art of Moving

The most important thing to do this is to move your microphone in the correct way. 

Moving it just a little can have a great impact on the sound quality.

If you want more bass, you can move it closer and if you want less of it, move it away from the amp. 

You can produce a darker and deeper sound if you put the microphone on the edge while putting it at the center will have the opposite effect.

You always have to remember these rules.

Moreover, you can place your microphone at different positions to find out how you like the sound better yourself.

The Art of Hearing

Your ears are also as important as the microphone.

Try to move the microphone at different positions to find how it all works.

Focus on every bit of the sound if you want to get the best result possible.

It mainly depends upon your preference.


At the end, we have concluded that microphones are put in front of amps due to various reasons.

To sum it all up, the biggest reason is to change the quality of the audio and to produce better sound.

Raw and original sound can seem better to some people, but for professional use, perfection is important.

This perfection can be achieved by putting a microphone in front of an amp.

You can also master this art, but you need to experiment and practice first.

Moreover, you should first understand how it all works and then try to make it work for you as well.