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If you are in a hurry and looking for a small bass amp for gigging, then I strongly recommend you go with the Fender Rumble 15 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

As a guitarist and recording artist, there are situations where you are going to need a couple of small bass amps.

This might seem confusing or downright crazy to some people who are used to very big and large combo amps.

But the fact of the matter remains that there are numerous advantages to owning some small bass amps around.

But how do you go about selecting the perfect choice for you.

With the way things are in the industry today, there are lots of manufacturers and models with different specifications and features.

This article will guide you on how you can reduce the stress when picking out your first small bass amp for recording.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 5 small bass amps in the market today, things to consider before you make a purchase and some reasons why you definitely need to have a couple of mini bass amps lying around.





Fender Rumble Bass Combo Amp

Vox Bass Amp

Markbass Combo Amp

Advantages of having a small bass amp

As earlier stated, there are some advantages of having a smaller bass amp around especially when you are a recording artist.

The simple truth is that, in this day and age, especially as a freelance/working bassist, bigger is not always necessarily better.

Thinking of it, that’s a huge overkill having to deal with such a setup

Here are some situations where by a small bass amp is absolutely necessary and trumps a huge one any day.

1. If you have a bar band

Before you say anything, think of it this way.

Most bar bands and gigs usually have their own PA support and will run DI straight from their amp.

At this point your huge bass amp is simply going to be an obstruction without any real purpose.

There are lots of guys who opt for small bass amps and sometimes even go ampless when doing bar gigs and they are doing just fine.

2. When doing a studio recording.

This is another situation whereby you absolutely need to use a mini bass amp.

With smaller ones, they produce great sounds which most studio engineers are very comfortable working with.

In such a situation size does not necessarily equal more power.

Some of the biggest and fattest sounds I have gotten while recording in the studio where from very tiny bass amps at low volumes.

3. When performing small gigs

Imagine performing shows to a small audience like a coffee house.

In such a situations logging around that massive bass amp is simply not going to cut.

With a smaller one, you will be able to get the required volume without losing the quality of your sound.

4. When performing in a musical theatre.

This is another important situation whereby the normal bass amp is simply going to be too much.

This is because in a musical theatre , the volume levels have to be as controlled as possible

Having something small that can be dialled back for volume is a must to ensure that you are in sync with everyone present.

Things to consider before you make a purchase

1. The cabinet construction

This is an important point to consider when making a purchase for your new bass amp.

This is because, it is going to get banged up and roughed up as much as possible.

You definitely need something that can withstand all that and still function properly

Basically you want something that is made with strong outer casing.

2. What is the weight?

Simply put, you want something that weighs at least 15lbs (6.8kg)

This is because anything lighter will usually get knocked over and easily damage

When you consider the fact that you have to hold your amp with two hands when plugging a cable so it does not fall over, then you will be appreciate getting something a bit heavier.

3. It should be versatile

Finally you want something that can be used for more than just practice.

Amps that can multitask are things that you are going to use again and again for a very long time.

Our Top 5 Small Bass Amps for Recording

1. Fender Rumble 15 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

Small Bass Amp for RecordingSmall Bass Amp for Recording

This is a very small and portable bass amp made by the guys over at Fender company.

It has a 3 band Eq that allows you to easily shape your tone giving you that unique sound.

It comes with a ¼ inches headphone output jack with which you can easily practice privates without any interruptions

It also has a ⅛ inches auxiliary input jack for plugging in your other media devices such as your Mp3.

It has a rugged outboard casing that helps protect it from damage and tear.

It weighs just 16 pounds making it very portable and easy to carry around and also heavy enough not to get knocked over.

This is a very portable and small bass amp that delivers that legendary Fender tone

2. Ashdown TOURBUS-15 Bass Combo Amplifier

This is a mini bass amp that delivers awesome tone when used.

It has volume, bass and treble controls for easily tweaking your sounds to get something unique

It comes with a headphone socket for silent practice without any outside interruptions

It also has a CD/MP3 input jack so you can easily play along to your favourite bands.

It weighs 10 pounds with a rugged 8 inches speaker that delivers a nice tone.

3. Ampeg BA108V2 Bass Combo Amplifier

This is a classic bass amp that delivers classic Ampeg tones and comes with lots of unique features.

It is designed and built for really small spaces making it an ideal choice for gigging and for recording.

It has unique control knobs that are front facing with headphone outputs and inputs jacks making it the perfect choice as a recording and practice amp

It comes housed in a unique and all new cabinet design that protects it from wear and tear and also gives it unique clarity sounds

It has a protective all steel chassis with impact resistant metal corners making it very rugged and portable.

4. Hartke HD25 Bass Combo

This is a compact mini small bass amp that ideal for use in small spaces and for rehearsal.

It is a 25 watt amp with an 8 inch custom designed speaker that deliver excellent tones

It comes packed with lots of professional tones making it widely accepted by musicians of varying skill levels.

It has volume, bass, mid and treble controls that gives you options for tweaking and easy adjustments

It comes with input and output jacks for both practicing with your favourite bands and for practicing without any interruptions.

It comes housed in a rugged constructed cabinet that ensures it lasts for a very long time.

5. Markbass Micromark Bass Combo Amp

This is a super compact mini bass amp that packs enough punch when used.

It has a single 8 inches speaker that delivers warm tones

It has a headphone output jack that allows you to practice easily and an external tweeter that also helps to deliver awesome sound quality.

It weighs 14.55lbs making it an ideal choice for traveling around and for gigging in small places.

This is an amp with very impressive sound quality and is sure to last for a very long time.