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Have you ever wondered how singers are able to easily remember their lyrics?

They climb on stage and perform lots of their songs without forgetting the lyrics to anyone

And most times it sounds so easy, you actually think they must be using some form of high tech secret or equipment


Well I wish I could tell you that they have some super secret memory retention organ or method, but the truth is simple.

They have been able to learn simple tips and hacks that helps them to easily memorize and remember their lyrics.

In this article, we will be looking at ways you can get started memorizing your lyrics, how to ensure that you never forget your lyrics again and what to do in case it ever happens.

How do singers remember song lyrics easily

How Do Singers Remember Their Lyrics

The simple answer is that they so by memorization

According to this study done here, memorizing your lyrics is actually a very helpful way to easily remember your lyrics.

This is a powerful technique which you can employ anytime to get started in remembering your lyrics to your songs.

How does memorization work?

Before we get to some tips on how to get your memorization game to the next level, let’s look at some basic information of how your brain works for memorization.

Simply put, memorization is the process of committing or learning something to your memory.

This means that there are mental processes which your brain takes to stores things which can then later be recalled.

There is actually a science for this called cognitive neuroscience.

Now when it comes to learning the lyrics to your songs using memorization, here are the basic steps that your brains takes as it tries to memorize.

1. Encoding

As you go about your daily activities, there are lots of experiences and emotions that your body records.

These activities are sometimes dismissed as not important.

But the ones which your brain deems noteworthy are picked up and then encoded.

It should be pointed out that encoding only happens when we pay attention to an experience that happens to us.

So to get started memorizing your lyrics, you need to make sure that your brain deems your song lyrics important and as such can be encoded.

2. Storage

Next we have storage

This happens as the new information gets picked up and then stored.

When a new piece of information enters our brain, it gets stored as short term memory.

This short term memory usually means that it can only be held here for about 20 to 30 seconds.

This is why when it comes to remembering lyrics, it is usually advised to use repetition.

This helps move the information from the short term memory box to the long term.

3. Retrieval

Finally we have the retrieval process.

This is the process of recollecting information that your brain has encoded and stored.

Only information that your brain was able to effectively stored in the long term memory bank can be effectively retrieved.

Here is a video showing you how the brain and memory work

How to memorize song lyrics fast

  • Make sure you pay attention to the song lyrics. This will ensure that the song sticks and can be easily encoded.
  • Treat your lyrics like your favorite songs. This helps in developing repetition and making your brain deem them as important.
  • Understand the song structure as this helps in making the lyrics flow easily
  • Write down the lyrics on a sheet of paper as many times as possible.
  • Try speaking the words out repeatedly. This also helps in repetition and making the songs stick in your mind.
  • Rehearse the lyrics with your actions. This usually involves getting some choreography and trying to imagine yourself on stage performing the song.
  • Learn the lyrics before going to bed. Research has shown that there is a higher chance of remembering information that was learnt just before bedtime.
  • Visualize the lyrics by using images
  • Avoid distractions when memorizing your lyrics
  • Karaoke. If you can find the lyrics or songs on Youtube then karaoke is a great way to memorize the lyric.
  • Repeat the lyrics in short phrases and sing them out loud one by one.

What to do when you forget your lyrics

With the tips and advice given above, hopefully you will not have to deal with forgetting your lyrics.

But in the event that it happens, then here is a simple technique that can save your ass.

It is called scat singing

This is simply a vocal improvisation using wordless or nonsense syllables.

Scat singing has been used in vocal jazz and in some cases in hip hop.

Here is a YouTube video showing you how it works


As a singer and a stage performer, you want to ensure that you always remember your lyrics.

There is nothing as embarrassing as climbing on stage and forgetting the words to your songs.

Hopefully, the tips in the article will ensure that it never happens to you.

Are there any tips you think I should add? Leave them in the comment box below