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Can I leave my studio monitors on?

Many folks are continuously asking this question.

What does this mean?

You are not alone in this.

Besides, the response to this question should be: it depends. Yes!

There are multiple reasons why some people leave their studio monitors on while others turn them off.

Truly, it can be confusing and a dilemma to know which of these options is right.

The best approach is to remain flexible and carry out a cost-benefit analysis.

You’re probably wondering what that entails.

It sounds like jargon but it simple.

Let me explain.

There is no right or wrong response to this question.

Nevertheless, you need to weigh the benefits of leaving your monitors on against the cost of leaving them on.

In this article, you shall discover the effects of leaving your monitors on.

Besides, you shall also learn about what motivates folks to leave there monitors on.

In the end, you should be able to make your decision based on the facts presented in this article.

So, let’s get started!

What Prompts People to Leave Studio Monitor on?

Can I Leave My Studio Monitors On

Everyone has a reason for leaving their studio monitors on.

This explains why there is no conventional answer for why they do so.

Before concluding whether it’s good to leave your monitors on or not, it’s important to understand why you leave them on.

1. General Belief

During the early days of radio broadcasting, people would leave the studio equipment running even when they were not being used.

One reason for doing so was because the studio would operate 24 hours a day.

As time passed by, this became the norm.

Studio owners resolved to leave their equipment on not because they had a valid reason for doing so, but because it was the convenient thing to do.

This myth has been perpetuated even in this century.

Therefore, most folks still believe they should be leaving the studio equipment and studio monitors on.

As you can see, there is no valid scientific reason behind this habit.

2. Forgetfulness

Let’s face it: everyone forgets once in a while.

After several hours of working, it’s hard to resist the temptation of leaving the studio room as first as possible.

All that you want is to get some rest.

The problem is that it is in such moments people tend to be quite irrational.

Consequently, if you are in such a situation, there is a high likelihood that you will leave the studio premise without switching your studio monitor and other equipment off.

At least, this is what happens to almost everyone.

When this habit is continuously repeated it becomes the norm and everyone seems to be cool with leaving their studio monitor on.

If you are a victim of this, then, it’s advisable to take precautionary measures–such as finishing studio work 30 minutes early.

Having 30 minutes in spare time can help you check your equipment before leaving in a hurry.

3. Hindered Access

Sometimes it’s a preference to have your studio monitors caged.

One particular reason for doing so could be to keep them safe.

However, the problem arises when this acts as a hindrance to accessing important controls such as the power button.

As it’s in human instinct, you will only struggle on the first couple occasions to switch off the studio monitors.

However, as time goes by, you’ll begin to leave them on.

And the reason? It’s a hurdle switching them off.

While it may not be possible to make a conclusive judgment on this matter at this juncture, it’s important that we assess the benefits and disadvantages of leaving your monitors on.

So, here we go!

Benefits of Leaving Studio Monitors on

The common argument for leaving studio monitors on is because of the need to save time.

In this scenario, it’s not only the monitors but the entire system that is left on power.

Ideally, it’s not easy to resist the urge to do engage in this.

Most folks are motivated by the urge to get straight to work when they get into the studio.

It seems like the process of switching the system on must be time-consuming.

While this might be a benefit in the short run, it harbors disaster in the future.

But what disaster could we be talking about?

Below are the risks associated with leaving your monitors on when not in use and for longer hours.

Cons of Leaving Studio Monitors on

1. Fire Hazard

Most domestic and commercial fires are started from electrical faults.

Leaving your monitors on standby can be a major cause of such faults.

The most unfortunate thing: you won’t be around to respond to the situation on time in case there is a fire break out.

Therefore, to save yourself and every one the agony of dealing with fire, it’s in everyone’s interest to always switch off your monitors when not in use.

2. Electricity Cost

Here are some interesting facts:

When your monitors are off, they consume zero watts.

However, when they are on standby, they consume energy though in varied magnitude.

When the volume is at zero level the monitor will consume 8 watts, when on normal volume, it consumes 9 watts.

And lastly, when playing loud music, the monitor consumes between 10 and 12 watts.

As you can see, the only time your monitor is not using power is when it switched off.

Therefore, leaving them on will definitely increase power costs.

But if you have enough to take care of your electricity bills, should you keep leaving the monitors on?

That’s far from necessary, remember, you should always be mindful of the environment.

Definitely, saving power consumption is one way of environmental conservation.

3. Potential Damage

Your studio monitor runs on capacitors.

Overexposure to heat never means well for capacitors.

Therefore, chances are high that after several hours of overexposure, the capacitors will definitely fail.

When this unfortunate event happens, boom!

You will have to make arrangements for a replacement.

What happens if you are on a budget?

You will definitely feel the pinch.

Therefore, while it’s possible to avoid such scenarios, it’s important to keep your monitors when not using them.

Final Thoughts

Can I leave my studio monitors on?

Well, you have no other option but to switch them off.

It’s now evident that the cons outweigh the pros.

Therefore, to save yourself from disappointments, just switch them off.