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Do you need to preach at a church but don’t have a loud enough voice?

Has your old microphone stopped working?

Do you need a device to amplify your voice at the church?

Buying a new microphone is the right option for you.

A microphone is a small device that amplifies your voice.

It works by changing sound waves into electronic signals. 

A microphone can be connected to different devices such as computers, laptops, etc for proper working.

But it’s hard to have a computer at a church.

Therefore, it is better to buy a microphone system rather than a single microphone. 

So, let’s find out some best options of microphones!

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Best Wireless Microphones for Churches - Comparison Table



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Innopow Wireless Microphone System

Kithouse Wireless Microphone System

Sound Town Microphone System

Tonor Wireless Microphone System

5 Best Wireless Microphones for Churches

1. Innopow Wireless Microphone System

Microphone system by Innopow is wireless, which is good for church.

For this reason, it is the best microphone for church.

Moreover, it can work without any interference up to a distance of 60-80 m.

Its battery timing is phenomenal i.e., 15 hours.

As it is a wireless set, it is convenient to use because you won’t trip over wires.

You also won’t have to worry about going too far from the system. 

It’s build quality is amazing because it’s made from metal.

It provides you with true sound and minimum interference.

Sound quality is crystal clear but you will need an amplifier or a mixer.

You will get everything you need in this set such as microphones, receiver, transmitter, power adapter, antenna and audio cable. 


  • It is wireless and convenient to use.
  • Battery timing is amazing.
  • Sound quality is good.


  • You’ll need an amplifier or a mixer.

2. Kithouse Wireless Microphone System

Kithouse Wireless Microphone System is one of the best microphones for church.

It is similar to that of Innopow but is unique in its own way.

It has an LED light ring around it which looks attractive.

You can be away from the system upto a distance of 200 ft (ca. 61 m) without producing any interference in the sound.

There are two ways to connect the input; wired input and Bluetooth input.

You can use any way you like.

It also has two ways for output; ¼” and 1/8” jack. It has a lithium battery which works up to 6 hours. 


  • It is a wireless system.
  •  Comes with all the required equipment.
  • Two ways for input and output.
  • Has an LED light ring around the microphones. 


  • Comparatively, its battery timing is less. 

3. Sound Town Microphone System

Sound Town Microphone System is also wireless which makes it one of the best microphones for church.

It comes with two microphones.

It is built in a way that there are minimum chances of getting any interference.

It has an audio compressing-expanding technology which provides you with clear, loud, and smooth sound.

The wireless system has a 200 ft (ca. 61 m) operation range from line of sight. 


  • It is wireless. 
  • Has a built-in audio compressing-expanding technology.
  • Operation range is up to 200 ft. (ca. 61 m) 
  • Sound clarity is amazing. 


  • It’s made of plastic. 

4. Tonor Wireless Microphone System 

Tonor Wireless Microphone System comes with two good quality microphones.

The microphones being wireless makes them the best microphones for church.

It’s cardioid polar pattern works great against unwanted and ambient noise.

It has dual antennas that smoothly with against interference.

Its operation distance is up to 200 ft from the system.

It comes with every equipment that you need for the microphones. 

The build quality is strong because it is made of metal. It provides you with clear and crisp sound. 


  • Provides you with freedom of movement. 
  • Comes with dual antennas. 
  • Build quality is strong. 


  • The sound can be too deep toned for some people. 
  • Doesn’t come with batteries for the microphones. 

5. Bietrun Wireless Microphone

Last but not the least is Bietrun Microphone.

It is one of the best microphones for church because it is wireless.

It is easy to use and convenient as well.

It has an ultra-high frequency system.

Bietrun Microphone has a cardioid polar pattern which is perfect for smooth sound. 

It provides you with clear and smooth sound that fully responds to the frequency.

It's made from alloy aluminum metal.

Its operation range is 260 ft (ca. 79 m)  due to which it is best for a big church. 


  • It’s wireless. 
  • Easy to set-up. 
  • Has a cardioid polar pattern. 
  • Operation range is 260 ft. (ca. 79 m) 


  • It doesn’t come with a full system. 
  • It doesn’t come with batteries. 

How to choose the best microphone for church? 

Choosing the a very good microphone to use in your church isn’t too hard.

All you need to do is consider a few things that are mentioned below. 

Price range

The price range should be low or medium.

The microphones shouldn’t be expensive.

Moreover, it’s better to have a microphone system than a single microphone.

It is because single microphones cost more when you buy other equipment, required for them separately.

Wireless System

Wireless microphones are the best microphones for church.

It is because when microphones are wired, there are more chances of you tripping.

You also can’t walk too far away from the system. 

Easy to set up and use

Microphones for church should be easy to set up because not everyone is a tech-savvy.

It can be difficult for people if the microphones are hard to set up.

For convenience, easy to set up microphones are the best microphones for church. 


Using microphones for church is a good option if you want your voice to reach every individual in the church.

It’s not hard to choose the best microphone for church because you only have to keep a few things in your mind.

Make sure you think about your demands before buying microphones for church.

The best microphone for church is the one that is wireless, has all the required equipment, has a good operation range and provides clear sound.

Also consider the price range before buying a microphone set for church.