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As a drummer, I know that picking the right drum mics will either make or break my sounds.

This is why I ensure that all my drums and equipment are some of the best in the industry today.

When it comes to picking toms for my setup, I make sure that I pick the right product that serves me exceptionally well

Not some high priced crap that has no effect on my sounds or some cheap stuff that causes more harm than good.

This is because there is a certain mindset you need to have when buying mics for your drum kit.

Tracking drums and making sure that they are well positioned to give you the right sounds is tricky business and if you add the headache of using a bad microphone, then life just got more difficult for you.

This is why you have to ensure that you get the best tom mics that will adequately serve you for a very long time.

In this article, we will be looking at a review of the top 5 tom mics to pick from, things to consider before you make a purchase and how to ensure that you get the best from your recent purchase.

Things to consider before making a choice

Before we look at the top 6 best tom mics, let’s consider some things that will ensure that you buy the best product for you.

1. Is it for live gigs, studio recording or for both?

The first thing you want to consider is what’s the purpose of the mic

This is because mics for live gigs and shows are usually more easier to optimize and tweak than studio mics

And if you are going to be using it for both, then you need to ensure that you get something that works perfectly for both.

2. What is the mic placement angle?

This is another thing you need to be aware of

The simple truth is that even the most expensive mic will not help you if you mess up the mic placement

A little off placement by a few millimeters can have your sounds going from awesome to “meh” in a few seconds

So you need to make sure that you read up and do some tweaking on mic placements to ensure that you get awesome sounds

3. What is your budget?

Money factor will play a huge role in determining the type of tom mic that you get

This is simply because when buying a mic for your drums, you want to get something once and use it for a long time

So you should be ready to shell out some cash.

Not a ridiculous amount but something to get you the best quality and durability.

Our Top 5 Best Tom Mics 2019

1. Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Cardioid

This is one of the popular and widely used mics out there specially designed for toms

It is a low distortion mic that handles sounds and audio greater than 150dB without cracking or breaking.

It has a rugged and reinforced glass fiber body that makes it very durable and not easily prone to damage

It has a compact design which makes it very easy to position thus reducing the any mic placement issues you might have

It has a low sensitivity to impact and handling noise which makes it ideal for use in crowded areas and setup

It comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturers. This tells you the amount of trust and care these guys have in their product.

2. Shure PGA Drum kit

This is a set of microphones made by Shure with sound sounds for recording different drums and instrumentsIf you are setting up a complete drum set and you want to mic them, then this is your best bet

It comes with a special mic for kick drums, three separate ones for toms and snares and an instrument microphone

It also has 3 drum mounts, 5 XLR cables and a carrying case

This is an excellent set of mics with awesome sound that you can use to rig up your setup and mic all your instruments.

3. Shure PGA56-XLR Cardioid Microphone

This is a swivel mount dynamic tom mic that delivers awesome performance and sound when used.

It has a tailored cartridge design which ensure crisp and clear sound quality production’

Its unique swivel joint with latch release helps with extremely quick and easy positioning of the mic when recording

It has a cardioid polar pattern that picks up audio directly and rejects all unwanted and background sounds

It has a unique industrial design and finishing that makes it very pleasing to the eye

It comes with its own drum mounts which makes attaching them to your toms a breeze

It has a zipper pouch and a carry on case for protection and storage against damage

This is a mic that brings the legendary design and quality of a big name brand like Shure

4. CAD Audio D12 Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid

This is a moving coil dynamic microphone specially designed for toms and other low frequency instruments

It has a wide dynamic range and fast transient response which produces an open and detailed sound ideal for miking drums

It comes in a metal housing casing which protects it from wear and tear and also has a metal clip to attach it to your toms