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The distinctive red Nord Piano keyboards by Swedish company Clavia are seen in studios and stage setups around the world thanks to their vast sonic range in playing the distinctive sounds of different pianos. 

With a plethora of instruments and functions at their fingertips, Nord Piano players need precise sound and excellent amplification.

The acoustic piano samples on the keyboard are raw and unprocessed, making it challenging to amplify them properly.

So if you’ve decided to take the plunge and spend thousands of dollars on the keyboard, you’ll need to know which are the best monitors to use whether on stage or in the studio.

Here is our roundup of the five most suitable monitors for Nord Pianos.

Our Winner After Careful Research

Best Studio Monitors for Nord Pianos - Comparison Table



Our Rating


Neumann KH 120 A Monitors

Focal Shape 65 Monitors

Electro-Voice ZXA1 Monitors

Yamaha DXR10 MkII Monitors

5 Best Studio Monitors for Nord Pianos

1. Neumann KH 120 A Monitors

The KH 120 A monitor from German studio microphone manufacturer Neumann is popular among Nord Piano players for the highly accurate sound it produces.

It delivers piano sounds with depth of clarity and richness along the frequency spectrum.

The KH 120 A model is designed to be used either as a near-field monitor for listening close up or as a rear loudspeaker in a larger sound system.

The 100MW bi-amplifier monitor is compact, so you’ll find it is better suited to recording in a small or medium-sized room.

The stylish aluminium enclosure reflects the quality of German engineering in the way it eliminates distortion.

What we like: The KH 120 A renders sounds in impressive detail for high-quality track mixing.

What we don’t like: The volume isn’t high enough for a larger space.

2. Focal Shape 65 Monitors

French acoustic equipment company Focal has excelled at developing drivers for speakers, which produce sound waves from electrical audio signals.

Installing those drivers in its own studio monitors makes for a product that beats out the competition in creating a wide and detailed sound for professional-level track mixing.

Be sure to select the high-end Shape range of monitors for your Nord Piano.

Focal’s more affordable Alpha range is known for creating distortion problems with piano sounds whereas the Shape produces detailed, natural output with pure piano as well as keyboard settings.

Focal has set the Shape 65 apart from other monitors aesthetically, giving it an elegant walnut brown finish.

The placement of the monitor in a room can make a substantial difference to the sound quality.

What we like: The broad soundscape for creating accurate mixes that translate well to other devices.

What we don’t like: Focal’s monitors go into automatic standby after 30 minutes if music is played at low volume.  

3. Electro-Voice ZXA1 Monitors

Portable yet powerful, the mid-range ZXA1 from American company Electro-Voice is well-suited to monitoring sound during live performances in small venues as well as studios.

The ZXA1 translates piano sounds with accuracy, with an 800W amplifier that produces clarity and richness.

It performs well at the low end of the frequency range.

The ZXA1 can be used individually rather than in a pair as with most monitors, offering the best bang for your buck, although you could use multiple units for performing with the Nord Piano at a larger event.

The monitor can be mounted on a stand to put it at ear level for the clearest sound.

What we like: The natural, high quality of piano sounds the ZXA1 delivers.

What we don’t like: The monitor emits white noise when idle.

4. Yamaha DXR10 MkII Monitors

Japanese company Yamaha produces a range of studio monitors held in high regard among musicians, but the DXR10 in particular is favoured for the Nord Piano.

The DXR10 reproduces natural piano sounds at high volumes without distortion, performing well at mid-range frequencies where other monitors can struggle.

The DXR10 is lightweight and versatile.

It can be used for monitoring at home, in the studio and in live settings.

The monitor boasts a 1,100MW amplifier powerful enough that you can use a single unit, although a pair will provide stereo sound to hear the Nord Piano at its best.

If you’re a solo musician you’ll appreciate the on-board mixer.  

What we like: The faithful reproduction of piano sounds at high volume.

What we don’t like: The DXR10 carries a relatively high price tag, especially if you opt to buy a pair.

5. Nord Piano V2 Monitors

Nord Piano maker Clavia has branched out into the monitor game, selling its own version with bright red branding to accompany its keyboards.

The monitors come as a pair and are so compact they can be mounted directly onto the Nord Piano 4, Nord Grand, and Nord Stage 3 Rev B models.

The mounting brackets can alternatively attach the monitors to microphone stands.

The monitors are not powerful enough to be used in track mixing, but they are ideal for home use and can provide effective additional near-field monitoring in live performances where there are floor speakers on stage.

Produced by Audio Pro for Nord Piano, the monitors render piano sounds with the accuracy you’d expect of a tailor-made product.

What we like: These monitors are designed specifically for Nord Pianos.

What we don’t like: The monitors are too small to get the most out of the sound.

Our verdict

To get the best out of your Nord Piano you want to use studio monitors that reproduce rich piano sounds at high volume throughout the frequency spectrum.

The Neumann KH 120 A monitor creates the level of precise detail you need.

Alternatively, the Focal Shape range creates a wide soundscape for accurate track mixing that translates well to other devices.

If you’re looking for versatile monitors that you can take from the studio to a gig, the Electro-Voice ZXA1 and Yamaha DXR10 MkII are solid choices that are powerful enough to be used individually, although a pair will provide stereo audio to deliver the nuances of sound the Nord Piano offers.

While Nord Piano maker Clavia offers its own branded monitors that make for an aesthetically pleasing setup tailor-made to product accurate sound, they are less powerful than their larger counterparts.

Whatever your needs, these five studio monitors have got you covered.