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As a DJ, then you know that the one thing you cherish the most is your mobility.

Meaning that you are constantly looking for ways to make your equipment less heavy and bulky so they are easier to transport and move about.

This is true especially if you are a DJ that does not have a permanent playing base.

Portability and mobility is something that you really require as a DJ.

But the truth is that there are other factors you need to consider before buying the best mobile DJ speakers for yourself.

They are also called powered PA speakers

You need to consider the output level. Just because you are going for portability does not mean you should also neglect the output level.

Also what is your price range.

Add to the fact that there are so many brand names and products in the market today, it can become very confusing trying to make a choice.

In the article we will be looking at the top 5 speakers for Dis, things you need to consider before making a purchase and tips on how to get the best from your Dj speakers.

Things you need to consider before buying a Dj speaker

1. How mobile is it?

This is one of the major things you need to consider.

Most powered speakers have an in built amplifier that usually adds some weight and makes it bulky.

So you need to make sure that you check the handle location, the weight and the size and then compare it with the size of your equipment van.

You do not want to get something that will not fit into your van.

2. What is the power rating?

Next you want to make sure that you get a speaker with as much power rating as possible.


This is because the bigger the venue, the more power you need to fill the space.

Generally it is advisable to go with anything between 700 to 100 watts. This will guarantee that you are not short of power when it is needed.

3. What is the size of the speaker’s cone

Most Dj speakers come with something called a speaker cone.

For a small venue you may want to go with an 8 inch size.

But for bigger venues coupled with a lot of heavy equipment such as keyboards and amplifiers, you definitely want to get something higher.

A 10 inch or 12 inch cone size should be enough to serve you properly.

Here is an article I wrote on the top best speakers today.

4. How reliable is it?

Finally you want something that is reliable and will not break down in a couple of months.

You want something that is durable and built to last using materials that are tested and trusted.

This also goes to say that whatever you get will be handled with care.

Our Top 5 Best Mobile Dj Speakers

1. Yamaha DBR12 Powered Speaker

This is one of the best and very common powered speakers in the market today.

It’s lightweight and high performance amplifier is capable of producing 1000w of power making it very ideal for use in both small and large venues.

It comes with M8 rigging threads that makes it very easy for rigging applications with optional speaker brackets or standard eye bolts.

It comes with a rugged and very portable cabinet that makes it very easy to transport and carry about.

It has a very simple and easy to use 2 channel mixer with input and output jacks for extra accessories.

It’s custom designed and unique transducers helps in delivering powerful bass with minimal distortion.

It has an optimized 50 degree wedge angle which is used for floor monitoring. This help you in positioning the speakers for optimum performance when in use.

2. Electro-Voice Two-Way Powered 12 Inch Loudspeaker

The Electro Voice powered speaker is a true beauty Dj speaker that delivers clear audio and bass without distortion.

It comes with an LCD display and 1 knob DSP control with presets for precise and speedy setup.

It’s unique input levels and amplifier controls gives you total control over the output levels that you desire.

It has a front LED that indicates when the power is one and when it has reached it’s limit.

It has a patented split baffle design that gives it superior alignment. This helps to ensure that the audio quality is top notch.

It is made from composite durable material with high and low grip design that makes it very easy for pole mounting.

It comes with an LCD display and 1 knob controls and presets for precise and speedy setup.

It’s amplifiers also has controls and knobs that ensure you get the right output levels

3. JBL EON612 | 12in 2-way Stage Monitor Powered Speaker

This is one of the best mobile dj speakers under 500 bucks.

It is a true step forward in quality product and great design and delivers the best sound regardless of where and when it is being used.

It is designed with the custom and patented JBL waveguide technology that makes it a true world class powered speaker.

It’s unique onboard DSP EQ parameters can be easily controlled by wireless remote control using bluetooth.

This is one product that is designed using the latest technologies making it very an ideal choice for musicians and sound providers.

4.  Yamaha DXR15 Speaker Pair

This is one of the pricey models in this review.

It delivers exceptional and clear sounds by combining powerful class D amplifiers with a high power 1100W woofer.

It is ideal as either a floor monitor or a main speaker.

It has a wide range of inputs which makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

This speakers are well suited for front of house sounds, monitors, simple amplification and a lot more.

It has a detailed management of crossover, EQ and time alignment to the limiter settings which makes it a good choice for delivering good quality audio without distorting.

Combined with Yamaha’s unique audio technology, this is one product that is sure not to disappoint you.

5. Grindhouse 2000W 15 Inch Active Powered DJ Speaker

The GH 2000W speaker is not one that is very common but it delivers a lot of punch when used.

It is a 2 way active loudspeaker that can handle all of the modern sound needs thrown at it.

It has individually controlled Auxiliary, mic and line inputs that give you all the needed options for possible audio sources.

It’s output and volume levels can be controlled by the Master Tone and Volume Controls.

It is ergonomically designed, made from durable and quality materials and has three handles which makes it super easy to carry and move about.

It has a built in standard pole mount that allows it to be placed on a pole which gives it maximum coverage.

It also has built in casters which makes it less susceptible to damage when travelling with it.


When looking for the best mobile Dj speakers, you need to make sure that you consider the portability before buying.

You are constantly going to be moving it about so you want something that is rugged and built to last.

Also consider the output level. As a Dj, you need to be prepared and ready to play no matter the size of the venue.

If you have any comments or tips, leave them in the box below