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As a music producer, you know very well that Apple’s Logic Pro Music Production Software is a huge hit and is here to stay.

As such finding the best midi controller for logic pro is very important and should be taken seriously.

Without a doubt, Logic Pro is one of the best music production in the market today and learning how to use it with the right midi controller will make your life so much easier.

Here we are huge fans of this software and as such we decided to make things easy for you by showing you our favourite midi controllers that works well with logic pro, where to buy them and tips to ensure that you get the best when using them.

Top 5 Best Midi Controller for Logic Pro

What is a Midi Controller and what is it used for?

Simply put, a midi controller also called a midi keyboard is an equipment that has a combination of keys, pads and buttons that can be used to control the parameters on other equipment using midi messages.

What this simply means is that a midi controller is sort of like a middle man.

It can be used to control the workings of other devices using midi messages as the go between.

A midi controller for most people is the most important part of their audio workstation.

Here are some benefits to having and using a midi controller in your studio

  • It makes your audio production workflow so much easier and stress free

  • It gives you so much options when making a beat

  • It allows you to incorporate other features such as pitch bend, modulation, recall snapshots and shift octave wheel easily.

Things to consider before you make a purchase

1. How many keys does it have?

Before you buy any midi controller to use with Logic, you need to find out the number of keys it has.

Basically, the smallest number of keys you can find is 25 and the highest is 88.

The more the number of keys, the more options you have when working.

If you are just starting out, then it is advisable that you go with controllers that have at least 49 keys.

This will ensure that you have all the octaves necessary without feeling handicapped when producing.

Also you want to consider the kind of keys that it has. Things such as weighted keys, semi weighted keys and synth action should be considered.

It is advisable that you pick one with weighted keys as this allows you to emulate the feel and expressiveness of a real piano

2. Is it portable?

Most midi controllers are usually used in home studios and very small spaces.

As such you want something that is not so bulky and can be moved about.

So make sure you pick up something that is small and can easily fit into your backpack for quick movement and also for producing on the go.

3. What is your budget?

The amount of money you have to spend will dictate the kind of equipment you will get.

The one thing that affects the price of this products is the brand names and the manufacturers, the number of keys and the extra pads and controls that comes with it.

One thing you should know is that you get what you pay for.

It is advisable to spend that extra couple hundred bucks and get something that lasts for a long time than to skip on the funds and end up regretting.

4. Does it have extra controls?

You want to make sure that it has some extra controls to go with it.

Here you should be thinking about things such as pads, knobs, sliders and wheels.

While these extra controls are not necessary for making music, they help in giving you inspiration and taking your production skills to the next level.

Our Top 5 Best Midi Controller for Logic Pro

1. Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard

Best Midi Controller for Logic Pro

This is probably the most common and widely used midi controller for logic pro in the market today.

It is a USB controller and has 49 keys making it ideal for use in a wide range of situations.

It has ultra responsive semi weighted keys with aftertouch that makes it very easy for you to replicate that piano feeling when being used.

It has 8 knobs, 9 faders and extra buttons giving you all the buttons you need to make any adjustments as you work.

It comes with multi function drum pads that help you easily add effects such as warp arpeggios, roll beats and also launch clips in your daw.

It comes with its own unique Automap Control Software that lets you setup immediately and easily.

It is compatible with Logic Pro as well as all major DAWs.

2. M-Audio Keystation 49 II

This is one great midi controller made by the guys over at M-Audio.

It is suitable for composing digital music and for playing virtual instruments without any stress.

It is USB powered and allows you to do all the required controlling without necessarily needing a mouse.

It has 49 semi weighted keys that are velocity sensitive and i/4 inch sustain pedals for expressive performance.

It comes with knobs and buttons that are used for pitch bend and modulation and also transport controls

It comes with SoniVox 88 ensemble and a world class virtual piano instrument

It is lightweight which makes it very easy to setup and begin using.

3. Alesis V49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

This is a midi controller perfect for producers that want to incorporate a lot of plugins and virtual instruments.

It has 49 keys with adjustable sensitivity that makes it ideal for replicating that piano feel when working.

It has 8 LED backlit drum pads that responds to both touch and pressure making it easy to get started creating drum loops easily

It has 4 assignable knobs and buttons with pitch and mod wheels that makes it very easy to add some flavour to your productions

It is USB powered making it easy to plug in and begin using

It’s illuminated buttons and knobs gives you seamless visuals and feedback when working

4. Akai Professional Keyboard Controller

This is an all in one midi controller that comes equipped with drum pads for performing live and in the studio.

It has 49 weighted keys with touch sensitivity giving you that piano feel that you require.

It has 16 RGB MPC style pads that makes it easy to create drum patterns and loops

It has 8 control knobs, 8 faders and 8 switches for easy manipulation and control of your settings

It has a unique control layout and a backlit LCD screen that is powered by USB.

5. Nektar Panorama MIDI Controller Keyboard

This is a midi controller keyboard that is compatible with Logic Pro and other major DAWs out there.

It has 49 semi weighted keys that are touch sensitive for easy play

It has a 100 mm motorized fader that controls how your audio sounds when working

It has 12 drum pads with velocity and touch sensitivity that enables you to make drum beats and loops easily

It comes with 20 preset locations that you can use to easily store settings and works on

It has 16 encoders and 10 assignable LED buttons to help you tweak your audio till you get that required sound.

How to connect and configure a Midi controller

Here is a Youtube video showing how


If you are really serious about music production using Logic Pro, then you want to get the best midi controller to use.

This will make your work so much easier and faster.

In this article we reviewed the best midi controller for logic pro, showing you the top 5 and how to make your selection.

If you have any comments or tips leave them in the box below

All images sourced from Amazon.com