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Looking for the best microphones for female voice overs?

Then you are in the right place 

In this article I will be showing you

  • My top 5 microphones that you can use for female voice over
  • The pros and cons of each microphone that I discovered while doing my research
  • Some important buyers tip to ensure that you get the best bang for your money
  • And so much more.

If you are in a hurry, then you want to use the table below and check out the top 5 microphones for female voice over with their accompanying specifications and features.

I also have listed my #1 top pick microphones after careful research and reviews.

My #1 Overall Rated Pick

Top 5 Best Microphones for Female Voice Over

I know you might be in a hurry, so here is an ordered list of the 5 microphones that are ideal for voice over prioritize accordingly.

  • AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Microphones
  • Shure SM 7B Microphone
  • Audio Technica AT4040 Condenser Microphone
  • Neumann TLM 102 Microphone
  • Electro Voice RE – 20 Microphone

Is the Blue Yeti a good Voice Over Microphone?

The Blue Yeti microphone is a good choice for voice overs.

This is because it is a USB microphone that is ideal if you are low on budget and just starting out on your voice over career.

One thing you need to be aware of though is that it picks up a lot of background noise and might make your voice overs noisy and difficult to hear.

It usually comes in two versions, the Yeti and the Yeti Pro, the difference being that the Yeti Pro has a higher bit recording and the ability to use XLR.

If you check my reviews below, you will find out that the Blue Yeti was not mentioned.

This is because in my opinion there are other durable and better microphones that you can use for female voice overs that deliver crisp clear vocals more than the Blue Yeti microphone.

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What Kind of Microphones do they use on the Voice?

I am a huge fan of the TV show, The Voice and when the artists are always performing I keep wondering what kind of microphones they use there.

So this got me doing research

There are a lot of microphones being used on the show The Voice.

My best guess is that they are using the Audio Technica Mic 3000/4000 Series and the Sennheiser Series 5000 mics.

These are all quality and durable microphones that you can be sure will deliver crisp and clear audio quality when used.

What Equipment do I need for voice over work?

If you plan on having a career as a female voice over artist, then you should get the following equipment.

These equipment are crucial to the success of your career and you want to make sure that you get quality ones.

  • A good microphone – this will help you capture clear audio signals for your voice over
  • Headphones – these are ideal so you can monitor your audio while you record
  • Microphone Stands – these will ensure that your vocal recordings are clean by giving the microphone stability.
  • Pop filters – these will ensure that all cases of sibilance and plosives are eliminated from your recordings.
  • Finally you need to make sure that you fix your room and the ambience because a bad room ambient will make your recordings messy and distracting for the audience to hear.

Can you be a voice over artist from home?

The simple answer is yes

Most female voice over artists work from the comfort of their homes using only the internet and the recording equipment which I mentioned above.

One thing you have to be aware of is that this is a job and a career for you so you need to take it serious

Ensure you set aside a quiet place in your home where you can work and record your voice overs without any interruptions

Also if you find yourself being scared of acting silly, then make sure you audition for roles that fit your personality when starting out.

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My Review of the Best Microphones for Female Voice Over

1. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Microphones

This is without a doubt my best pick as a good microphone for female voice over

It comes packaged with the sonic character of the C12 that delivers astounding sound quality for lead vocals and also for instruments

It has nine selectable polar patterns which is an ideal and perfect setting for every application.

It comes equipped with three attenuation levels for close up recording and also for high output sources of up to 158dB SPL

It has three switchable different bass cut filters which helps to reduce wind noise, stage vibration and all other background noises.

One unique thing about this microphone is that it has an overload warning with audio peak hold LED that helps you detect short audio peaks.

This helps to provide a visual indication of when your levels are clipping and about to distort

It comes with a H85 shock mount that helps you minimize mechanical and handling noises and other plosives.

2. Shure SM 7B Microphone

If this mic looks familiar to you, it’s because you have seen it on the Joe Rogan podcast.

It is one of the most popular dynamic microphones in the market out there.

And like most dynamic microphones out there it is ideal for rejecting background noises and delivering crisp clear sounds when used.

This awesome microphone has a flat frequency response which can help you deal with a nasally voice while maintaining awesome vocal clarity.

In my opinion, it is also a great choice for female voice overs because it delivers clear audio every single time.

It has two switches on the back for a presence boost and a high pass filter.

These all ensure that you get the best audio quality when using this microphone

It also has a built in windscreen and comes built with premium material that makes it very durable and last for a long time.

3. Audio Technica AT4040 Condenser Microphone

The Audio-Technica 4040 is another incredible low-budget microphone for capturing female voice-overs or singers. 

It’s a large-diaphragm condenser mic with the full frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. 

The mic’s build quality is excellent, with an excellent shock mount that comes with the purchase.

The sound quality this microphone produces is very smooth and is much richer sounding than its low-price. 

The 4040 is, in my opinion, the best mic by Audio-Technica. 

It gives a slight boost in the upper airy frequencies that add more depth to the voice. 

When a female vocalist tested this mic, it most definitely stood out considering its excellent presence in the low and mid frequencies while embellishing the highs without any harshness. 

In case the Audio-Technica 4040 picks up unwanted low-end, the highpass filter switch in the body of the mic helps reduce it.

Overall, the Audio-Technica 4040 is another incredible bang for the buck condenser microphone that works great for female voice-overs. Be sure to check out the reviews on Amazon.

4. Neumann TLM 102 Microphone

This is one microphone that I think is way too good for it’s current price range.

It has incredibly clear and natural sounds and can compete with much more expensive microphones in the market today.

Looking at it initially, you might think it is small but it more than makes up for it’s size with the audio quality it delivers.

It uses a low noise circuitry that captures the smallest details of your vocals without any side effects of background noises.

One thing I did was to test a female voice over artist using this mic and one of the more expensive microphones out there.

I was shocked and surprised at the same time at the quality of audio that was produced by this microphone.

It has a small capsule and still uses a large diaphragm for the added acoustic energy.

It has very low self noise and low handling noise which makes it suited for recording female voice overs.

5. Electro Voice RE – 20 Microphone

One of the highest-rated microphones on this list, the Electro Voice RE-20 will not disappoint you. 

The dynamic microphone is designed for background noise rejection. Better yet, It is entirely immune to proximity effects. 

This means if you’re in a situation where you must record clear vocals or speech in a noisy area, you can decrease the gain on your interface while recording right on top of the mic. 

Then later boost the voice in post-production. 

By doing this, your chances of picking up only your voice with no background noise at all substantially increase.

It sounds amazing for female voice-overs of any style. 

With its large-diaphragm microphone, it can capture more of the acoustic energy than a smaller diaphragm mic.

The RE-20 produces an incredible amount of air in your voice. 

In terms of frequency, this mic gives a slight boost in the low end, making your voice sound more powerful. 

The low-frequency boost is not overbearing considering the small increase in the highs mixed with a cut in the mids maintains excellent clarity in your voice.