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The Shure Sm 58 microphone is a sturdy, well made and very excellent dynamic microphone that delivers awesome sound quality every time.

As one particular mic which I have used extensively in my studio, the Shure SM 58 review is everything and more.

It works very well when used for recording vocals and also for recording instrumentals

The SM58  holds up wonderfully well and is one microphone that every audiophile should have in their arsenal

The Design

Shure SM 58 Review

Considering the fact, that this microphone is made by a known brand such as Shure, you can be sure that the design is going to be remarkable

This is a standard handheld microphone which is very rugged and very durable

It comes with a rugged diecast metal, enamel painted chassis and a metal mesh dome grille that’s just as tough.

It has a simple and effective design, which is sleek and inspires confidence

It features an all black body and flat chrome finish for the grille, with the Shure logo indicating the company that manufactured.

It has gained a legendary status for being a popular microphone choice for vocal performances around the globe for decades. 

The microphone has an extremely durable construction with a shock-mount system that is effective in reducing handling noise. 

Its steel mesh grille is built to withstand years of rough handling, and the SM58 will perform consistently outdoors or indoors. 

Shure also produce a wireless version of the microphone.

The Features

For such a microphone made by the brand Shure, the SM 58 is pretty basic.

Firstly, it’s clear from the 50Hz to 15kHz frequency response range that this mic is geared towards vocals, with a standard cardioid polar pattern working very well for stage use.

Even though this microphone cost about 100 bucks, it has several features that will help make your life very easy on stage.

Like for example, it has a built in pop filter that works very well to help reduce breath issues and sibilance problems

It also has Shure’s pneumatic shock mount system and a zipper case which adds to the overall value.

This is one microphone that is awesome for singing metal.

I wrote a detailed article comparing the 5 different and best article for screaming vocals

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The Specifications


  • Analog or digital: Analog
  • Frequency response: 50Hz–15kHz
  • Max SPL: 126 dB
  • Connectivity: XLR

Pattern and type

  • Capsule: Dynamic
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Type: Handheld
  • Switches: No
  • Phantom power required: No

Size and weight

  • Diameter: 1.1 in.
  • Length: 7.4 in.
  • Weight: 298 g

Included accessories

  • Case: Yes
  • Clip: Yes
  • Shockmount: No
  • Power supply: N/A
  • Cable: No
  • Stand: No

The Performance

The reason behind the SM58’s popularity is not down to the way it looks or feels, but the performance. 

You are looking at a very refined response for a budget mic, and one that works well with all kinds of vocal profiles, with great clarity and plenty of midrange warmth. 

Those who record vocals know that midrange is what it is all about.

Compared to most other models in its category, the SM58 comes out swinging with an edge. 

On top of that, it is consistent. 

No matter whenever or wherever you plug it in, you will get the same results, with low feedback, low handling noise and low plosives. Very impressive for the price!

High Notes: With its super cardio-id polar pattern, the SM 58 is very good at isolating the lead vocalist and effective at cutting out all background noise.

It also makes it less fussy about monitor placements than other microphones.

The microphone has a rich mid-range which helps vocals sound rich and full combined with a subtle high frequency lift that dips slightly around 7.5 kHz to help vocal cut through without becoming sibilant.

Off Pitch: The microphone will often require some added EQ on your mixing desk in order to get the best out of it.

As it is such a popular microphone, there are plenty of fakes out there – so make sure to buy one from a reputable dealer and ideally avoid buying used ones from auction sites.


The Shure SM 58 is an awesome microphone to add to your studio collection.

It is ideal and can be used for recording vocals as well as instruments

It is rugged, dependable and lasts for a very long time

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