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Ever wondered what the Rode NTK sounds like?  Are you looking for a good Rode NTK Review?

Thinking of purchasing this condenser microphone and want to know if it’s any good? How is the design? What about the performance? Are there any pros and cons

Well not to worry because in this article I will be bringing you a detailed and in depth review of the Rode NTK condenser microphone

What’s in the Box?

Rode NTK Features
  • Large 1 inch capsule with gold plated diaphragm
  • Class A valve circuitry
  • Ultra low noise; Frequency Range 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Wide dynamic range

When you purchase the RODE NTK condenser microphone, here is what you get

  • A well built awesome microphone case that protects the mic from wear and scratches
  • A microphone
  • A RODE power supply box for powering the mic
  • A sturdy and stable shock mount with a mic stand adaptor
  • A microphone cable and power cable for the power supply box
  • A specifications sheet and manual

The Design and Build Quality

The build quality of this microphone is pretty awesome and very sturdy.  It is made of quality metal and the grille mesh is well placed with the right openings which ensures that you can easily deal with breath and sibilance issues quickly. Its electronic circuitry complementing this very sensitive transducer includes a hand selected twin triode 6922 and audiophile grade components. The rich valve sound is ideal for recording vocals, instruments, drum overheads, guitar amps and pianos

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The finishing, silverish light brown shade, on this microphone is very sleek and gives the microphone a nice look

The unique grille design helps to support the frame which also adds to the overall weight of the microphone. The capsule design which is a gold sputtered diaphragm in a large dual diaphragm features a dual triode tube which helps to deliver the awesome sound quality. It has a valve impedance converter with bipolar output buffer


Acoustic operating principle – Pressure gradient

Frequency range – 20hz to 20khz

Equivalent noise level – 12dB A- Weighted

Maximum sound pressure level – 158 dB SPL

Impedance 200ohms

Sensitivity – 38dB at 1 khz

The Performance

The Rode NTK is a classic tube microphone, perhaps one of the quietest on the market. It has less than 12dBA self-noise so what you record is what you hear without interference from the mic itself. That low self-noise results from the separate and dedicated power supply and the excellent shock mounting of the internal HF-2 capsule.

If you need even less self-noise, take a look at the NT1-A below. With its large 1-inch gold-plated diaphragm, the NTK makes voices and instruments like acoustic guitars sound warmer. But it’s not a delicate piece of equipment.

This mic can handle a high sound pressure level of 158dB. It won’t buzz out or give feedback even when you’re rapping or recording rock. Many professionals would agree that the Rode NTK is one of the best tube mics money can buy.Its rich sound comes in part from the hand-selected twin-triode valve.

It also has a wide dynamic range in part from its sensitive Class A circuitry that rejects RF interference from other electronic equipment.

The exterior of the NTK looks both beautiful and professional with its satin nickel finish and high strength steel mesh head.

Watch carefully the next time you see artists recording in the studio and see if they don’t have a Rode NTK there.

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  • Excellent build and design quality
  • Awesome for recording vocals and acoustic guitar
  • Very light and durable which makes it ideal for home studio use


  • It can get a little noisy from background vibrations when recording

Overall Thoughts

This mic is exceptional and has some nice qualities to it

The design and build quality is awesome and the mic delivers exceptional audio qualities

At this price point I will consider it a steal.