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Have you ever wondered if the new Tascam Model 24 is good for a home recording studio for beginners?

I know I have - and I always wanted to know if I can use this equipment in my home studio.

The answer is yes, it is a very good choice for a home recording studio and most especially for beginners.

In this article, I will be providing you with a detailed review of the Tascam Model 24, the features and benefits of having it in your home and where you can get it at a discount price.

Ready? Let’s go

What is the Tascam Model 24?

The Tascam Model 24 is a 24 track digital audio recorder made by the Tascam team

It is a portable and very easy to use audio recorder which delivers a massive punch when used.

With it’s unique design and specifications, it allows eight tracks of simultaneous recording.

It comes with a built in mixer which includes everything you need to make your recordings sound crisp and professional. Things such as reverb, EQ, amp simulation and multi band mastering effects are fully loaded.

It has a simple to use control surface which gets your creative juices flowing and allows you to use the mixer without being attached to any computer.

It’s large, full color LCD display allows you to clearly display your tracks, mixes and parameters without any issues.

It has a set of 12 encoders which control EQ, effects and panning giving you easy control over how you like your recordings to sound.

It’s 10 effects processors come with amazing built in effects such as compression, reverb, delay and guitar amp modelling.

It has eight XLR mic/ line inputs which helps to supply phantom power for condenser mics.

Who is this product for?

  • If you are looking for a quality audio recorder for your home studio that is both cheap and delivers amazing results, then this product is for you

  • Also if you are looking for a quality product that has the backing of one of the trusted and known name in the musical equipment industry, then this product is for you

Key Features

  • It has 19 faders which helps eliminates layer structuring. This helps you and gives you instant access to any track without selecting pages or banks of faders

  • It has 3.5 inches full color LCD and self illuminated buttons

  • It has 12 rotary knobs that are linked to the LCD for easy operation

  • It comes with a solid state SD/SDHC media card which ensures smooth and confident recording.

  • It allows simultaneous 24 track playback

  • It has 12 mono tracks and 6 stereo tracks

  • It allows for simultaneous 8 track recording

  • It works extremely well whether for a 16 or 24 bit, 44.1 or 48Khz recording

  • It has 8 XLR/TRS combo connectors which makes it very easy to hook up additional equipment to the recorder

  • Phantom power is supplied on all the inputs making it very easy for condenser microphones to be attached.


  • It has a lot of capability

  • It is an incredible machine that delivers incredible audio performance for home based studios

  • It is great for the money


  • The learning curve especially for a beginner with no experience is a little steep.

  • It is ideal if you plan on recording a full band with all the extra hustle that comes with that. But if you are only going to be recording max 4 people then you should not get it. Here is an alternative for you to choose.

  • It is a bit fragile and should be handled with care

Here is a YouTube video showing you everything you need to know about the Tascam Model 24.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many inputs can you record at the same time - the answer is 8

  • Other than the obvious extra tracks, is this the same product? Yes it is the only difference is the SD card is used for storage and not the transport to tape

  • Does this do automatic mixing? The answer is no. you will have to hand mix your master recording.

  • How much does this cost and where can I get it? As at the time of writing this article, the Tascam Model 24 will set you back a couple hundred dollars and you can get it from Amazon.com

  • How long will it take to get to me? Depending on when you buy it and where you are located, it should not take more than a few days to get to you.


The Tascam Model 24 is a perfect choice for beginners looking to add some quality to their gear.

It is cheap and very affordable and delivers exceptional audio quality