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Finding the best studio monitors for a bass guitar should not be a daunting task--especially after going through this detailed review.

Want to know how? Then keep reading!

There are several monitors for bass guitar in the market. 

However, how do you protect yourself from the fake ones?

After all, what you want is the best monitor that can give you a touch of cool-sounding bass at a reasonable price.

The perfect monitor exhibits high performance in any environment regardless of what is in the surrounding.

Besides, it suitable for mixing and it can be relied upon for a transparent sound.

After a thorough assessment of testing and verifying multiple speakers, I have compiled for you a detailed review of the best studio monitors for a bass guitar for your consideration.

So, what’s in store for you in the review?

Let’s jump in and find out.

Our Winner After Careful Research

Best Studio Monitors for Bass Guitar - Comparison Table



Our Rating


Edifier R2000DB Monitor

PreSonus Eris E3.5 Monitors

Pioneer Pro DJ Monitors

Alesis Elevate 5MKII Monitors

5 Best Studio Monitors for Bass Guitar

1. Edifier R2000DB Monitor

Edifier is a near field bookshelf studio monitor with an optical output.

When you connect it to an audio signal receiver or a computer, you experience an awesome digital connection that facilitates quality sound for your bass guitar.

It has an in-built digital processor for signals and a dynamic system for range control.

From these two features, distortions are minimized to insignificant levels.

Thus, you can enjoy a warm bass guitar sound.

The monitor features 2 AUX input for an XLR connection.

Also, it can support RCA outputs and a 3.5mm headphone for monitoring the quality of the sound.

For easy control, it comes with a remote control device.

What’s more amazing is that you have a two-year product warranty on parts and services.

Thus, in case of any issues, you can contact customer service hassle-free and you will get attended to.


  • High-performance monitor.
  • User-friendly interface for controls.
  • Guaranteed customer support and warranty.


  • Easy control is affected when the factory remote control device becomes faulty.

2. PreSonus Eris E3.5

PreSonus Eris E3.5 is a pair of near field studio monitor designed for a state of the art experience with bass guitar.

The monitor comprises two Knox isolation pads and a stereo breakout cable.

From one end, the stereo cable is fitted with a 3.5mm TRS Jack pin while the other end has dual quarter-inch TRS pins.

For better-sounding bass, the monitor is fitted with silk dome shaped and high-frequency transducers that are of super-low mass.

At the rear panel, it has an acoustic port for top-notch production of bass frequency.

Still on the rear panel, are control knobs for tuning and volume adjustments.

Also, it features aux ports for headsets that you can use to monitor the quality of the sound.


  • High performance guaranteed.
  • Easy and straight forward controls.
  • Portable.
  • Customer support and warranty.


  • Sometimes the sound output is flat.

3. Pioneer Pro DJ DM - 40-W Monitors

Pioneer DM-40-W monitor features a 4-inch woofer output made of fiberglass and a three-quarter dome-shaped tweeter that is fitted with convex diffusers.

The woofer is designed to give a warm bass sound, as the tweeter channels high frequencies in all directions.

Thus you can enjoy listening to the bass output from all corners of the room where you are standing or sitting.

This is attributed to its 3D stereo sound system, which comprises the woofers and the tweeters.

Also, the monitor has an inbuilt class AB power amplifier that enables stellar sound and reduces the probability of distortions.

The amplifier balances frequencies and ensures that the woofer and the tweeter give an output of the right frequency.

For easy control, the RCA and a mini-jack are located at its rear panel.

This is where you can plug in your cables so that you enjoy listening as you play your bass guitar.

Besides, it has a headphone output where you can monitor the sound from.


  • Easy and friendly user interface.
  • High-performance guaranteed.
  • Has an inbuilt amplifier.


  • Its susceptible occasional irritating high frequencies.

4. Alesis Elevate 5MKII Monitors

Alesis studio monitors comprise a 5-inch woofer and a 1-inch silk dome shaped tweeter.

This monitor is known for its impressive, clear and warm sound season after season.

This is a kind of reliability that you can count on.

The monitor has frequency drivers and a crossover that can differentiate high and low frequencies with precision.

The result is that these frequencies are then transmitted to the right output system.

It streamlines and modifies low frequencies that are then sent to the woofer while the high frequencies pass out through the tweeter.

Besides, it minimizes harmonic distortions which have the potential of causing poor quality.

Also, it operates on an 80watts power supply which is economical and viable for environmental conservation.

This power is divided equally--40 watts each-- into two of its channel outputs.

At its rear panels, are series of controls that are easy to navigate so that you get your desired settings.

It features RCA and TRS jacks for audio output.

Its frame is made of wood and adequately study to keep the internal components safe.


  • High-performance studio monitor.
  • Easy to navigate through its controls.
  • Made of sturdy materials that are durable.


  • May develop technical hitches after a couple of months.

5. Monoprice Monitor Speaker Monitors

Monoprice monitor is a bi-amp studio monitor designed for high-quality bass guitar experience.

The bi-amp disintegrates into a 40 watts woofer and a 30 watts tweeter.

Thus, the monitor saves on power consumption while minimizing sound distortion.

The monitor weighs 4.4 kg, is light and you can easily move around with it.

On its rear back end, are simple to use controls.

It operates on XLR output connectivity.

This is what you’ll use to connect to your bass guitar.

Besides, it has gain control that you can use to adjust the volume to your preferred levels.

It works on kevlar bass drivers that enable it to handle lots of power with no incidences of distortion.

Also, the driver enables it to give clear low frequencies.


  • 30 days money back guaranty
  • High performance.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not compatible with external amplifiers.

Final Verdict

Finding the best studio monitors for a bass guitar should not be a tall order for you anymore. 

This detailed review contains the exact information that you need to make an informed decision.

The ideal monitor exhibits stellar performance and is at a reasonable market price.

The good news is that all these monitors meet the criteria.

However, each has a special feature that separates it from the other.

Depending on the specifics you’re looking for, you can rely on this guide to inform your decision making.