5 Best Studio Monitors For Amplitube in 2020

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To the experienced and the less experienced, you will attest that playing guitar is a thrilling experience.

What’s more exciting is being able to get the right tone for your music.

Are you yet to experience this? Here is the solution!

This article reviews the best studio monitors for Amplitube.

But wait a moment! Finding the best studio monitors can be a real headache. 

Especially in this era where there are a plethora of them in the market place.

The perfect monitor gives a warm modified output sound from the Amplitube app. 

Besides, it should be compatible with your PC or smartphone.

This is because Amplitube can only be used as a standalone application or a plugin for DAW.

After assessing--testing and verifying-- several studio monitors, I have compiled a list of the top review of the 5 best studio monitors for Amplitube.

You can be rest assured of quality and top-notch guitar sound.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the review.

Our Winner After Careful Research

Best Studio Monitors for Amplitube - Comparison Table



Our Rating


Rockville APM5W Monitors

Swan Speakers H5MKII Monitors

Elac Uni-fi UB5 Monitors

Fluid Audio C5BT Monitors

5 Best Studio Monitors for Amplitube

1. Rockville APM5W Monitors

This is a pair of 5.25 inches studio monitors.

The monitors operate on USB hence have high compatibility with computers and smartphones with USB ports enabled.

Also, they run on a 125 watts RMS.

Thus, they can continuously take in this power for long without any effects.

Moreover, they work on a quad amp design.

Each amplifier enables drivers to feature a specific wave frequency.

This ensures an amplifier is not overworked with all frequencies.

Also, the woofers have transducers that dampen the low frequencies to give them a warm and soothing bass tone.

Each side of the pair features a mater output that is good at noise rejection.

From this, the monitors only focus on the right sound for you.

It has easy control and a friendly user interface.

With gain knobs, you can adjust the volumes to your preferred levels.

Besides, it operates on XLR input and RCA for headsets.

You can plug your headsets to monitor the quality of the output sound.


  • Easy to use manual.
  • Easy and friendly interface for controls.
  • High performance guaranteed.


  • Sometimes the monitors pop when being used.

2. Swan Speakers H5MKII Monitors

This a wireless speaker that features a 5.25 mid-bass and a hard dome tweeter of 1 inch.

It operates on an 80 watts RMS and it can continuously sustain this much power for long.

Besides, it has an inbuilt Apt-decoder that works on an audio compression technology.

The technology is good for lowering the latency rates.

Thus, the speaker gives a sound output on time and that is of good quality.

The monitor is known for high performance with reliable woofer and tweeter.

The woofer gives an output deep bass.

What’s more amazing: it has no issues with signal loss.

Also, the tweeter gives precise and natural trebles.

Since it operates on wireless connectivity, you can use it with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, optical, or a local area network.

Clearly, the options are limitless and you can opt for what works for you.

Besides, each has its upside and downside.

On its front panel, there lie control features.

At the bottom, are the volume, treble and bass controls.

They are easy to use and you can adjust them to get your preferred sound.

The monitor has a remote control for easy control from wherever you are sitting.


  • High performance is guaranteed.
  • Easy to use and friendly interface.
  • Easy to follow the user manual.


  • It might be limiting if you prefer a cable connection.

3. Elac Uni-fi UB5 Monitors

This is a pair of black bookshelf monitor speakers designed for the lovers of music in mind.

Besides, it’s perfect for the home theater environment and a studio.

This monitor operates on a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, with 3 ohms being the lowest.

Also, it works on a three-way design technology that ensures the right drivers focus on a specific wave frequency.

These drivers are for the mid, highs and the lows.  

Moreover, the drivers are optimized for these tasks. Hence, no conflicting interest in this case.

It features an aluminum woofer that measures 5.25 inches and are powerful to deliver a deep crispy bass sound.

Besides, its 1-inch tweeter comes in handy at taking care of the mid and high frequencies.

The result is an overall well-balanced sound.

It works on a TRS wired connection and the ports are designed in a special way to direct electrons from the cables into the speakers for quality performance.


  • High performance.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Made of a sturdy cabinet.


  • Connectivity does not support XLR connections.

4. Fluid Audio C5BT Monitors

This is a pair of near field studio monitor speakers that operate on Bluetooth and TRS technology.

Also, it works on two-way drivers for mid and low frequencies.

This implies that it’s not designed for high frequencies which makes it suitable for bass guitar.

Besides, it works on a frequency response range of 54 Hz and 22 kHz and has a peak sound pressure level of 97 decibels.

This is enough to handle all types of bass guitars that work on mid and low frequencies.

It supports both TRS and RCA connectivity.

Therefore, you can choose from these two to connect it to your guitar and computer or smartphone.

Each has an upside and a downside, from experience and personal preference, you can opt for what works for you.

Still, on its rear panel, it has two output ports for a right and a left speaker.

Therefore, you can connect it to two more speakers if you need more sound.

Also, it features other controls such as gain knobs for volume control.


  • High-performance speakers.
  • Versatile connectivity.
  • Easy to use and friendly interface for controls.


  • It does not support XLR connectivity.

5. Fluance Ai40W Monitors

Fluance is a two-way speaker that operates on a 70 watts and class D amplifier.

Besides, it works well with PCs, HDTV, and Bluetooth.

With Bluetooth in operation, you have the option of enjoying a wireless connection with your PC or smartphone.

It features a 1-inch tweeter and a 5-inch woofer.

These two are designed to give an output of awesome and soothing sound.

Also, the woofer is made to balance sound amicably.

Thus, it handles all mid, high and low frequencies appropriately.

It’s made of sturdy bamboo material which makes the cabinet strong and long-lasting.

Besides, it has controls that are easy to navigate around.

You can adjust each to give you the desired setting for quality audio output.


  • Easy to use and friendly controls.
  • High-performance speakers.
  • Cabinets made of sturdy material that is durable.


  • It doesn’t support XLR connectivity.

Final Verdict

Using Amplitube to modify your guitar sound is the best thing that can happen to your touch and professionalism as a guitar player.

However, you need quality speakers that have a record for high performance.

With this detailed review, you have 5 best studio monitors for Amplitube that you can choose from.

Your playing doesn’t need to be flat anymore!

Written by Uche Ibe

Uche Ibe is a passionate Singer, Studio Engineer and Blogger. I enjoy teaching people how to sing and helping them become better singers. When I am not singing, you can catch me at the Tennis court.

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