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Are you a singer or producer looking for the best microphones for recording Jazz vocals?

You have come to the right place.

We have provided you in this article with a detailed review of the 5 best Mics for Jazz vocals to make your shopping decision easier.

In this article I will be showing you

  • My top 5 best microphones for jazz vocals
  • The pros and cons of each microphone
  • Tips and tricks to ensure that you get the best value for your money
  • Frequently asked questions from past users
  • And so much more

You can also check out the table below that shows you a visual representation of all the microphones with their features and specifications.

I also show you my number one rated pick

Want to know what we have on our list?

Don’t go away; we’ll get there in a minute: 

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 5 Best Microphones for Jazz vocals:

1. Warm Audio WA-47           

The Warm Audio WA-47 is a fantastic mic for Jazz vocals.

It comes with a bold and standard voice that is highly desired.

The unit features a large-diaphragm tube condenser mic constructed to look like the classic U 47 mic.

The WA-47 comes with 9 polar designs, minimal background noise, a large range of frequency response, and a modifier with a well-adjusted vacuum tube integrated circuit.

The 9 polar designs make it a highly flexible recording option.

Constructed with first-class mechanisms, you are rewarded with top-quality audio.

It has bold sound and subtle warmness, thanks to the frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

It lacked a high pass filter and attenuation pad features.

However, it comes with a great sound and is one of the best top-rated mics for Jazz vocals. 


  • A great amount of warmth and presence with bold sound 
  • An awfully broad range of frequency response.
  • High-Quality constituents for a well-adjusted sound and plenty of strength.
  • Nine polar designs 


  • Absence of high pass filter or attenuation pad.
  • The frequency is not entirely flat and this gives it some classic shade and glow

2. Shure SM7B Microphone

Shure SM7B microphone comes with a lot of features for vocals although it equally works for singing.

It is the mic Michael Jackson utilized for recording Thriller his most popular album. 

It’s highly durable like other mics made by Shure.

However, while it’s designed for studio use, it equally works for Jazz life performance.

It comes with adaptable voice usage and applications.

The double-tone of the mic makes it highly versatile. 

It equally features double band passive EQ for low cutting and high pass and for integrating a presence enhancement.

The presence enhancement is particularly essential for female voices while the low cut feature works for the male voices.

The SM7B can easily manage higher volume audio sounds.

It comes with a composite design with an inner suspension and a mounting system for the shock.

This gets rid of vibration and noise collision that may arise from handling. 

It equally features an electromagnetic shield for preventing interference of humming into the audio signals.

It prevents plosive interference, thanks to an integrated pop filter.


  • Internally integrated shock-mount inhibits noise caused by rough handling.
  • The in-built pop filter eliminates plosives.
  • Highly durable structure.


  • Features just one cardioid polar structure.

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3. Rode NT2-A Microphone

The Rode NT2 A is a big capsule condenser microphone with vocal outcomes.

It’s versatile because of the great features of its  top-quality design and style.

It’s available in a framework having an adaptable compilation design, an adaptable higher pass filtration regulation, plus an adaptable pad selector.

It features 3 switches for activating the features of the mic.

While a single switch lets you alter the spontaneous pattern, another one works for activating a high pass filter, and the other is useful when you want to integrate an attenuation pad.

The NT2-A is structured to have a reaction that balances with the contemporary recording procedure of today.

Irrespective of that, it activates the smooth sonic feature of microphones created in the 1950s and 1960s.

It equally comes with a minor bit of additional sound brightness.

However, it depends on the voice of the vocalist. 


  • It features adjustable controls that increase the flexibility of the mic.
  • A double diaphragm capsule ensures the accuracy and transparency of vocals.
  • A lot of broad frequency response range.
  • Ultra-low noise implies a lack of crunching or hum.


  • It comes with a low-end reaction compared to the Neumann U 87 Ai.
  • Sometimes, it’s slightly bright with vocals

4. sE Electronics X1 S Microphone

If you need a highly versatile condenser, the sE Electronics X1 S condenser is a great option to look for.

It’s cost-effective, yet it produces very high-quality vocals. 

The sE Electronics X1 S is a handmade mic with premium quality.

It features a reliable cardioid design microphone.

You equally get clear and vibrant audio from the mic.

The double-position pad and a double-position low cut/high pass switch assist you to carve out the right tone and volume for your Jazz vocals before you edit with DAW.

The simplicity of X1 S allows you to only pay for the feature you use.

However, it comes with just a single polar pick-up pattern that makes it highly reliable.

This results in extra clarity and extremely low noise performance.

The cardioid pattern also performs well in capturing an off directional audio signal.

The attenuator pad makes cutting the dB by 10 dB or 20 dB to permit additional headroom during recording particularly loud sources.

It produces a balanced and transparent sound similar to the more expensive units.


  • Compares favorably with more expensive units. 
  • It’s very clear and is near-silent.
  • The low cut filter feature assists to integrate additional clarity and eliminate muddiness


  • It merely features just a cardioid pattern and nothing more. 
  • The nearness effect is slightly perceptible. 

5. Shure SM58 Microphone

The Shure SM58 is a very popular microphone from the brand.

The reason for the popularity is not far-fetched.

The SM58 comes with a great sound and is arguable the most accessible durable microphone.

Although the frequency response range of the mic is not as broad as other dynamic microphones, it can capture all the essential frequencies. 

Also, it doesn’t give up specifics and shades in vocals or any sonic qualities and features.

The SM58 is adjusted to work as a warmer mic, however, it captures all accurate voice frequencies.

The microphone comes with an in-built spherical filter.

It reduces plosives and wind, and the cardioid pattern captures just the isolated sound close to the microphone and reduces any rear noise.

Also, the built-in pneumatic shock mount system helps to minimize handling noise. 

It is a very sturdy and dependable mic and can easily withstand rough handling.


  • It’s mini-sized and very sturdy and can easily be used as a travel mic
  • It’s suitable for live vocals and performances.
  • It features an internal shock mount to minimize noise caused by handling.


  • Its response is not entirely flat. It has some color and warmth features.