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Does Painting A Piano Change The Sound?

Do you have an old piano that could use a makeover? Do you wish you could repaint the instrument to give it a fresh look? While many people think the idea is exciting and fun, there is one first question that keeps them from going through with it, "Does painting a...

Does A Piano Need To Be Tuned?

A very frequently asked question about pianos is, "Does a piano need to be tuned?" The quick answer is, yes, it does. While many might think it's basic knowledge, it is a genuine question and concern for most beginners. They do not know about piano tuning and, thus,...

10 Design Tips for Where To Put a Piano in a Small House

A few months ago, I had space issues in my house. I had just gotten a grand piano and I was excited to start playing it but the problem was space and fitting it in my small house. So while looking for designs and solutions that other people had used, I decided to...

Does A Piano Have Any Scrap Value?

Do you have an old piano that doesn't play, but you don't want to keep it either? Do you wish there was some way to get rid of it and get a profit too? Most people resort to scrapping the instrument, but does a piano have any scrap value? A lot of people indeed have...
Are Pianos in Orchestras?

Are Pianos in Orchestras?

Pianos are a key and integral part of an orchestra. They are one of the main instruments that is needed when setting...