Best Acoustic Simulator Pedals for 2020

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I remember getting my first electric guitar… the feeling of excitement was insane.

I imagined all the wonderful things that i could do with this instrument.

I was in cloud 9

An electric guitar gives you this feeling that is just impossible to describe. You need to have one to know what I am talking about.

And then immediately I remember my trusty old acoustic guitar and I just felt sad.

See there is this special attachment I have to my acoustic guitar...well cos she was my first one.

Now the problem was… how do I play and electric and acoustic guitar

It is well impossible except you have some called an acoustic simulator pedal.

What this piece of equipment does is that it helps you simulate acoustic guitar sounds on your electric guitar.

Great right? This is exactly how i felt

But the truth is that there are so many brands out there in the market that making a choice is confusing.

In this article we will be looking at the top 5 best acoustic guitar simulator pedals, things you need to consider before getting one, and how to make sure you get the best from your pedal.

Things to consider before making a purchase

1. What features does it have

This is probably one of the most important feature you need to consider.

If you are a seasoned pro then you can easily fiddle with some knobs and get the sound that you want.

But if you are a beginner, then you absolutely want to check out the features that the pedal comes with and make sure that it fits with what you have in mind.

Here are some of the features to look out for

  • Standard - This is the simplest and the one that is commonly used by most people. It is the closest you will get to sounding exactly like an acoustic guitar.

  • Piezo - This mode gets you a much cleaner and brighter sound.

  • Jumbo - If you are going for a much deeper sound with a lot of bass, then you should go with this mode.

2. How much does it cost?

As much as I love my acoustic guitar, I am not ready to spend thousands of dollars on an acoustic simulator.

At the same time, I should be ready to spend at least a couple hundred to make sure that I get something that is of high quality and gets the job done.

Same thing applies to you.

Think about what you hope to get and make sure you budget accordingly.

3. It should be portable

The one advantage of the acoustic simulator is that it helps you simulate an acoustic guitar.

This means you should not be carrying more than one guitar around.

As such you want something that is preferably small and easy to transport.

If you get something bulky and extra large then the aim is totally defeated.

Our Top 5 Best Acoustic Simulator Pedals

1. Mooer MAC1 Akoustikar Acoustic Guitar Simulator

This is one of the most common and popular acoustic simulator pedals in the market today.

It has 3 working modes - the standard, piezo and jumbo modes which gives you lots of flexibility and options to choose the one you want.

It comes housed in a full metal shell that protects is from damage and wear and tear.

It is very small, compact and exquisite making it very easy to transport and carry about.

It has a true bypass which makes it very easy for you to switch it on or off.

This is probably one of the best acoustic guitar simulators in the market today.

2. Hotone TPSWOOD Wood Guitar Effects Pedal

This is a true bypass footswitch that gives you a pure wooden sound when used.

It’s outer cover is made from zinc alloy making it very durable and does not easily corrode.

It has a transparent top knob and 2 cool small black knobs which gives you a wide range of options to easily turn your electric guitar into natural, realistic acoustic ones.

3. Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal

This is a true acoustic guitar simulator made by the well known Boss brand

It’s range of tonal controls that gives you the exact sounds that you require.

It is made from the same sturdy and reliable construction that all Boss brands have.

It has an input and output connectors that make it very easy for you to connect your accessories.

It has an aesthetic design which makes it very pleasing to the eyes at all times

If you are looking for a tried and tested simulator, then this is the ideal choice for you.

4. AROMA AAS-3 AC Acoustic Guitar Simulator

This is one of the cheapest models in the list. But make no mistake about the price, it is delivers pure acoustic sounds when used.

It has 3 controlling knobs and 1 switch which makes it very accurate and sensitive.

The volume knob control which gives you control over the output level, the body knob which helps to regulate the resonance and the top knob which adjusts the gain.

It comes housed in full metal shell which makes it very durable and exquisite.

5. Joyo JF-323 Wooden Sound Acoustic Simulator

This is one of the treu wooden acoustic simulators out there.

It has four knobs which control the high, mid, bass and the volume

Its built in preset sounds are simply awesome out of the box

It is very small and compact making it ideal for transport and storage

If you are looking for that unique retro wooden sound, then you need to get this bad boy.


While a simulator is not exactly the same as the real thing, it is much better than not having anyone at all.

So before you make a purchase, always ensure that you take the time and get something that is of high quality and has the features that you require.

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